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20 Cool and Catchy Name Ideas for your Business

Coming up with the perfect name for your business is easier said than done. While the best business names are naturally cool and catchy, there are a few tricks to the trade we’ll outline for you in this article.

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Updated Aug 12, 2021

In the meantime, we used our catchy business name generator tool to generate 20 cool business name ideas to give you some inspiration and show you just how easy it can be to get started.

  1. Brand Beacon
  2. Sunrise Cafe
  3. Dash Dental
  4. Euphoria Flowers
  5. Shopocity
  6. Hiatus Resort
  7. Techquipo
  8. Munchies Delivery
  9. Panorama Travel
  10. Bankscape
  1. Flor Garden
  2. Treehouse Pizza
  3. Honey Jewel
  4. Viva Medical
  5. A+ Stationary
  6. Frost Shoes
  7. Glow Outfitter
  8. Anchor Consultancy
  9. Catwalk Pet Shop
  10. Diamond Nail Salon

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What makes a business name Cool?

The dictionary defines the informal meaning of the word cool as fashionably attractive or impressive. So, the cool business name ideas you should look for should be impressive and fashionably attractive. But what exactly does that mean?

Cool names often stand out in the market.

These are the types of names people notice and remember. The meaning isn’t the most important thing for attractive names – it’s how they look.

That’s why modern startups often use misspelled names to make them look cool. There are negatives and positives to this approach, but misspelled names do look cool.

Cool business names have many layers of meaning.

These are the names that make you go, “wow, that’s really clever”. This is probably the hardest type of name to create since you need to find the right metaphor or phrase to capture many different meanings.

These types of names are always very cool. People talk about them, and businesses want to copy them. By the way, trying our catchy business name generator is a great way to get started.

Young businesses often create names that are too cool. Standing out in the marketplace is important, but you should always ensure that your business name shows you’re a trustworthy business. You need to find the right balance between cool and trustworthy.

Real-world examples of cool business names.

Seeing what other companies do might give you the inspiration to create great business names for your own brand. When using our Cool Business Name Generator, be sure to compare your name ideas to the ones below. Let’s jump right into the names:

Monday (

This is a cool name that’s used for a modern Work OS that enables you to create efficient workflows. The name is fitting and modern. Monday is the day when most companies plan everything for the whole week. What better name than Monday to show what the software does on the metaphorical level.

Fiverr (

Fiverr is the world’s biggest freelancing platform. You can buy almost any service imaginable on the platform. The name comes from the word for the $5 bill called a fiver. When Fiverr launched every service cost $5. This is what inspired the name. They went with a misspelled version and the brand grew into one of the most known misspelled brands in the world.

Casper (

The mattress seller uses the name that defines cool. The name is metaphorical and different. It evokes something soft, gentle, and friendly. They picked a name that captures every emotion that the company wants to represent. Using “human” names as brand names is an interesting trend that is sometimes used to create cool names.

Slack (

The best to communicate with your team. Slack is a tool that does the exact opposite of what the name suggests. This makes the name very cool and interesting. You have to be bold to pick a name that can be perceived in a very negative way. But, this also makes it different and a lot more memorable.

As you see, there are different approaches to creating cool names. Every time you’re creating cool names, ask yourself if the name is good enough that it would make people go “wow”.

Finding the right cool name isn’t easy. But following the tips we shared can help you get there faster and what’s more, with our cool business name generator you’ll have an endless source of inspiration to get started.

What makes a business name Catchy?

There are different tricks and tips we can use to make our names catchy. But first, what makes a name catchy? A catchy name should be both memorable and playful.

These are names that are instantly appealing. Catchy names have a high chance of attracting attention from potential clients. Here are a few things that make a name catchy:

Use rhythmic sounds and alliterations

making the name smooth and rhythmic, you make them more memorable. Alliterations ensure that they are easy to pronounce, and alliterations often make the names very playful.

use Rhyming

This is an old-school copywriting technique that still holds true today. Advertisers know that the best slogans are often made of rhyming words.

People remember them, and they are playful. The same principle applies to names. Use rhymes, and the names will be catchy.

Favorable word structures

Brand names often use the letter patterns of Vowel/Consonant/Vowel as these word structures are typically short, catchy, and easy to say and remember. Most of them start with a consonant, but that’s not always the case.

It’s worth adding that catchy names are almost always easy to spell and pronounce. The simpler the name, the more memorable it is.

If you use the three tips we mentioned above, you have a good chance of creating a catchy name. Make sure you use our catchy business name generator to speed up the process.

Real-word examples of catchy business names

Seeing real examples will help you understand what we have in mind when we talk about catchy business names. Try comparing these real-world companies to the name ideas you create with the catchy business name generator.



This was the name for an online and mobile food-ordering and delivery company that operated in at least 37 markets. It was eventually acquired by Grubhub. What makes the name catchy is the call to action. It addresses people and tells them what to do. People are likely to remember the name since they feel the brand is talking to them.



Let’s continue this list of examples with the brand that we already mentioned – GrubHub. The thing that makes this name catchy is the rhyme. People tend to remember names that rhyme. There’s a reason why kids easily remember rhyming poems and smart branding geniuses know this. That’s why they go with rhyming names like this one.


