Candle Business Name Generator Guide & Ideas

Generate names for your candle business below.

1. Choose Your Candle Business Name Keywords

Insert some relaxing or candle-themed words in the business name generator.

2. Get Candle Business Name Ideas

The AI-based generator will give you countless name ideas. Take a look through the list to spot the best options.

3. Select Candle Business Names

Save your faves, check if they’re available, and launch your new company today.

How to Use Our Candle Business Name Generator

Our candle business name generator can help you find the best candle company names to use, and it couldn’t be simpler. To get started, simply think of some words that sum up your business and type them into the candle name generator.

The candle names generator will use your chosen words to generate hundreds of unique, original names for candle business. You can look through the list and make use of filters to look for specific lengths or types of names.

Make your own shortlist of the candle names ideas you like the most, and make sure to check their domain availability before claiming one. You can either use the name as-seen or make some modifications to make it more personal for your candle brand.

Your brand is everything!

Benefits of Our Candle Business Name Generator


One of the best things about our candle business name generator is that it’s totally free, without any subscriptions, memberships, or hidden charges.

Reliable technology

Our candle business name generator is powered by super smart AI that is able to make hundreds of original and interesting name ideas based on user input.

Quick and convenient

You can save hours of time with our candle names generator, as it can give you hundreds of names in a matter of seconds.

No limits

In addition, the BNG candle name generator offers unlimited name creation; you can use it as often as you like without any restrictions.

Useful filters

Users can activate helpful filters to narrow down the list of names and find their favorites more easily.

Domain search

Our candle company name generator also includes a domain search tool to help you easily verify name availability. 

20 Candle Business Name Ideas

If you’re looking for the perfect candle business name, our generator can help, and here’s a brief example of what it can do. The 20 candle company names listed below were all created by the generator using simple keyword prompts like candles, wax, flame, wick, and scent.

  • Merry Candles  
  • Waxwood 
  • Cupcake Candles
  • Scent Lights 
  • Wickware 
  • Graceful Flame 
  • Willow Wax  
  • Icarus Candles
  • Rainbow Wick 
  • Cherub Scents 
  • Elysium Wax  
  • Splendid Flame
  • Wick Warmth 
  • Candleverse
  • Radiant Wax 
  • Scent Decoration
  • Wick Joy 
  • Candle Champs
  • Gentle Flame 
  • Wicker Wax

20 More Candle Business Name Ideas

BNG candle business name generator is versatile enough to create an almost unlimited supply of candle company name ideas, and it can work with any words you can think of. Here are 20 more unique and catchy candle business names, created using the following keywords: glow, aroma, flicker, lights, and soothe.

  • Glow Lights 
  • Aroma Emporium 
  • Flickerhut 
  • Soothing Hush 
  • Daydream Lights 
  • Glow Myst 
  • Tender Aromas
  • Soothe Serendipity 
  • Flicker Sprinkles 
  • Joyful Lights
  • Glow Lamps 
  • Buttercup Aroma 
  • Cutie Soothes 
  • Calming Glow
  • Silent Lights 
  • Zen Flicker 
  • Aromaholic 
  • Tranquil Soothe
  • Flickerscape
  • Lovely Lights

Our candle business name generator is ideal for making fancy candle names and beautiful business name ideas for candles, but there are plenty of other generator tools you can use to make other kinds of business names. Here are some of the most popular BNG generators:

How to Create Names for Candle Businesses (10 Tips)

  1. Communicate Your Vision – In these competitive times, you have to find ways to stand out and draw people to your business. One way to do this is to share part of your business’ vision or philosophy through your name. Think of words that are meaningful for you and your business to put into our candle name generator.
  2. Make it Brandable – The best candle brands have catchy and clever names that people can remember easily and understand without any problems. Try to follow in their footsteps by finding a candle company name that is short, snappy, and brandable. Consider a one-word or rhyming name for best effects.
  3. Keep it Short – In general, short names tend to work best in most industries, including the world of candle manufacture and sales. If your name is too long, people might have a hard time remembering it or recommending it to their friends. Short and simple names are far more effective.
  4. Consider New Word Combinations – Dare to be different with your name! Think outside the box and try to blend words in ways that haven’t been tried before. This will show off your creativity, while also helping your brand to stand out from the crowd.
  5. Think About Scents – Try to think about what kinds of scents you make or sell. Are they fruity, floral, soothing, homely? If you specialize in a particular type of scented candle, you can use that in your name to give people a clear idea of what kinds of products they can expect to find from you.
  6. Types of Candles – It’s also a good idea to think about the types of candles you sell. Perhaps you specialize in candles with crackling wooden wicks, for instance, or maybe your candles are made in an eco-friendly way. You can then find relevant keywords that are connected to your brand.
  7. Health and Wellness – Another good idea when naming your candle business is to focus on the various health and wellness benefits of candles, such as their soothing effects or ability to brighten a person’s mood. You can use wellness-related words like soothe, relax, and uplift to build candle company name ideas.
  8. Use Euphonious Words – A euphonious word is one that sounds pleasant to hear or say out loud, and these kinds of words can be really powerful when used for making candle brand name ideas. So, when naming your company, remember to say each name out loud and find names that you enjoy hearing.
  9. Ask for Feedback – It’s always good to get a second opinion when you’re trying to come up with catchy or luxury candle business names. So, be sure to ask people you know to give you their thoughts on the name ideas you like the most, or even consult possible customers to get their feedback and find out which names they love.
  10. Compare the Competition – Finally, we also recommend analyzing the competition and looking at what kinds of words and names your rivals are using. This might give you some ideas of words and phrases you could incorporate into your future candle name, or it might show you which words to avoid to help you stand out.

