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How To Name Your Creative Business

How To Name Your Creative Business

As a creative business, clients expect original experiences at every step of the customer journey. Your branding is one of the best ways to show off your creative flair, and this begins with your choice of business name!

Using our specialist guide on naming your new creative business, you’ll be able to craft a name that sparks curiosity and interest. The Creative Business Name Generator will play a key role during the process. Try it out now before continuing with the rest of the tutorial!

Below, you’ll also find lots of examples of creative business names, instructions on how to name different types of creative businesses, and tips for coming up with an original business name.

20 Creative Business Name Ideas

To give you a flavor of the Creative Business Name Generator, we’ve put some ideas together and compiled 20 of the best results. Do you think you can do better? Try the Creative Business Name Generator for yourself!

  1. Media Maniacs
  2. Novel Design
  3. Covert Creatives
  4. Vista Marketing
  5. Digital City
  6. Future Intellect
  7. Ace Animation
  8. New-Age Curation
  9. Altitude Digital
  10. Legacy Inventive
  11. Innovately
  12. RuleBenders
  13. Jupiter Publishing
  14. Universe & Co.
  15. Alchemical Arts
  16. Artnetix
  17. Infinity Solutions
  18. Aspect Architecture
  19. ForeverCreate
  20. Vanguard Heritage

20 More Creative Business Name Ideas

  1. Pitchify
  2. Veggible
  3. Fruitable
  4. Translately
  5. SPREAD Agency
  6. Yummy Food & Drinks
  7. Inboundly Marketing
  8. LESS Interior Co.
  9. Shipify Exports
  10. Yogy
  12. Hypnotic Consulting
  13. Tourify
  15. Bookly
  16. Animately
  17. Brewify
  18. Couply Dating Service
  19. Navigatify
  20. Lensly Smart Glasses

Best Real-world Creative Business Names

Best Real-world Creative Business Names

It’s never a bad idea to take a look at what competitors are doing in the field. That’s why we’ve put together five of the most compelling business names found across the creative industries and explained what makes them so effective.

By the way, our creative business name generator is built to create names just like the ones listed below. Be sure to try our generator before you leave!

In the list, you’ll find companies operating in many different spaces including advertising, architecture, and product design.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to draw some inspiration from the names no matter what sector you decide to pursue with your creative company!


Omnicom is the second-largest advertising agency in the world. Though this is a made-up word, it still holds meaning: the combination of the shortened word “com”, presumably meaning comms or communications, with the prefix “omni” suggests that the company is all about marketing communications. The repeated “om” sound at the beginning and end also provides a nice rhythm that makes the name more brandable.

Bravo Creative

Bravo Creative is a creative marketing agency with a focus on branding and film. Bravo is actually an acronym meaning “Baz Richardson and Various Others’. Richardson is the firm’s creative director. Personal details of the agency founder have thus been etched into the business name seamlessly. At the same time, the popular meaning of “Bravo” suggests that clients will approve of the company’s work.


Visionarch is a major architecture firm based in the Philippines. The name is short for “Visionary Architecture”. Rather than adopting this longer name, the two words are shortened and then combined to create a name that is more original, concise, and memorable.

Design 1st

Design 1st is an award-winning product design and engineering company. This is a simple name that makes the firm’s specialist services obvious to potential clients. The use of the numerical rather than written form of 1st makes the branding more distinctive and suggests that the company holds the top spot in the industry.


Brandient is a marketing consultancy firm based in Bucharest, Romania. As the name suggests, the company specializes in brand strategy and innovation. This is a good name because it captures the firm USP in an eye-catching manner with the formation of a new, non-standard word that’s still simple enough to pronounce.

Step-by-step Guide to Naming a Creative Business

You’ve seen plenty of examples of creative names for your business, now it’s time to come up with your own! If you’re feeling anxious about this, don’t worry! We’ve broken down the entire process into six easy-to-follow steps.

1. Choose your sector

As we’ve already seen, the creative economy is made up of many different types of business. Your first step is to decide which field you want to pursue with your new creative company. We suggest following your area of expertise.

Choose your sector!

Different types of creative business include:

  • Architecture firm
  • Advertising firm
  • Marketing agency
  • Media company
  • Graphic design company
  • Product design company
  • Record label
  • Publishing house

You’ve probably already got a specific business idea in mind, so this step shouldn’t be a problem.

