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Complete Guide to Naming Your Flooring Business

Our flooring business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get flooring business name inspiration.

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Brand Goals & Target Market

A brand strategy puts emphasis on much more than your product and its characteristics. Solid, beautiful flooring is obviously what you make. Still, a good brand will take the product beyond the obvious to fulfil a specific need of your customers.

For example, you could be making flooring from sustainable materials. This fact gives you a chance to establish an environmentally-conscious brand that will quickly find its loyal following. You may have a wide array of colours, textures and styles. In that instance, emphasis should be placed on the fact that you have a solution for just about every client.

Look for the one feature, the one strength that makes you unique and distinguishes you from the competition. For some companies, this feature may be an obvious one. In other instances, you may have to dig a bit deeper. The fact that you use local suppliers and you stimulate the economic growth of the community, for example, could help you establish a strong brand. Social responsibility and engagement will make it much easier for you to establish a unique voice and to maintain the positive emotional response from the intended audience.

Demographic Interests

Flooring companies work with a wide range of customers. A large bulk of the demographic consists of home owners who are either working on their first house or are in the middle of a remodelling project.

Both men and women could be looking for cost-efficient and beautiful flooring. Some of these clients have a pretty specific idea about what they want. Others may have to browse through multiple stores until they identify the flooring product that’s just right.

Flooring manufacturers and retailers could also work with B2B clients like real estate developers and construction companies. In such instances, the orders will be much larger but the clients will have strict requirements about the appearance, the cost and the delivery of the flooring.

Competitor Name Analysis

Lumber Liquidators

The name is quite catchy and it refers to the origin of the company. In the very beginning, Tom Sullivan purchased excess lumber from companies that no longer needed it to eventually begin specialising in flooring.


As the name suggests, this company is the one that invented laminate flooring (pergo flooring). This product quickly became popular and is considered one of the flooring staples today.


You probably have guessed already that the name refers to the fact the company is primarily an online retailer of flooring.

Hardwood Bargains

A company that chooses such a name will have to live up to the expectations and Hardwood Bargains accomplishes just that. The company offers hardwood products at reasonable prices.

Green Home Chicago

Another company that has chosen a name telling clients exactly what its biggest strength is – environmentally-friendly home solutions, including flooring.

IFloorNY Hardwood Flooring

This name is great because it’s both practical and a bit whimsical. It tells buyers what the company offers, it suggests a location and it also plays on the famous I Love New York phrase.

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Most flooring manufacturers and retailers choose pretty mundane names for their companies. If you carry out a bit of online research, you will discover lots of similarities between the brands. Trying to avoid these clichés will give your brand strength.

Think about the words that describe your values, beliefs and strengths. Input these words in our Business Name Generator to get suitable variations and titles you may have never discovered on your own. Domain name availability will be provided, as well.

Here are a few relevant suggestions for flooring companies:










Engineered wood

DIY floor




Sustainably sourced



Laminate flooring


Mixed media






Flooring Business Name Inspiration

  1. Solid Hardwood Company: you don’t really need to use the word flooring in the name of your company. You can make the product obvious in various other ways.
  2. Budget Home Solutions: putting emphasis on the fact you offer affordable options will attract the right kind of buyer to your products.
  3. Hardwood Luxury: alternatively, you can attempt to sell a specific lifestyle through the selection of the right title.
  4. Tree Harvest Floor Design: a more or less general name that still tells potential buyers exactly what to expect when visiting a store.
  5. From Carpet to Tile: as already mentioned, highlighting the diversity of products you have to offer is a great idea in terms of title selection.
  6. Home Design Pros: the choice of the right floor will often set the tone for other interior design decisions, which is why the name example makes a lot of sense.
  7. Beyond Lumber: hardwood is a typical choice for residential and commercial floors but if you have something else to offer, you should let your clients know.
  8. The Conscious Floor: the number of people looking for green residential solutions is growing all the time. Let them know you have what they need.
  9. The Tile Man: do you have a great selection of tile floors and do you offer installation services? If so, a name like this one will be an ideal choice for you.
  10. Ethnic Rugs: your flagship product should set the tone of your branding efforts and it could easily turn in the focal point of the title you choose for your company.

What Not to Name Your Flooring Business

Avoid the industry clichés because most flooring manufacturers go down the same road. Unfortunately, the names of businesses in the field sound boring and tired. You don’t want to be yet another flooring provider that people will not be interested in because of a less than exciting company name selection.

Your name doesn’t belong to the title of the business. Joe’s Floor Store may sound casual and inviting but it doesn’t really build a personality and give your company its unique voice. There are much more appropriate choices that will provoke an immediate emotional response.

Don’t oversell and don’t hype things up if you can’t deliver. If you advertise affordable luxury, make sure that clients can find luxurious floors that don’t cost a lot in your store. Otherwise, you will be setting your company up for failure.

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