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Complete Guide to Naming Your Energy Business

Our energy business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get energy business name inspiration.

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Brand Goals & Target Market

Energy companies work with a wide array of clients, both end consumers and other businesses. The types of services they offer are pre-determining for the branding efforts bound to deliver the best results in terms of enhancing recognition.

The energy industry is changing all the time. Whether you offer traditional or more innovative solutions (solar and wind power are two examples), you have to consider opportunities for educating your prospects via branding and marketing campaigns.

Branding should also establish your authority in the field. Most consumers perceive energy companies as having the same product or service to offer. If your content is valuable and you’re seen as an entity that has a good reputation, chances are that individuals looking for a new service provider will turn to you.

Good business branding in the energy sector is also to focus on transparency. Is your service environment-conscious? Do you offer comprehensive solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of the respective client? These are benefits to highlight and values that should definitely impact your name selection efforts.

Demographic Interests

Power and utility companies work with both B2B and B2C customers. Obviously, the needs of the two demographics have nothing in common, which is why a strategic approach towards service provision will have to be adopted.

Regardless of the demographic, however, recent research demonstrates a change in needs and expectations from energy service providers. In the past, both B2B and B2C clients were mostly concerned with reliability. Today, they’re looking for tailored and customised solutions that take into consideration their unique challenges and preferences.

Smart technologies, environmental consciousness and a desire to save money all guide the selection of energy service providers. Companies that can integrate their services with the smart home of the future and the ones that adopt innovative green solutions are the ones that will be perceived as forerunners in the years to come.

Competitor Name Analysis


A large electricity and energy company, Engie was previously known as Suez (due to the fact that the company was originally tasked to build the Suez Canal). Engie was chosen later on to completely overhaul the brand because the name was indicative of the transition the company was undergoing.


The Italian multinational oil and gas company has a name that is once again derived from an industry acronym – Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi (National Hydrocarbons Authority). With the passage of time, the scope of services was increased, which is why the company began presenting itself by the acronym alone.


Equinor is a Norwegian energy company that specializes in both petroleum and wind energy. The name is derived from equi (the root of equal) and nor – the suffix that indicates the Norwegian origin of the company.

National Grid

As the name indicates, this is the national electricity and utility service provider in the UK.

NextEra Energy

A Fortune 200 energy company, NextEra is based in the US and its name is indicative of the forward-thinking involved in the provision of services.


The Italian energy company has a name that was originally derived from Ente Nazionale per l’Energia Electrica (National Board of Electricity).


Energy companies do have somewhat formulaic names but you can still exercise a bit of creativity when picking a title for your company. Think of your value proposition and your strengths. Based on this information, brainstorm for words and phrases that are representative of what you have to offer.

When you input these phrases in our Business Name Generator, you will be provided with dozens of relevant and engaging variations. One of them could easily turn into your company’s official name. Information about domain name availability will also be provided.

Here are multiple words and phrases you can use to kick off the brainstorming session:



Utility company

Petroleum and gas




Sustainable energy production

Renewable sources

Electric grid










Fossil fuels

Geothermal energy


Wind power

Energy Business Name Inspiration

  1. Energy Empire: a sense of power and accomplishment is always good for a company name, especially when the reliability and adequacy of a service are of paramount important.
  2. PowerWatt: the name is once again filled with authority, plus the audience will instantly know the company specialises in the energy field.
  3. Urban Circuit: a somewhat more streamlined and modern sounding name that still maintains its relationship to the energy sector.
  4. Solar Bolt: whenever a business specialises in the production of energy from a renewable source, emphasis has to be put on the fact when a company title is being chosen.
  5. Power Reaper: this name is a bit more alternative and controversial, which is why it may be a good choice for a business in the field that wants to stand out.
  6. City Lights: we all know what a city looks like at night because of the services provided by energy companies. This name comes with an interesting backstory, which is excellent for branding.
  7. Optima Energy: words like optimum and maximum work really well with power and energy to craft the right brand image.
  8. Power with Care: the name could be interpreted in two ways – that the company cares for its clients and that it also cares for nature.
  9. CoreEnergy: a more generic name that would be a suitable choice for just about every company in the field.
  10. OnGrid: a phrase that comes to oppose the popular off-grid lifestyle, such a name could be perceived as particularly relevant in today’s circumstances.

What Not to Name Your Energy Business

Stick to a more professional and serious formula towards name selection. Being frivolous or humorous isn’t really a good idea in the field of energy production. Such an approach may deprive you of a chance to partner up with big corporate clients because your reliability may be questioned.

While going too far is certainly not a good thing, you should try to avoid the clichés. A name that features the word electricity is way too obvious. Do a bit of competition research and you will see dozens of other names that sound similar. Know what you’re trying to tell your audience and brainstorm for original words or phrases that will carry the message across.

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