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How To Name Your Enterprise Business

For all kinds of enterprises, a good business name is a key ingredient for success. If you’re an entrepreneur struggling to come up with enterprise name ideas, look no further than our extensive enterprise naming guide!

Before you throw yourself into the full tutorial below, make sure to try the Enterprise Business Name Generator. The name generator is an important resource that we’ll return to later.

Once you’ve given the Enterprise Business Name Generator ago, continue reading for plenty of great enterprise business name ideas, tips on how to create unique branding, and a step-by-step guide to crafting effective enterprise names.

20 Enterprise Business Name Ideas

20 Enterprise Business Name Ideas

To get you thinking, we’ve put together 20 of our favorite best enterprise business name ideas from the Enterprise Business Name Generator. Which of these stand out to you? Try the Enterprise Business Name Generator yourself and see if you can do better!

  1. Intellect Enterprises
  2. Hover Innovation
  3. YouTech
  4. Affinity Group
  5. Metapad
  6. Crystal Consulting
  7. Aspire Holdings
  8. Destiny Technologies
  9. Opal Solutions
  10. Globex
  11. Citadel Technology
  12. Legacy International
  13. Dataverse
  14. Refine Development
  15. Bond Securities
  16. Vision Construction
  17. SmartTrade
  18. Orb Services
  19. Insight Systems
  20. Honor Banking Group

20 More Enterprise Business Name Ideas

  1. High Tech Enterprises
  2. Investor Enterprises
  3. Enterprise Solutions
  4. Bank Enterprise Group
  5. Analysis Enterprises
  6. Eco Enterprises
  7. World Wide Management
  8. Service Solutions
  9. Meta Securities
  10. Design & Develop
  11. Foreign Holdings
  12. The Advisor Federation
  13. Community Consulting Firm
  14. Total Asset International
  15. Private Sector Services
  16. Business Advisors Association
  17. Forse
  18. Enterpres
  19. Engroup
  20. Arise

Best Real-world Enterprise Business Names

Best Real-world Enterprise Business Names

We’ve also compiled five of the best real-world enterprise names for you to draw inspiration from. Not only do these enterprises have great names, but they’re also incredibly successful; all five rank among the esteemed Global Fortune 500 list of companies.

For each name, we’ve explored its origin and explained why it’s so effective. Study each entry and try to use them to come up with some enterprise business name ideas of your own.


Accenture is a Dublin-based multinational business services company that specializes in IT and consulting. The name was submitted internally by a Danish employee and is short for “Accent on the future”. The name, therefore, positions the company as forward-thinking with client services that are ahead of the curve. It’s also a unique abbreviation that makes for distinctive branding.


Microsoft is one of the biggest and most dominant technology companies in the world. Founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, the name is a portmanteau that combines the words “microcomputer” and “software”. This combination makes for a name that is original and highly brandable but also still easy to read and pronounce.


PayPal is an American finance technology company that operates one of the most popular online payment systems in the world. The name markets the company as a reliable companion for money transfers. With just two syllables, it’s also very punchy. This effect is enhanced further by the repeated “Pa” sounds which help to make the name more memorable.

NextEra Energy

NextEra Energy is a leading American energy company that specializes in renewables. “NextEra” underlines the business’ main selling point of supplying clean energy solutions that are sustainable and future-proof. Alliteration with the repeated “E” sound provides a rhythmic quality that helps to make the name catchier.


FedEx is an American multinational conglomerate and one of the biggest courier companies in the world. Formerly known as Federal Express, the name was shortened to FedEx in 2008. This change has helped to make the name more concise and easy to remember. However, it still clearly recalls the company’s speedy or “Express” delivery services.

Step-by-step Guide to Naming your Enterprise Business

You’ve seen your fair share of enterprise ideas, now it’s time to come up with one of your own! Don’t worry—we’ve broken down the process into six easy steps. With a little help from the Enterprise Business Name Generator, you’ll have your new company name in no time!

1. Establish your area of business

The Cambridge Dictionary defines an enterprise as “an organization, especially a business, or a difficult and important plan, especially one that will earn money”.

Essentially, if you’re looking to start a new enterprise, you can take it in any direction you want.

According to Forbes, the current top five sectors for new business applications in the U.S. are as follows:

  • Retail trade
  • Health care & social assistanceAccommodation & food services
  • Professional services
  • Construction

Your first to finding the perfect name is to establish your area of business, as this will dictate the entire branding process.

2. Define your values

After deciding your new enterprise’s area of business, you need to think more deeply about your brand. It’s important to consider how you can differentiate your company from competitors so that you have a better chance of standing out to customers.

The best way to do this is to define your company’s core values and mission. For example, your mission could be to make electric cars more affordable and you will aim to achieve these by applying your core values of collaboration and innovation.

Similarly, think about your enterprise’s USP. This is something unique your company offers consumers that gives you an edge over your rivals. It could be competitive pricing or the use of sustainable materials.

