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How To Name Your Dog Business

Dog owners spend the most money on pet food and treats, with vet care, medicine, and grooming also making up a huge portion of the dog market.

You might be wanting to start a business that adds to this figure, in which case, you’ll need a really creative and unique name to help you stand out from your competitors!

My name is Molly, and I am here to guide you through the name picking process, offering you tips and a list of potential names that you can use for your own dog business. I am also here to tell you about our Dog Business Name Generator, which is the easiest tool to use when picking your own business name!

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by Molly Cross

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Updated Oct 29, 2021

20 Dog Business Name Ideas

To get started, I came up with a list of words that I associate with ‘dogs’, and put these individually into our name generator. Here are 20 of the best dog business names that were curated:

  1. About Paws
  2. Active Mutts
  3. All-star Pups
  4. Anytime Hound
  5. Dog Spot
  6. Happy Mutt
  7. Hot Doggy
  8. Hot Wagger
  9. Hound Spot
  10. Howl Hound
  1. Mutt Pact
  2. Paws Alliance
  3. Pawsopolis
  4. Poochpad
  5. Poochado
  6. Puppy Waggle
  7. Puppyworks
  8. Purebred Paws
  9. Ruff Pooch
  10. Scooby Pooch

20 More Dog Business Name Ideas

  1. The Paw Haven
  2. PawPups
  3. Planet Canine
  4. CubCare
  5. The Dog Whisperer
  6. Woof Recess
  7. Dolgado
  8. Golden Pup
  9. The Fury Effect
  10. PawHub
  1. Little Furry
  2. The K9 Den
  3. black leash
  4. petfolic
  5. Puppy Trail
  6. Doctor Pupps
  7. Resident Furry
  8. Bark Doctor
  9. Citizen D
  10. Dog Walker

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Best Real-world Dog Business Names

Hopefully you have had the chance to use our Dog Business Name Generator, or have found inspiration from those 20 examples. Another tip is to research dog business names that already exist, and to see what makes their names so successful.

Let’s take a look at some dog business names and I will explain why they work so well.

Petmate Logo


One of the best-selling dog toy businesses, Petmate has produced some of the most popular dog toys such as Chuckit! And Dogzilla.

This name uses a combination of two pretty simple words to create a name that sticks with the customer. Customers are also aware of the aims of the company due to it being so straightforward.

Happy Pet Logo

Happy Pet

Pet health, happiness, and well-being are Happy Pet’s passions.

Once again, this name is very straightforward and guarantees joy and funness for your pooch. Why wouldn’t dog owners want to purchase from Happy Pet?

Mammoth Pet Products Logo

Mammoth Pet Products

Mammoth Pet Products are known for being a leading innovator and manufacturer of premium dog toys since 1995.

Just from its name, customers know that they can get the biggest and best products from this brand. The use of the word ‘mammoth’ has representations of beastly and huge toys – every dog’s dream!

A Dog’s Life Logo

A Dog’s Life

The people behind this dog brand are the makers of yummy organic treats that are personalised for your pet.

This name is totally unique as it uses a common saying in its name. It works well as this links to the brand’s principles and values perfectly whilst also being quirky and unique.

Dog is Good Logo

Dog is Good

Dog is Good sells a fun and unique range of gimmicks and merchandise with fun sayings about your pooch.

This simple statement of a name is widely understood by its customers. Using dog within its name means that people know exactly what they are offered, and can make a quick decision as to whether they want to use the brand or not.

Unique Content for the Niche

When naming your dog business, it is important to think about how you want to come across. Most people come to a dog business for grooming, food, toys, or for someone to walk their pooches. Therefore, they want someone reliable and trustworthy to be doing the job and to be looking after their dogs. It is important to appear friendly and companionable in order to attract customers.

Using casual and up-beat language can help you achieve this. Try using abbreviations within your name; using n’ instead of ‘and’ creates a much more chatty tone and customers will warm to your name more.

5-Tips for creating unique Dog Business name ideas

1. Be Creative

When naming any business, this is really the opportunity to be as creative as you want. Because you are setting up a dog business, there are plenty of opportunities to use language skills such as puns or a play on words to really grab the attention of your audience. Try to see if you can incorporate some humour within your name; this will create a really great relationship with your audience, and if you can do it well, then it will really make you stand out from your competition.

Bear in mind that your name will have to make sense to a wide variety of people as anyone could be buying from your brand! Creating a totally unique business name can be hard, but if you are a naturally creative person then this might be a task you are looking forward to.

2. Avoid Being Too Wordy

Of course, be as creative as possible! But make sure that your name makes sense and is easy to understand. We recommend using a maximum of three words, as anything above this can become too wordy and much harder to understand. Plus, having too many words means that your name will take longer to spell and for people to search for if they want to contact you!

Keeping it pretty simple can sometimes be a good thing. Customers will be much more drawn to a smaller and simpler name than one which takes too long to read and make sense of.

3. Ask For Feedback

Perhaps one of the most beneficial tips we can offer you, asking for feedback means that you will have a much better indication as to which names you should keep and which ones you should get rid of. Remember, your name must be appealing towards your customers, so even if you love one of your potential names it might not receive the same reception from your audience.

The best thing to do is to create a survey or ask potential customers questions such as:

  • Would you consider buying products from our brand?
  • What do you first think of when you hear our brand name?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how much do you like the name?

Asking people to rate your list of potential names will give you a better understanding as to which ones are the most popular. There might be one name which is well liked way better than the others, therefore this is the one that you should probably go with!

4. Check Domain Availability

You might think that you’ve found the perfect name for your dog business. But, have you checked that it is actually available to use?! This is often a common mistake that a lot of businesses make, but don’t worry as it is easily avoidable. Everytime you think you have found a potential name, do a quick Business Name Search online to see if it is available within your country/state.

This will save yourself any heartbreak in the long run. Also, it is worth checking for social media handles before you decide on your final name. You want your social media handle to be exactly the same as your business name, as this will make you easier to find and contact online.

5. Use Our Dog Business Name Generator

We hope that these tips have been useful so far! If you’re still struggling to get a grasp with picking the perfect business name, then don’t worry. Can we remind you once more of our Dog Business Name Generator. It really is the perfect tool to use if you’re struggling with motivation or have hit a brick wall.

Simply pop any words that you want to use within your name into our generator, and sit back and relax whilst it does the work for you! Our generator produces dozens of potential business names, so you’re guaranteed to like at least a handful!

Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for taking the time to read through this article. Hopefully our tips and tricks have been beneficial for you and you are on the right track to naming your dog business. If you do require any more information, we recommend checking out the frequently asked questions down below.

What is a Good Dog Business Name?

How Do I Name My Pet Business?

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