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Our catchy business name generator will help you find the name that attracts attention and stays in people’s minds. Try it out.

1. Choose Your Catchy Business Name Keywords

Select some catchy words to put into our generator.

2. Get Catchy Business Name Ideas

Let the generator give you countless catchy name ideas, and use filters to shorten the list.

3. Select Catchy Business Names

Choose your favorite catchy names before selecting one to kick-start your company.

How To Use Our Catchy Business Name Generator

Finding the perfect name for your business couldn’t be easier! With our catchy name generator, all you need are four simple steps to find a name that’s cool and catchy enough to be remembered by everyone who sees it.

You can cast the net wide and search for business names in all niches if you want inspiration from the names we’ve provided. Or you can filter the names you create to find a catchy business name in your niche.After this, you can instantly check for domain availability to ensure your chosen business name is viable as a website.



Insert the KEYWORDS you want to use in the search bar.



Use our FILTERS to fine-tune the names based on your preferences. 



Pick the WINNING name and register the domain and social media handles.

Benefits Of Our Catchy Name Generator

Our catchy name generator gives you many advantages when it comes to choosing the best name that represents what your business is all about. It supplies a limitless range of options, which can serve as inspiration, or you can choose one and claim it as your own. 

You may have an idea of what you want your business to do or be, but struggling to find the right name for it can hold you back from actually starting your business

Our name generator eliminates that struggle. It is highly intuitive and logical, suggesting only words relevant to your business’s field through keyword association. 

Once you’ve selected your domain name, you can use our function to immediately check if the domain has already been taken. If not, you can start your business with a cool and catchy name you’ve gotten from our generator.

tick png FREE to use. tick png UNLIMITED name ideas. 
tick png INSTANT domain check.tick png AI-POWERED name ideas. 
tick png Powerful FILTERS. tick png SAVE ideas for later. 

What Makes A Business Name Catchy?

Catchy names can be a little more playful than cool names to find a way to stand out and stick in the memory.

  • Rhymes: Business names that rhyme have instant appeal. Rhyme gives business names a song-like quality and makes them easy to remember too.
  • Alliteration: Similar to rhymes, alliteration will make your business name easy to remember, and it will roll right off the tongue.

What are the Attributes of a Catchy Business Name?

A catchy business name should have key attributes so that others remember it easily. It needs to be unique and stand out from the competition, easy to pronounce and spell (difficult spelling and pronunciation will lead to confusion) and definitely descriptive enough that it gives the idea of what the business is about. 

Other than that, you should also aim for it to be simple and straightforward, reflective of the brand (let the name of the business reflect its mission and values) and timeless (withstand the test of time!). All in all, a catchy business name should grab attention, convey the essence of the brand and stick in the mind of customers.

Tutorial for Creating Catchy Business Name

Catchy Business Name Ideas

Catchy business name ideas that will inspire you:

  • Puma (sports)
  • Headspace (wellness)
  • Innocent Drinks 
  • The Codfather (restaurant)
  • Smashbox (cosmetics)
  • Unmind (wellness)
  • Lord of the Wings (restaurant)
  • New Balance (sports)
  • Meat U There (restaurant)
  • Calm (wellness)
  • Nacho Daddy (cool Nachos spot in Vegas!)

Feeling inspired yet? We certainly are! So, let’s look at some great examples of catchy business name ideas we have created using our catchy business name generator! To find these results, we entered keywords such as ‘Football’, ‘Toys’ and ‘Entertainment.’ We then added various filters based on what industries our company would be in and whether we wanted one or two words, or whether or not our company name should rhyme.

  • Triumph Toys
  • Mojo Magic
  • Flawless Football
  • Cafe Castaway 
  • Avatar Arts
  • Prodigy Productions
  • Anytime Arts
  • Contour Creative
  • Evergreen Entertainment
  • Crossroads Creative
  • Total Toys
  • Revolution Solutions
  • Cat Cuppa
  • Guardian Games
  • Mystique Magic
  • Eternity Entertainment
  • Prism Productions
  • Football Frenzy
  • Cloud Cafe
  • Gambit Games
  • Logic Media
  • Drip Records
  • Blogaholic
  • Sanguine Solutions
  • AIprism
  • Dusk Clothing
  • Musable
  • Anti Records
  • Edge Media
  • Blogzilla
  • Slay Clothing
  • Musopedia
  • Animatella
  • Spearhead Media
  • Ascend Solutions
  • Edge Syndicate
  • Limitless Media
  • Vanguard Media
  • Jaded Clothing
  • Wayfarer Records

Generate A Catchy Name

Other generators you can play with to create catchy names are our startup name generator and our brand name generator. Try them out to see the catchy names they can create for you. 

Difference between Cool Business Name and Catchy Business Name

Cool Business NameCatchy Business Name
tick new Has a unique and edgy vibetick new Memorable, attention grabbing
tick new Appeals to a specific target audiencetick new Easy to remember
tick new Creates a particular image or brand identitytick new Might use wordplay to stick in people’s minds

10 Catchy Business Name Example And Why They Work 

Catchy business name

Let’s take a look at some of the best real-world examples of cool and catchy brand names to give you an idea of what makes a great brand name.

