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How To Name Your Corporation Business Name

Prolific corporations are often recognized by a bold name that evokes feelings of strength and hierarchy. My name is Monique, and I am here to help you develop corporation names that represent the best version of your business.

My trusty guide will detail how to make the best use of the corporation business name generator. I’ll also provide comprehensive insights into how large corporations acquired their names and specialized tips on how to develop your own name.

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Updated Aug 24, 2021

20 Corporation Business Name Ideas

Usually, the most challenging part of any project is knowing where to start. To help you along, we’d like to introduce you to the corporation’s business name generator.

Below, we entered keywords that are significant in a variety of sectors into the generator. Here are the results:

  1. Energy Synergist
  2. Infrared Investment
  3. Surge Security Systems
  4. Pasha Power Corp
  5. TRUE Tech
  6. Insurance Innovate
  7. Mode Manufacturer
  8. Phalanx Holding
  9. Core Cultivation
  10. Tech Connect
  1. TurnKey Communications
  2. Ark Relations
  3. The Mason Group
  4. Finance Fortitude
  5. Ecopad
  6. Enterprise Alliance
  7. Bridgeway Engineering
  8. Altitude Investment
  9. Matrix Marketing
  10. Tech Corpology

Now it’s your turn! Enter unique words that relate to your company into the corporation business name generator above.

20 More Corporation Name Ideas

  1. Innova Marketing
  2. Telecomm Corp
  3. Vertigo Security Systems
  4. Premier Venture Investment
  5. Stock Capital Finance
  6. Green Stone Housing
  7. Four Rivers International
  8. Herald Corp
  9. Borderless Insurance
  10. Sylvan Holding
  1. Lumini
  2. OptiFibre Communications
  3. Ecohonic
  4. PURE
  5. Infinite Group
  6. SpaceTech
  7. Solarnet
  8. Accelerate Ahead
  9. Electric Alliance
  10. Shift Communications

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Best Real-world Corporation Business Names

Successful corporations around the world are recognized by their bold names that signify power and dominance over the industry they operate.

Analyzing the names of renowned companies can inspire you to create your own – this is known as a competitor analysis.

How to complete a competitor analysis

Before we reveal the real-world corporation business names, let’s run through our top tips on conducting a competitor analysis for best results:

  • Adopt a SWOT analysis method. Review the Strength, Weakness, opportunity, and Threat of each name.
  • Examine whether their corporation name is brandable
  • Consider the company’s target market
  • Identify how they spell each word and the combinations they use
  • Take note of frequently used words and determine whether they may be overused
  • Consider how many words they used, and whether they used acronyms. Ask yourself whether you think a name is too long or too short

Real-life Corporation Names

The following corporations obtain worldwide recognition. We will discuss how the name was chosen and why it works well.

Apple Logo


As disclosed in Walter Isaacson’s autobiography, Steve Jobs, the founder of this proclaimed corporation, thought of the name while on one of his fruition diets.

Apples are historically household essentials that reflect the corporation’s core mission; to feature in every home. The name is light-hearted, catchy, and independent.

Google Logo


The name reportedly originated from the mathematical term ‘Googol’ as engineers were often acquainted with the term. After slight modifications, it became the ‘Google’ we know today.

The single word name is descriptive of the action users take when operating the search engine. The name is rhythmic and easy to say.

Coca-Cola Logo


The name of this corporation derives from coca leaf extract, a key ingredient found in the beverage. Similarly, ‘Kola’ comes from the kola nut that provides the drink with caffeine and other stimulants.

Consumers can easily remember this name as it is alliterative, authentic, and different from anything else on the market.

Walmart Logo


The name hybridizes the first tree letter of Walton, surname of its founder Sam Walton, and ‘mart,’ a type of marketplace.

Customers find it easier to trust businesses that feature a personal name. The name is easy to say, pronounce, and spell.

China Petroleum & Chemical Corp Logo

China Petroleum & Chemical Corp

This name is an excellent example of a corporation that describes its service in literal terms. It effectively conveys its area of specialization and the exact industry it operates in.

Although lengthier than the average business name, the title is rhythmic and can adopt an easy-to-remember abbreviation. The direct name also helps the corporation demonstrate power.

4 Steps To Help Your Corporation Business Name Stand Out

A successful corporation business name should be powerful and bold. To help you achieve this, we have devised four easy steps you can take to craft an eye-catching corporation name.

1. Find words that relate to your sector

A corporation is a business term used to describe how a business operates; this may refer to a group of authorized members or a single person that maintains the company in a particular sector.

The first step you can take is to consider keywords that come to mind when you think of the industry you wish to enter. Although it’s helpful to extract words with literal meaning, try to think outside the box.

