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Complete Guide to Naming Your Glass Business

Our glass business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get glass business name inspiration. If you’re thinking of starting a blog for your glass business then don’t forget to check out our blog name generator.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Glass companies can offer their clients a vast range of services. Some focus in the retail field, installing windows and completing renovation projects. Others craft fine items from glass. Glass companies can also operate in the B2B sector, providing the materials and the products that other businesses may need in their line of work.

Good branding for a glass company is heavily dependent on the area of specialisation. What is it that you do? Why do you do it better than the competition? You could, for example, have shorter turnaround times for the completion of projects. Or maybe, you create handcrafted items and each one of them is unique.

The name you choose for your business should reflect on these strengths. Simply focusing on the products you create is not enough. This practical approach to name selection will deprive your brand from personality. Instead, focus on one feature, value of aspect of work that gives your brand its biggest strength. If you accomplish the goal, you can easily distinguish yourself from other industry representatives.

Demographic Interests

Glass companies work with many kinds of clients. Some of them will interact predominantly with homeowners and families interested in repairs or renovations. Such companies offer services like window and door fitting, bath and shower glass panels, table tops and mirrors.

The services of such companies could also be sought by commercial and industrial property owners.

Glass companies that work with auto glass will also predominantly interact with B2C clients. These customers are both men and women, they’ll have varying income levels and they’ll be looking for a product or a service that corresponds to their lifestyle and finances.

Specialty glass companies will typically work with B2B clients. Such customers could be looking for heat resistant and safety glasses suited for use in industrial facilities, tinted glass, specialised drinkware for bars and restaurants, marketing items and accessories. These clients will have a concrete vision and specific requirements. They will look for someone capable of executing and delivering the desired volume within a certain period of time.

Competitor Name Analysis

The Glass Doctor

A company that offers mainly B2C services, The Glass Doctor obviously specialises in the field of repairs.

The Glassperts

The approach towards name selection here is similar to the previous example. The company has decided to put emphasis on its expertise in a casual and somewhat fun way.

All Weather Windows Doors and Siding

While the company hasn’t chosen the most creative name, the practical approach is often a good one when people are looking for specific products or services.

Tint Masters

As already mentioned, it is always a good idea to put emphasis on the particular niche specialization or service that you have the most experience with. This is precisely what the company’s name accomplishes.

Pretentious Beer Co

This is a fun business with a fun name. The bar serves specialty and craft beers while also making live glass blowing demos of how the original beer glasses are being crafted into existence.

Auto Glass Buddy

Auto Glass Buddy is a company name that accomplishes two things – it highlights the area of specialisation and it also makes the business sound approachable.

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The services you offer will be determining for the selection of the right naming approach. You can experiment with more humorous and casual names or you can opt for a more corporate direction. Just think about the target audience, the communication channels you’ll be using and the language that’s most appropriate.

When you have the answers, try our Business Name Generator. It can help you craft and enhance the original idea or explore a completely new direction. Information about domain name availability will be provided, as well.

To get started, here are several glass-related terms that may come in handy:


Auto glass




Glass panel

Glass blowing

Scientific glass

Fire polishing


Mosaic glass

Weathered glass

Art glass

Bottle glass



Etched glass decoration

Reinforced glass

Marbled glass

Matte glass

Glass Business Name Inspiration

  1. Heart of Glass: a good name for an art or a craft company, a business that makes unique handcrafted items out of glass.
  2. Comprehensive Glass Solutions: if your business can offer glass solutions to both residential and commercial property owners, such a name would be a good pick.
  3. Born from the Fire: the name refers to the manner in which glass is blown and formed into different items. Once again, it’s a good choice for an artsy glass company.
  4. Make My Window Whole Again: whether you offer residential or auto repairs, this humorous name would be a good choice for your business.
  5. Glass of Steel: if you offer reinforced and specialty glass products, you may opt for a name like this one.
  6. The House of Glass: a more or less generic name that could be taken to any direction of choice through the selection of a tagline or a great logo.
  7. Window to the World: the choice is good for companies that make windows and doors and that want a more unusual title.
  8. ASAP Glass Services: the name is an excellent choice for a company that offers emergency, 24/7 repairs.
  9. Small Window, Big Window: this company title suggests that personalisation is possible on the basis of specific client needs.
  10. The Glass Furnace: such a name is suitable for a company making glass items or a studio that offers traditional glass blowing lessons.

What Not to Name Your Glass Business

Don’t make the mistake of going for a generic name in an attempt to attract a larger audience. While a general name like The Glass Experts could reach more people, chances are that only a fraction will be interested in the specific service you have to offer. It’s a much better idea to establish expectations from the start and to work with a smaller but targeted group of prospects.

Keep it simple and short. If the phrase is catchy, it will stick and people will remember your business when they’re looking for services. A long, convoluted and terminology-heavy business name, on the other hand, will be forgotten almost immediately. Your biggest goals when choosing a company name is to be memorable. A simple phrase is best when it comes to accomplishing the goals.

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