  1. Activision is an American video game publisher. Their name is instantly memorable and signifies a forward-thinking approach that is relevant to their industry, as well as creativity in combining the words Active and Vision to create their undeniably cool business name.
  2. Casper is a mattress company. They are an excellent example of a company using a pop-cultural reference that evokes kindness, warmth and friendliness to align with the feelings they want to convey to their customers with their product.
  3. Krispy Kreme is an American doughnut and coffee chain. They are also instantly recognizable, as their name has alliteration, a rhythmic quality, and is relevant to what they sell. You don’t forget Krispy Kreme- it is a certifiably catchy name.
  4. Microsoft needs no introduction! One of the many things this company has done well is to choose a good name, shortening ‘Microcomputer Software’ to simply Microsoft. It is short, snappy, and describes what the company deals in.
  5. BOSS is a company that develops and sells guitar amplifiers and effects. And their name is also undeniably cool! Short and to the point, and capitalized for extra effect, the word BOSS implies that they are the best.
  6. Facebook is one of the world’s largest social media platforms and is an excellent example of combining two words to make one that is both catchy and memorable.
  7. Black Sheep Clothing is a cycling apparel brand. Their name appeals to those who want to stand out and be a little different, and it is memorable too, all because of the connotations that the term ‘Black Sheep’ has. To be different and independent are cool traits.
  8. Penguin Classics are imprints of Penguin Books. Their name is so good because it instantly gives the seal of approval ‘Classic’ to anything they publish. This is combined with the quirky playfulness of the Penguin name, so you’ve got something that is both cool (classic) and catchy (Penguin).
  9. Coca-Cola is as good as it gets concerning branding.The Coca-Cola name contains rhythm, alliteration and assonance in two short words, making it instantly memorable and catchy.
  10. Zenith Watches use the word Zenith, with its implication of being at the peak of something, to give its brand name an effortless cool.

Here are some of the most popular generators at Business Name Generator to help you find the perfect business name right now.

5 Tips For Catchy Business Name Ideas

Now let’s look at some practical tips for creating a catchy name idea that will entice customers and ensure they never forget you.

1. Keep It Short And Sweet

The longer your business name is, the harder it will be to remember. So make sure your business and domain name is punchy. Think of some of the most famous companies with cool and catchy names, like Google, Apple, and Microsoft. They only need one word, and you always remember who they are

2. Make Sure It Is Easy To Spell

Words that are uncommonly used or are from an unfamiliar language may make it difficult for some people to spell. You want people to be able to search for your business quickly and easily. Complicated spellings or uncommon words risk being misspelled,making it difficult for people to find you.

3. Don’t Use Special Characters

Special characters or symbols are things like hyphens, exclamation points, and question marks. They can make it difficult for people to pronounce your business name, which is never good. Or, imagine someone has overheard someone talking about your business, and they want to look you up but don’t know that there is an exclamation mark in your name. This could be the difference between them finding you or not.

4. Don’t Use Numbers

Avoid using numbers. There are exceptions to this rule – Bet365, for example – but if you think of all the most successful cool and catchy names out there, very few of them have numbers in their name. It can come across to some as unprofessional and can make your business name harder to remember. It is, therefore, best to avoid it.

5. Make It Memorable

Remember those tips we discussed earlier for cool and catchy business name ideas? Now is the time to put them into action. Consider what you want your business to get across and think of how you can do that in as concise and catchy a way as possible. Consider alliteration, rhyme, or a value word that communicates the ethos of your business. These are all ways to make your business name more striking, cool, and catchy- which all combine to make it memorable.

6. Check Availability

Congratulations, you’ve chosen your name. Now you just have to check if the name is available.

You can use our business name search to check the availability of your name. Our domain name generator can help you find available domains.

Make sure you can legally use the name. You can search online databases for existing trademarks in your country. You can also hire a trademark lawyer to speed up the process if you have the budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our name business name generators are an excellent way to develop a catchy business name, or to serve as inspiration while you craft your own. Simply input your keyword and your industry, and play around with the name modifiers, and you will have access to an unlimited supply of names. Consider using alliteration, rhyme, and compound words.

Catchy business names often use tools such as alliteration, rhyme, and rhythmic words. For real-world examples, Krispy Kreme or Blackberry for alliteration and rhythm. Some great examples from our generator include ‘Cat Cuppa’ for a cat cafe or ‘Splash Fashion’ for a fashion brand. The former uses alliteration, and the latter uses assonance, making it cool, catchy, and pleasurable to say.

Krispy Kreme is an excellent example of a catchy business name being used today that is instantly memorable. Krispy Kreme uses a rhythmic quality to its words, and of course, alliteration. It is also an added bonus that the name describes the business’s product; crispy, creamy doughnuts.

Picking a catchy business name can be a fun, but challenging process. Here are some tips to help you pick a name that will stand out: - Brainstorm a list of words, phrases, and concepts that are related to your business. Think of the products or services you offer and if the name fits with them. - Use wordplay. Puns, alliterations and other forms of wordplay will make your business name catchy and memorable. - Avoid overly specific or limiting names. Choose a name that easily adapts as your business grows. - Check for availability. Once you decide on the perfect name, check out if it’s available on our business name generator!


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