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Complete Guide to Naming Your Dog Business

Our dog business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get dog business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Dog companies can have so many faces and expressions. Dog grooming, dog training, food companies and accessory makers all specialise in products and services for their cute, four-legged consumers.

Branding should be emotion-based when it comes to pets.

Pet owners perceive dogs as members of the family. Thus, the quality and features of products and services for dogs should provoke a positive emotional response. Everything you make and the services you offer should be there to pamper pups, make them healthier and happier. Your attitude towards dogs should be obvious in the marketing campaigns. If you’re passionate about the wellbeing of pets, dog owners will recognise your sentiment and they will respond positively to it.

The name and the slogan both matter. You can be playful, you can opt for a wordplay combo or something that will make pet owners smile. Your entire brand image will be based on the values and the beliefs behind the establishment of your company. Make sure these are obvious.

Demographic Interests

Dog owners are emotionally connected to their pets. They’re looking for quality products and services. Income levels will vary but one thing is certain – an optimal price to quality ratio will be pursued every single time.

These customers are characterised by a high level of loyalty once they find a brand that meets all of their needs and requirements. While this is excellent news for established dog companies, the behaviour of the target audience could make it difficult for newcomers to enter the field.

The best approach towards establishing a new brand and finding the right demographic is niche specialisation. Do you make dog food that is locally sourced and made from premium organic ingredients? Are you a trainer who employs the latest behavioural theories to make the process both fun and effective? Let customers know these specific characteristics. You will attract a smaller group of potential clients but they’ll be interested in what you have to offer and the chance of conversion will be higher.

Competitor Name Analysis

Royal Canin

The two words have an obvious meaning. Royal pertain to quality and Canin means dog. This was the name chosen by Jean Cathary – a vet who believed that dog ailments were caused by poor diet. Royal Canin was the name he chose for his first formula.


The company originally made kennels but today, it has a full range of toys for dogs. Obviously, the company has found the formula to put together the perfect petmate.


The vet and medicine development company has a name that is derived from the prefix zo (zoology) and zoetic – a word that means pertaining to life.

Big Heart Pet Brands

Based on San Francisco, the company makes an array of products for dogs, cats and other pets. Big Heart could refer to the love that dogs give their owners or to the emotion that the makers put in their product – the name is open to interpretation.

Woof and Meow

Cuteness overload! This British company makes accessories for both dogs and cats – something that potential buyers will get immediately from the name.

Slumbering Hound

The company makes bespoke cushions and beds for dogs. Blankets and accessories are also available for the primary purpose of making dogs comfortable while taking a nap.

Our Business Name Guides

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You can opt for a more generic approach or you can choose to be very specific in naming your dog company. The range of products and services will obviously be determining for the best approach.

Our Business Name Generator can help you explore variations, expand your creativity and opt for combinations you would have never considered otherwise. You will also be provided with extensive information about domain name availability.

Are you clueless about the words and phrases that are suitable for a dog company name? we have a couple of relevant suggestions for you:







Dog trainer



Chewing toys



Working dog












Dog Business Name Inspiration

  1. Happy Paws: what do pet owners want for their dogs? Happiness! The name is cute and it will ring true as far as dog owners are concerned.
  2. The Posh Pup: if you intend to make luxury goods and accessories for dogs, the name of your company should be indicative. Choose something that has to do with luxury, sophistication and pampering for our four-legged pals.
  3. Puppy March: a name that’s suitable for a dog walking business.
  4. Bone N Treats: dog owners know just how much puppies appreciate treats. A good name for a dog food company will focus on the things that puppies enjoy the most.
  5. Bark and Play: a pretty generic name that could apply to a wide array of businesses in the field of dog care – from dog hotels to trainers and behavioural experts.
  6. Interactive Pup Fun: the field of pet toys is evolving all the time. Most owners are looking for toys that are engaging, fun and interactive. The name is great because it puts emphasis on two positive characteristics – interactivity and fun.
  7. Spoil Me!: the name is a bit more niche and it will appeal to the owners who are ready to pamper their pets at any cost. It’s ideal for luxury goods and pet accessories.
  8. A Dog’s Life: a bit of wordplay and the use of the popular phrase could lead to immediate recognition. While the phrase does have some negative connotations, it can easily be turned around.
  9. UnLeashed: here’s another example of being fun and creative while staying on topic.
  10. Angel Sitters: pet owners offer refer to their beloved dogs and cats as angels. The name is good for a dog sitting business.

What Not to Name Your Dog Business

If possible, stay away from being ambiguous. A company that offers products and services for dogs alone should not adopt a broad approach that’s typical for other pet companies.

Avoid the clichés. K-9 may seem like a cool and good idea but it has been overdone so much that people will not respond to it in the desired way.

Unless your products and services are specific to a dog breed, do not mention a certain dog type in the title. If you do so, you will alienate a big pool of potential customers.

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