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Complete Guide to Naming Your Home Business

Our home business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get home business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Home company is a pretty broad term that could refer to a wide range of businesses. These may be real estate agencies that focus on residential buying and selling. Home companies could offer services to homeowners or they may sell items that are typically needed to make and maintain a home.

Branding in this field should be heavily emotionally-based. Nobody is indifferent when it comes to building or keeping a home in a pristine condition. This is a place that people link to safety, happiness, relaxation and fond memories. Thus, advertising and branding cannot be purely rational in order to accomplish the desired outcome.

Regardless of the specific home products or services you have to offer, let your customers know that you understand the importance of having a home and creating a tiny little safe space for the entire family. Think of terms like cosy, comfortable and safe in your branding efforts if you want to make an impact.

Demographic Interests

Home companies usually work with end consumers (unless they’re constructors who specialise in the residential field).

There aren’t many common demographic characteristics that clients share. They will vary in age, education level, gender, income and marital status. Most people dream of having the perfect home. Even if their financial resources are limited, they will still seek a reliable solution.

Very often, home decisions are made by entire families. This is something to account for in your communication with potential clients. Winning customers over may be a difficult task but once you accomplish the goal, you will probably maintain a loyal clientele for life.

Competitor Name Analysis

Budget Blinds

As the name suggests, this company gives homeowners access to affordable blinds. Online purchases and free at-home consultations also fall within the “budget” category.


This company has a pretty interesting concept – it connects homeowners to the right contractors for the work that has to be done. Once you know what they deal with, the name gets a second meaning.


Regardless of the creative spelling, the name of the company tells one simple thing – enhance. N-Hance offers cabinet refinishing for the purpose of modernizing and enhancing a kitchen.

Basement Doctors

Companies that offer more specialised home services should make that known and Basement Doctors accomplishes precisely that through the name selection.

Christmas Décor

Another company that offers specialised services to clients. Christmas Décor simplifies the process of holiday decoration for homeowners who don’t really have the time, the will or the imagination to handle the task.

Merry Maids

Homeowners who are in need of cleaning and maintenance services will definitely opt for a company that carries a name like Merry Maids.


There are many opportunities to explore when naming a home business. Your company probably offers specific services, which is what you should be putting emphasis on through the name selection.

Let your potential clients know exactly what they could expect from you. Do a brainstorming session, pinpoint relevant phrases and test our Business Name Generator. It will give you multiple variations, enabling you to pinpoint the one name that’s best suited to your business. You’ll also get domain name availability information.

If you don’t know where to begin, the following list of home-related business terms and phrases could come in handy:









Residential real estate

Curb appeal













Home Business Name Inspiration

  1. Best Home Crew: if your company offers general home improvement services, look for a name like this one. The focus on home rather than a particular part of the property makes sense in the situation.
  2. Dad’s Home Improvement: mentioning family makes sense when you’re running a home-related company. It’s also a good idea to tell people what services you offer.
  3. Grade A Remodelling: look for words and phrases that are indicative of excellence and adherence to the highest industry standards.
  4. Inside Out Renovations: another good idea for a home company that offers comprehensive interior and exterior renovation services
  5. Kitchen Envy: you can get a bit more creative and niche, especially if you offer one particular type of service or this is your biggest strength.
  6. Home Central: a name that tells a homeowner they can find almost anything they need for home maintenance here.
  7. The Add-On Masters: are you considering a home expansion through the creation of a new room. This is the type of company you’ll be looking for when it comes to the execution of such projects.
  8. Neighbourhood Transformers: construction companies could also specialise in the field of home and residential projects. The name is indicative of such a construction company.
  9. Innove: brief and catchy, the name is good for a company that offers modernisation, innovation and home improvement opportunities related to new technologies (for example, home automation).
  10. More Than Décor: interior design and decoration companies are popular in the field and the competition is intense. Thus, a catchy name will be of paramount importance.

What Not to Name Your Home Business

Don’t go the generic route if you have something specific to advertise and announce to potential clients. Specific company names will give you a targeted audience. While a general audience is larger, fewer people will convert and become your clients.

Refrain from being too formal. Home companies are usually active participants in local neighbourhoods and the development of communities. A name that is stiff and way too corporate will potentially alienate people who are looking for home improvement, construction or real estate services.

Avoid very specific construction or remodelling terminology. You can always deliver complex information in a simple, easy to understand way. You will get bonus points if you manage to throw a little bit of humour into the mix.

As usual, abbreviations aren’t the best choice. You may feel that they result in a somewhat cool name but this isn’t the case. An abbreviation can work only if it is general knowledge or it’s a part of an established brand. If you’re trying to enforce a brand new abbreviation and make it a thing, you will have a very, very, very hard time.