To get the cogs in your mind turning, we have created a list of popular sectors with possible keywords you can take as inspiration or even use for yourself:

  • Aerospace and Defense: aviation, orbit, latitude
  • Finance: commerce, fiscal, advance
  • Technology: cyber, virtual, pixel
  • Investment: equity, advisory, management
  • Insurance: group, solution, protector
  • Telecommunications: kinetic, network, broadcast
  • Retail: merchandiser, distributor, trade
  • Marketing and Advertising: relations, campaign, commercial
  • Engineering: energy, infrastructure, civil

2. Use the corporation business name generator

Once you have brainstormed applicable keywords, you can enter each word into the corporation business name generator. In return, you’ll receive an extensive list of word combinations or hybridizations ready to use.

Remember to adjust the settings of each word under the ‘Names’ tab. Here, you can play around with word placement and whether you would like to see rhythmic or alliterated options solely. You can also edit your preferred character count from 2 words to 15+.

In this step, you can aim to curate a list of all your potential corporation name ideas. We took keywords from the Insurance Corporation above and entered them into the holding business name generator to show you more. Here’s what we found:

  • Margin Management
  • Ethereal Equity
  • Central Advisory
  • Advisorpedia

3. Shortlist your ideas

Your next task is to focus on shortlisting your most effective corporation name ideas. Instinctively, the first names you select may be the ones that you identify with the most.

According to research papers, the best names are those that coveney your corporation’s core principles, beliefs, and personality.

To gain an idea of this, you can ask yourself the following questions throughout the shortlisting process:

  • What does this name remind me of?
  • What makes this word stand out?
  • Could this name be taken out of context? If so, what connotations does the name have?
  • Does this name apply to my target market?

4. Check its availability

The final yet crucial stage requires you to check the availability of your shortlisted names before you conclude your corporation name search. As a business owner, you should look out for the following:

  • Domain name availability
  • Check for Trademarked words

If either of these outlets takes your intended name, we recommend you start your search again. You may even wish to revise previous options. Regardless of which path you take, you mustn’t compromise the values of a compelling name.

You may also consider checking whether your corporation names are available on social media. Remember, consistency is key. Try to create a clean social media handle that is fluent across all platforms.

5-Tips for creating unique Corporation Business name ideas

Remember, your company name is the first aspect of your business; many clients will see it, so you’ll want to get it right.

Ensure your business name reflects the authenticity of your corporation while conveying your core values.

1. Conduct thorough market research

For many business owners, appealing to a particular target market is high on the agenda.

Throughout the naming process, you can call on any connections you may have in the industry your business specializes in or others that work with a corporation.

You can also approach customers that you have previously worked with that know you on a professional level. In addition, you may ask the opinions of future clients as this is a great way to engage your target market.

What do I ask?

Try to ask direct questions about your corporation names that encourage an open answer. In short, avoid questions that induce a yes or no response.

We’ve thought of some questions that you could use:

  • What first comes to mind when you hear this name?
  • How would you spell this name?
  • Does the name sound trustworthy?
  • What product or service do you think this name promotes?

2. Keep it short and simple

As you can see from our competitive analysis, many of the world’s corporate giants carry a name containing just one to two unique words.

To achieve this yourself, extract singular words that come to mind when you consider the following:

  • Factors or ingredients that are involved during the production stage
  • The type of service you provide
  • A meaningful factor that is unique to your corporation

The shorter the name, the higher chance clients have of remembering it, which moves us swiftly onto our next tip.

3. Create a memorable name

Creating a memorable name can inspire first-time clients to return to your corporation. It may also organically encourage them to search for you on other mediums such as social media.

How do you develop a memorable corporation name?

The following points can help you craft memorable corporation names:

  • Only use acronyms if they are rhythmic or alliterative
  • Provide a new meaning to recognizable words
  • Use hybrids to blend meaningful words
  • Avoid overused words
  • Consider words with positive connotations
  • Ensure they are easy to spell and pronounce

4. Stay original

Although it’s great to take inspiration from profitable corporations, it is important to remember what works well for them may be different for you.

Embracing your originality can entice consumers to engage with your product or service. It also sets you apart from your competitors that may use common terms in their names.

Avoid conforming to temporary trends as it can limit the level of engagement you receive over a more extended period.

5. Consider how brandable the name is

Brandable corporation names are read and pronounced particularly well. They often feature letter patterns of Vowel/Consonant/Vowel as these structures are usually short and catchy.

You may also find it beneficial to consider how your chosen corporate names appear on a logo and merchandise. If you’re one step ahead, you may also deliberate a relevant slogan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before we conclude, it’s time to answer some frequently asked questions about corporate business naming.

What is a corporate business name?

What is a good name for a corporation?

What is an example of a corporation business?

Is corporate name the same as business name?

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