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Defined by its great uptime, GoDaddy is a popular domain and web hosting service. It also offers excellent website builder software, perfect for new website owners. Moreover, GoDaddy had greatly invested in customer service. So, whenever you run into problems while using the service, help is within reach.




83% overall rating

Starting Price

$6.99 /mo


GoDaddy Website Builder Facts

Pricing TypePer site
Free TrialYes
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GoDaddy Website Builder Review


Creating the perfect website for a business can be an intimidating task for most business owners who don’t have technical or design skills but designing a website is much easier than most people think. 

The GoDaddy website builder is a beginner-friendly tool for every level of technical expertise. Moreover, the platform uses artificial intelligence design behind the scenes to help create customized and great designs that are ready to be published in minutes. Keep reading this GoDaddy Website Builder review!

GoDaddy website builder overview
Create a website using this beginner-friendly tool.

Pros & Cons


  • Create a live website in minutes
  • User-friendly 
  • AI-driven design


  • No creative freedom compared to competitor platforms
  • Basic functionality on some features


GoDaddy is notably one of the easier web builder software tools on the market. Starting a website can be tricky without the right template, but the software uses marketing and websites to generate a template that is relevant to your business needs. The easy editor also allows you to customize colors, fonts, and layouts

Some people may also find the template to look a bit too professional than creative. So, if you’re looking for creative control, then GoDaddy is not the tool for you. The designs are also a little too rigid, so it makes the editing process a bit difficult for users. 

On the other hand, the upside is that GoDaddy’s Website + Marketing builder is designed to be an all-in-one solution, so it helps customers get accustomed to SEO tools and integration if they are thinking of taking their business to a new level.

The templates are also noted for being slick and mobile-responsive, so you don’t have to worry about your website looking unprofessional on mobile devices. 

Additionally, security is also taken care of with simple security updates so that customers can rest easy knowing that their business and personal information is protected from hackers online. 


The GoDaddy website builder is an online editing and publishing tool to help a business grow. It is as simple as creating an account and picking a template and letting the built-in editor do the rest for you.

However, the software also offers a range of other features to help you get started on an amazing website for your company. If you’re thinking about looking at GoDaddy as the go-to web development tool, then here is a list of features to help you:

GoDaddy InSight— customers who have built their website can learn about how their website is doing across various platforms with the GoDaddy Insight tool.

SEO Guidance – GoDaddy is big on analytics and can help you change your website’s layout whenever you want to get more traffic.

eCommerce Offers – if you’re looking to scale your business, then the platform also offers a range of eCommerce features to help you grow.

GoDaddy Website Builder – Easy setup

Support Quality

The support options for customers are fair though not always available through multiple methods of contact. Overall, the telephone line service does offer 24/7 support but this may be costly if you run into a technical glitch after hours. 

Fortunately, calling is not the only option; customers can use their Chat Now option or WhatsApp chat from Mon-Fri, 5 am-6 pm.

GoDaddy Website Builder Pricing – What Does It Cost?

The GoDaddy website builder has three pricing plans, and each offers specific features to customers. It also offers a free no-credit information trial to anyone who creates an account with each pricing plan.

The Basic Plan is $6.99 per month and customers get a host of features with this plan such as blogging functionality and video or audio integration. However, no SEO functionality is available on this plan.

On the other hand, the Standard Plan costs $10.49 per month and gives users everything the Basic Plan does but with additional features. There are increased social sharing options, as well as an SEO Wizard to take your website to a new level.

Finally, the Premium Plan at $13.99 per month offers users everything the first two plans do. However, now users can benefit from client management tools to more advanced integration features to scale your business.

Free TrialBasicStandard PlanPremium Plan
15-day free trial$6.99 per month$10.49 per month$13.99 per month

Auto-renews to regular rate.

Pricing plan
GoDaddy pricing plan


GoDaddy is a website building tool that is user-friendly and surprisingly low on its pricing plans compared to most software building tools in the market. It is the platform of choice for the budget-conscious small business that wants a standard and professional website.

Overall, GoDaddy is recommended for simplicity and low costs, but it may not be suited to more creative businesses that are looking for less rigid templates to work with when creating a website. Nevertheless, it can help your website go live in minutes, making it a highly efficient website builder. We hope this GoDaddy Website Builder review has helped you!

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GoDaddy website builder software offers users the chance to create pages that get a second look. It offers website creation in four simple steps with the view to publishing within minutes. If you’re looking for simplicity and speed, then go to GoDaddy today and try out its free trial!
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