There are lots of great candle brand names already being used by some of the most successful brands in the candle business. But what makes these names so great and how were they chosen? Here are a few examples of super candle company names we love.

Yankee Candle

When it comes to candles, Yankee Candle is one of the industry leaders. It consistently ranks among the top-selling candle brands in the world, and it’s a company that is recognized all over the globe. 

The brand’s name is a simple one, using the word “Candle” to instantly inform people about its products, along with the word “Yankee”, which was chosen to reflect the company’s origins in Massachusetts.


Homesick is another very popular candle brand. This candle company specializes in making candles that are associated with specific locations or memories, like its famous “Autumn Hayride” or “Yankee Stadium” scents.

The brand’s name is instantly evocative, making people think about the places they call home and all of the special smells and memories that those places hold.

Birthdate Candles 

Birthdate Candles is one of the most unique companies in the candle world. It specializes in unique candle scents for different dates of the year, allowing people to gift special birthday candles to their friends.

This company settled on a clear, descriptive name which accurately conveys the kinds of products the brand sells. It’s informative and uncomplicated, making it very easy to remember.

Spoken Flames 

Spoken Flames is a candle company that specializes in sensory candles, designed to make people more mindful and aware of their surroundings as they soak up the scent and experience the unique aroma of each product.

The name for this brand is wonderfully poetic, capturing the essence of how a candle can “speak” to use through the sound of its flame and the smell of its wax.


Last but not least, we have Otherland, which specializes in unique, carefully-crafted candles that aim to transport the user to different places and states of mind.

Otherland is a fantastic candle name. It’s evocative, poetic, and beautiful, all at once, capturing the company’s mission to take people to other places through its special scents and creations. Plus, since it’s only one word, it’s a name that is very easy to remember.

What To Do After You Pick Your Candle Business Name

So, what should you do after you’ve found a candle company name you love with the help of our candle business name generator? Well, here are the next steps to follow.

Best Real-world Candle Business Names

Check Availability 

First, you need to check that your chosen name hasn’t already been claimed by another company. You can use our domain availability checker and search online for the name to see if another brand is using it.

Register Domain Name 

If your chosen candle brand name is free, you can go ahead and claim it. It’s a good idea to register the domain name as soon as possible. That way, you won’t have to worry about anyone else getting the website URL before you.

Social Media Handles

Social media can be a powerful marketing and branding tool to help you make sales and expand your audience. So make sure to claim your company name over on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, too.

Start Building Your Brand

Once your name has been claimed, you can focus on other ways to start building up your brand, such as designing a logo to match your candle company name or designing your own candle website.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Establish the main types of candles your business will sell along with your target audience and your USP. Shortlist keywords relating to your business based on these three areas. Use these keywords with the Candle Business Name Generator and shortlist five names. Test the quality of these names with a name testing survey and select the most popular name.

A good candle business name is unique, concise, and communicates the vision of the brand. It may convey the types of products available and/or the target audience of the business, but this is not as important as having a brandable name. Sometimes, good candle company names use rhythmic elements and novel word combinations to make the name catchier.

Some of the best real-life candle company names are Yankee Candle, Scent Perfique, and Homesick. Our favorite names from the Candle Business Name Generator include HeavenScent, Flamemakers, and Candle Collective. Try the name generator yourself and see what names you can come up with!

Yes, the candle business can net vendors a lot of money. It’s not uncommon for the profit margins of candles to be over 100%. If you have existing expertise in the area, sufficient start-up funding, good management skills, and a gap in the market to fill, you have every chance of being successful in this growing market.


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