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Canva Logo Maker

For those without much design experience, the Canva Logo Maker is an easy option. With tons of templates, customization options, and a flexible tool, this is a convenient design tool. With a variety of fonts, colors, and more, unique designs can be created in minutes.




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Canva Logo Maker

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Canva Logo Maker Review


Canva is a comprehensive and user-friendly design tool for people who require professional-looking graphics. It allows anyone to create different images, presentations, and even videos. Canva is one of the best online graphic creation tools and is much more than a logo maker.

Their simple drag-and-drop interface and an extensive collection of logo templates allow you to create various designs. These range from social media posts to t-shirt designs and much more.

Read on for a detailed Canva logo maker review. In our view, the platform scores a good rating across the board. Let’s get started, and we’ll walk you through the details of Canva’s logo maker and what makes it a good option.

Canva Logo Maker – Simple drag-and-drop interface

Pros and Cons


  • Numerous Templates – More than 1000 ready-made templates to help you kick-start designing.
  • Easy and Powerful Editor – An easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor, also a powerful editor with a plethora of design choices.
  • Free Editing – Edit a video or an image for free.
  • Features Galore – Numerous text, elements and style effects.
  • Supports Integrations – Integrations, including stock photos from Pexels and Pixabay, are available for a fee.
  • Free platform – Freemium platform for comprehensive graphic design.


  • Limited Usage To Free Users – Several tool features are only available if you have a Pro membership.
  • Lacks AI assistance – No automatic AI-Assistance for logo design.
  • Editing can be challenging – Editor is more complex than other logo creators.


Ease of Use – Canva’s logo making platform is easy to use for both business and non-commercial purposes. Stock assets such as pictures, graphics, fonts, and illustrations are licensed under Canva’s One Design Use License, with a few restrictions.

In general, you are free to use your logo in advertising material, social media, or sell your goods and services.

Desktop or Mobile Friendly – Canva is mobile and desktop friendly. It works well across all devices.

Pro subscribers have access to more download options. They can adjust the size of the logo, download a version with a transparent background, or compress the file.

In conclusion, Canva serves its promise and provides a plethora of possibilities for the logos you may design.


Canva offers thousands of free templates that are applicable to a wide range of industries including hospitality, food and beverage as well as many animated logos.

Icon or text

Canva provides over 11,000 templates, some of which are free to use while others require a premium subscription. These are responsive meaning you can change their font, layout, and shape as needed.

Customization of logos

With the Canva editor, you can directly select elements and move, copy, delete, enlarge, minimize, or rotate them with a click. You can also modify the color scheme of the interface.

Custom uploads and ready-made elements

With the Elements tab, you can access graphic elements like lines, forms, frames, diagrams, and video or audio files. Furthermore, there are diverse fonts and stylized text effects, including shadows, outlines, and curves, that you can add to your logo or other designs.

Harmonized color combinations

With Canva’s editor, you can load pre-made color combinations. Additionally, you can save your brand’s colors, so they are available for any graphics you create using the platform.

Integrations with third parties

Third-party integrations, such as stock picture databases like Pexels or Pixabay, are also available.

Intuitive but comprehensive

Canva’s interface can seem overwhelming at first due to the vast number of options available. However, once you start using it, you’ll find that the interface is quite intuitive.

Canva Features
Create perfect logos using these five steps in Canva Logo Maker

Support Quality

Canva’s help section contains comprehensive articles and step-by-step guides with links and screenshots. These articles cover a broad array of topics and features because it is more than simply a logo maker. That said, there is no dedicated section for the logo maker.

Direct support is also available, though not that easily accessible. There are links to leave a message with the Canva staff. Unfortunately, it lacks a dedicated hotline number or a live chat window. The platform promises to reply to its Pro subscribers within 24 hours and non-paying subscribers within a week.

Canva Logo Maker Pricing

Canva is free to use. However, with the free version you will have limited functionality and templates. A Pro subscription can be shared by up to five individuals and paid monthly or annually.

Canva’s pricing is as below:

Enterprise$30.00/month per person
  • Contract Period: 12 Months for Pro Users
  • Logo Creation: For both Pro and Free Users
Canva pricing

Logo Export

  • For Free users, only PNG format is available
  • For PRO users, PNG, PNG with a transparent background, SVG, FAVICON, and Social Media formats are available

Canva is more expensive than other logo makers based on this aspect; nevertheless its free edition is very usable.


Thus, this Canva logo maker review concludes that Canva is far more than a logo maker. Despite being relatively costly, the Australian design platform is globally popular. While Canva provides a range of logo templates, modifying them is more difficult as it demands digital expertise.

With all that said, if you are at least moderately digitally and design-savvy, Canva is a great option for designing stylish logos and other graphics.

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