2. Establish your business model

Once you’ve selected your sector, you need to consider in greater detail how your business will operate. This is where you begin to carve out your unique brand identity and vision.

Spend some time thinking about each of the following areas:

  • Your products and services
  • Your target audience
  • Your USP
  • Your mission statement and core values

Your answers to these four categories will help to differentiate your creative business from competitors. They may also be used in your name, which takes us to the next step.

3. Shortlist keywords

It’s now time to start thinking about your business name using keywords. Keywords are specific words that capture your brand’s vision and identity. Think of them as a key tool to help you stand out from the crowd.

In the creative industries, there are a number of generic words that are commonly used, such as “agency”, “design” or “group”. Words like these should be paired with a keyword that gives a deeper insight into the business. Alternatively, you can use keywords on your own.

Let’s look at an example. Here are some possible keywords for a marketing consultancy firm that offers clients innovative branding solutions:

  • Brand
  • Identity
  • Refresh
  • Invent
  • Amplify

Shortlist at least five keywords before continuing to the next step.

4. Use the Creative Business Name Generator

One by one, insert each keyword into the Creative Business Name Generator at the top of this page. When you press enter, you will have hundreds of results to select from.

Use the options on the left side of the page to filter results based on keyword position, name length, and rhythmic features.

You can also tick the “One Word” box to view names that use your keyword to form a new word. This can be a great option for creative businesses that want to make an impression with an original name.

Shortlist five of your favorite names and move on to the penultimate stage.

5. Conduct market research

You now need to put your five shortlisted names to the test. Devise a name testing survey and distribute it to as many people as possible. If possible, consult the opinion of people in the creative industries.

Conduct market research!

Some of the questions you include on your survey might be:

  • What products or services do you associate with this name?
  • What qualities does the name convey?
  • How would you pronounce the name?

Based on the results, select the best name.

6. Check availability

The final step is to check that your chosen name is available to register as a business. There are three steps to this process:

  • Check that the name hasn’t already been trademarked by another business
  • Check that the name is available for use as a web domain
  • Check that the name is available for use on relevant social media platforms

The first step is crucial to avoid any violation of copyright law. The second and third are also very important.

Having a website name and social media handles that are consistent with your business name will enable potential clients to find you easily when searching online.

If your chosen name fails any of these steps, we suggest starting again.

Four Tips for Creating Unique Creative Business Name Ideas

Here are four key tips from our brandings experts to ensure your creative business name is innovative and original.

1. Experiment with wording

As a creative business, you’re encouraged to think outside of the box with your name. Experimenting with wording is a good way to do this.

Consider combining two long keywords, as in the case of “Visionarch”. Alternatively, use non-standard spelling or add extra letters to create an entirely new word.

2. Use repeated sounds

Repeated sounds add a rhythmic quality to names, therefore making them more memorable and brandable.

If possible, try to incorporate alliteration or rhyming into your name. If this proves too challenging, you can use consonance or assonance.

3. Be concise

The best names in the creative industries are always short and punchy. Don’t waste space with words that don’t add value to your business name.

Best names are always short and punchy!

By keeping character limits down the and number of syllables to a minimum, you can make your business name more memorable.

4. Make sure it’s easy to pronounce

Being experimental with your creative business name is great, but it shouldn’t compromise the overall readability. Ask around and check that your shortlisted name is easy to pronounce.

Many creative businesses operate globally, so it’s crucial that you avoid alienating international clients with a name that’s difficult to grasp.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The creative economy encompasses a wide range of businesses. Traditionally, creative industries were seen as being restricted to arts-based professions in the design, media, and heritage sectors. Nowadays, the number of companies that can be considered creative is expanding to include consulting agencies, technology businesses, and engineering firms.

Firstly, decide which creative industry you want to enter. Next, define your business’ vision in terms of its target market, USP, and core values. Then, shortlist 5-10 keywords that reflect these areas. Insert the keywords into the Creative Business Name Generator and select up to five of the best names. Conduct a name testing survey and select the best-performing name.

A good creative business name is highly original and communicates the unique vision of the company. It should always be concise and easy to pronounce. Sometimes, a good creative business name uses experimental wording, non-standard spelling, or rhythmic elements to stand out from the crowd.

Some of the best real-world creative business names are Omnicom, Visionarch, and Design 1st. Our favorite examples from the Creative Business Name Generator include ForeverCreate, Altitude Digital, and Legacy Inventive. Use the Creative Business Name Generator now and see what creative names you can come up with!




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