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Cloudways web hosting provider is a cloud hosting platform. It is simple and easy to use, offering flexible plans. With fast setup times, great customer support, and strong uptime, it’s one of the top hosting platforms for businesses of all types. It also offers full scalability, allowing your business to grow.




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Cloudways Review 


Cloudways is a cloud management service with a goal to make cloud-based website hosting simple. This company focuses on helping grow agencies and eCommerce businesses.

The growing empire that is Cloudways is looking to make it easy for you to launch a website on a high-performance cloud server within minutes. 

In this Cloudways review, you will discover all the great things that Cloudways has to offer as well as the pitfalls that may occur. We will explore the support quality, key features, and pricing. You will have a good understanding of the product and why it can make a great addition to your growing business.

Pros & Cons

There are many pros and a few cons when it comes to Cloudways. However, Cloudways is a generally easy, intuitive, and all-inclusive platform to help users host their website. 


  • It is user-friendly.
  • Cloudways has a 24/7 support team.
  • The platform offers high-speed performance.
  • There are great security features.
  • It offers a pay-as-you-go option.


  • It can be pricey.
  • Higher quality support requires users to pay extra monthly.
  • Cloudways may be confusing if you’re transferring from C-Panel.


This Cloudways review will find that the product is easy for many users to use. It rates highly amongst business owners.

Users find Cloudways easy to transition to from other software with the platform’s easy-to-use migration tools, especially those with a good understanding and some experience with cloud server hosting.

However, Cloudways is very different from other sites. If you are switching from something vastly different such as C-Panel, you may have a hard time. Furthermore, if you are completely brand new to website hosting, Cloudways offers many flexible options making it overwhelming if you are unsure. 

Some may feel that all the features offered on Cloudways’ interface can be too much and could be condensed more for even more user-friendliness.


Another section of Cloudways that rates highly is its features. Many people enjoy the ease of use, customization settings, built-in security, and high-speed performance.

  • Using the Cloudways Thunderstack, a PHP stack, Cloudways improves site speed instantly with an average response time of 3439 ms.
  • Cloudways offers flexible hosting and access to five data providers: AWS, Digital Ocean, Linode, Google Cloud, and Vultr. 
  • Depending on the role, you can set custom roles for your team and control access permission. You can also collaborate with your clients and developers in real-time.
  • Cloudways comes with pre-installed server optimization tools such as built-in security with LaaS-level firewalls. It also offers built-in performance features such as PHP7-Ready.

Support Quality

Cloudways has many different options when it comes to its support. It offers different levels at different payment options.

If you are a standard customer, you will access the standard 24/7 support team. Your question will be routed through a trained support team member and answered promptly. 

However, if you need more one-on-one support from a higher skilled expert, there is the advanced support option. Your request is prioritized with quicker turnaround times than the standard option with advanced support. You are also given access to experts with a better understanding of the products, and they can problem solve your needs on a deeper level.

Finally, if you need support that responds immediately, you will purchase the premium support option. With the premium support option, you will now receive a more immediate response time. You also get a dedicated account manager, a private Slack channel, and direct phone support.

Cloudways Pricing

Many feel that the pricing of Cloudways is well worth the ease of use. However, the pricing is not extremely straightforward. You will purchase Cloudways month to month, making it easier to scale up or down as your business changes. Pricing is based on which data access provider you choose. Some also offer a standard option and a premium option. With each increasing option, you will get more support, RAM, storage, and Bandwidth. 

Digital Ocean


  • $10/ mo
  • $22/ mo
  • $42 / mo
  • $80/ mo


  • $12/ mo
  • $26/ mo
  • $50/ mo
  • $96/ mo


  • $12/mo
  • $24/ mo
  • $50/ mo
  • $90/ mo


High Frequency

  • $13/ mo
  • $26/ mo
  • $50/ mo
  • $100/ mo


  • $11/ mo
  • $23/ mo
  • $44/ mo
  • $84/ mo


  • $36.51/ mo
  • $86.77/ mo
  • $176.26/ mo
  • $274.33/ mo

Google Cloud

  • $33.18/ mo
  • $73.50/ mo
  • $138.52/ mo
  • $225.93/ mo


This Cloudways review shows all the different high points and low points that the software offers. If you’re looking for a user-friendly, high-speed option for your cloud hosting services, Cloudways fits the bill.

This software is easy to set up, maintain, and launch your site in minutes, not hours.

You have access to 24/7 support, and five major access data providers support you with the flexibility to scale up your business without any hassle. With its high-end features, Cloudways doesn’t disappoint its customers with overcrowded interfaces that are difficult to navigate nor does it require you to know how to code. Instead, Cloudways makes it easy for a growing business to do what it does best: growing!

Give Cloudways a try today! 

Cloudways is an easy-to-use and all-inclusive cloud management service. Set up is quick so you can get going within minutes! Cloudways is the right cloud management service for you if you’re a growing business!

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