Krispy Kreme

This is a catchy name of an American doughnut company and coffeehouse chain. Like rhymes, alliterations make brand names very smooth and memorable. This brand goes even further. They used misspelled words in the name to make the name even more distinguished. This is definitely a name that you remember as soon as you hear it.

Amazon Logo


The biggest eCommerce company in the world has a catchy name. The name has a favorable word structure.

It uses the letter patterns of Vowel/Consonant/Vowel to make the name very smooth, rhythmic, and memorable. We mentioned that this word structure makes the name very easy to spell and pronounce in most languages.

As you can see, there are different ways we can create a catchy name. It’s important that we know what to look for when creating these types of names. Let’s move onto actionable tips that will help you create your own catchy and cool business name ideas.

5 Tips to Come Up with Catchy and Cool Business Names

Make it relevant

The most important thing when it comes to coming up with cool brand name ideas is to keep them relevant to your business. Cool and catchy names are worthless if the name isn’t relevant to your business.

For example, Dash Dental helps people associate a good look with your business, which might work very well for a dental clinic focusing on aesthetic dental treatments. This makes the name relevant. The alliterative nature makes it catchy and very memorable.

Sunrise Cafe makes people think of a fresh, early morning that starts their day well. The metaphor in the name makes the name cool.

Whatever you choose, make sure that people associate things with your brand name that is relevant to your business and what it stands for. The examples above show that you can have cool or catchy names and still make them very relevant.

Avoid names that are too long

Your brand name should be easy to remember and simple to type. The longer the name the harder it is to remember. That doesn’t mean you have to go with super short names. You just need to make sure you’re not isn’t hard to remember for being too long.

Don’t focus on the number of words or letters, these things aren’t important. You should focus on the number of syllables. It’s usually best to use words that are 3 syllables long at most.

Two-word names are also acceptable. Three-word names can quickly become too long. I would limit my names to two syllables per word if I went with a three-word name. Most of the best cool and catchy names we analyzed were single-word or two-word names.

Create new words

Feel free to play around with different mashup and made-up words that are nice-sounding and clearly state what your business is about.

Sometimes new, and unique words are a great way to create a catchy-sounding name. We already showed that you can even use misspelled versions when creating new words.

Just make sure you don’t make them too hard to spell and pronounce. For example, PayPal makes it clear that it’s a payment service while establishing it as a casual brand with an easy-to-navigate interface (unlike traditional banking services).

Alliteration helps make this brand name catchy too. Add to this the fact that the name is relevant and you have yourself a very cool and catchy name.

List an inventory

If you’re stuck with ideas, you can try out the inventory technique. This is a simple trick that can help you generate a lot of ideas in a very short amount of time.

Sit down with a piece of paper or a blank page and start writing down every word that comes to your mind when you think of your business.

This is a creative exercise and there are no wrong answers here — so don’t hold yourself back! List as many words and creative business name ideas as you can.

Go beyond simple descriptive words. Think of metaphors and phrases that show what your business does and stands for.

Once you have your list, enter them one by one into our cool and catchy business name generator and list down your favorites.

Mix and match them together until you find the perfect one. Remember, rhythmic sounds, rhymes, and alliterations are what we’re looking for when creating cool and catchy business names.

Check if it’s taken

A crucial step before you settle on your new creative business name idea is to check if it’s taken already. A simple search online will do the trick.

Also, don’t forget to check if the exact domain name is available for your business name. It’s worth checking if the identical social media handles are available too, but you can also use a close variant for them.

Make sure that you can legally use the name. You can search online databases of existing trademarks in your country. You can also hire a trademarking attorney to speed the process if you have the budget for that.

Top 10 Cool & Catchy Business Names of 2021

Here are 10 businesses that got really creative with their name choice while staying relevant to their offering.

  1. Gyfted is a global job search engine that makes everyone feel gifted and right for the job.
  2. Paperbell is an online tool for coaching to manage their paperwork and appointments.
  3. Golden Era Media is an international video production agency that stands for 2021 being the “golden era” of video making.
  4. Unitu is a feedback platform that unites students and teachers in top universities to solve important problems. See how unity and university are both associated with the name?
  5. Inner Peace Network is a youthful global community with meditation and mindfulness classes.
  6. Samavira also offers meditation classes, but their method is based on Buddhist teachings, which is why they use a Sanskrit name.
  7. The Take is a YouTube channel that shares video essays of movie narratives, which is their “take” on the movie. Take also refers to the shot taken in a film.
  8. TransferWise has recently changed their name to Wise because they are now known for their money transfer services, and this way they can expand to other ways to serve customers.
  9. ClassPass has simply named itself after the very thing they offer: passes to group classes. Sometimes the best business name is the most obvious choice that can dominate an entire category.
  10. SoundBetter is a network where people in the music industry can connect and collaborate.


Notice how each one of these brand names is strongly related to what they offer and the industry they’re in. Their audience doesn’t need to guess what they’re about and the name is so creative that it forever burns in your memory.

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