Core values, a mission, and a USP are all essential components of any ambitious business and will play a key role in future branding efforts.

3. Shortlist keywords

At this stage, you can begin to brainstorm enterprise name ideas. Create a list of keywords that you would consider using in your company name. Keywords are specific words that capture your business and its vision.

Consider your area of business as well as your mission, core values, USP, and shortlist associated words. As a general rule, avoid shortlisting words that are particularly long or difficult to pronounce.

Let’s look at a couple of examples.

Here are some possible keywords for a technology enterprise that helps other businesses with AI solutions:

  • Smart
  • Brain
  • Innovation
  • Unlock
  • Intuition

And here are potential keywords for a tour operator enterprise that offers customers unique travel experiences:

  • Explore
  • Horizon
  • Special
  • Untrodden
  • Rare

Come up with 5-10 keywords relating to your enterprise before proceeding to the next step.

4. Use the Enterprise Business Name Generator

One by one, insert your shortlisted keywords into the Enterprise Business Name Generator at the top of this page. The generator displays dozens of enterprise name ideas that use your selected keyword and transform it into an original company name.

To customize the search to your needs, use the filter options on the left of the screen. These allow you to filter the results of the Enterprise Business Name Generator based on criteria like character length, keyword position, and even rhyming.

Shortlist five names that stand out to you. We recommend targeting enterprise business name ideas that are catchy, concise, and creative.

5. Conduct market research

It’s now time to put your final five enterprise names to the test. Connect with clients and coworkers and ask them to complete a short name testing survey. This will allow you to objectively gauge the merits of each name.

Some of the questions you might use on the name testing survey include:

  • What is your immediate reaction to this name?
  • What products or services do you associate with this name?
  • What values do you associate with this name?

Once the questionnaires have been returned, collate the results and select the name with the most positive feedback.

6. Check availability

Before you can lock in your new enterprise name, you need to check that it’s available to use. There are two key steps to this process:

  • Check that the name isn’t trademarked by another business,
  • Check that the name is available as a web domain.

If relevant to your area of business, you may also decide to open social media accounts under your enterprise’s name.

Once your chosen name passes these checks, you can get your new enterprise up and running!

5 Tips for Creating Unique Enterprise Business Name Ideas

Our branding experts pooled their knowledge and came up with four essential tips for creating original enterprise name ideas.

Use unusual wording

Many of the most iconic enterprise names aren’t actually real words. In order to stand out from the crowd, some companies use alternative spelling or combine two words to create something new.

If you’ve got two keywords that both capture your business well, try shortening them and putting them together. Also, use the “One Word” button on the Enterprise Business Name Generator to view results that subtly adapt your chosen keyword.

Consider using family names

Another common trend among many of the world’s leading enterprises is the use of a personal name in the business title. If you feel comfortable publicizing your surname, this can sometimes can be an effective approach.

Using a family name can help to add a personal touch to your branding. If you’ve built a considerable network in your industry, attaching your name to the enterprise can help to give it a kickstart.

Incorporate rhythm

Rhythmic features make your name catchier, and a catchy name is always more likely to stick with customers. If you’re able to incorporate rhythm into your name, this can subtly encourage consumers to return in the future.

Try to use repeated sounds through alliteration or half-rhymes. If you’re struggling with this, simply turn the “Rhyming” button on while using the Enterprise Business Name Generator.

Keep it concise

Another way to make your name more memorable is to keep it short. Don’t use two words where you could use one. Similarly, if one of your keywords is four syllables long, substitute it for a more concise synonym.

The Enterprise Business Name Generator allows you to keep your name length in check with limits for the total number of characters and words.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

An enterprise is a proprietorship, firm, association, partnership, company, corporation, or any other type of business entity. They are not linked to a particular sector, meaning any new venture qualifies as an enterprise. Some of the most common industries for new enterprises are retail, manufacturing, technology, and hospitality.

Firstly, establish the business area of your new enterprise. Secondly, identify your mission statement, core values, and USP. Next, shortlist 5-10 keywords that summarize your enterprise and its vision. One by one, insert these keywords into the Enterprise Business Name Generator and select five eye-catching enterprise name ideas. Evaluate the names with a name testing survey and select the one with the most positive feedback.

A good enterprise name is catchy, concise, and creative. It should give prospective customers an idea of the business area as well as the core values. Some of the best enterprise name ideas use rhythm, word combinations, and non-standard spelling in an original way. Other successful enterprise names incorporate family names to convey authority or add a personal touch.

Some of the best real-world examples of effective enterprise names are PayPal, Accenture, and Microsoft. Our favorite enterprise business name ideas from the Enterprise Business Name Generator include Globex, YouTech, and Aspire Holdings. Try the Enterprise Business Name Generator yourself now and see what enterprise name ideas you can come up with!


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