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Complete Guide to Naming Your Candle Business

Our candle business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get candle business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Candle business and fragrance company names have to immediately stand out. They should be as arresting as the scents the company precludes to create. It is a competitive marketplace, so the name needs to not only grab the target audiences attention, but also hint at the companies USP.

Is your product alluring and sensual? Is it aimed at the aromatherapy market? Or is it going to hint at a more natural element like flowers, gardens and bees? So, it becomes incredibly important to carefully consider the connotations of the words chosen.

A word like ‘flare’ for example, could be interpreted multiple ways. It’s literal meaning is a sudden burst of fire and as such links nicely with the idea of candles. However, it is quite an aggressive word and depending on your target market could be entirely wrong. 

Demographic Interests

When it comes to choosing your business name be careful not to restrict yourself. For example, a name like Beautiful Bees, whilst simple and easy to remember because of the pleasant connotations and alliterated plosives restricts your business to always making beeswax products. This could limit your marketing options and growth down the line.

This is fine if you’ve identified that your demographic love beeswax candles and you are happy within that niche.

There are several other trends that surround the candle market place though, including aromatherapy, natural products, and handmade candles. Appealing to multiple prevalent trends will set your business above the rest.

Competitor Name Analysis

The Garden Fragrance Co

This name states what the company is about. They are a company that use flowers from their garden to create fragrant products. It is immediately informative to the consumer, leaving no doubt about what they going to get.

Wax Lyrical

A fun play on words makes this company very memorable. To wax lyrical is to talk about something enthusiastically. Wax refers to the candles, and the use of the term lyrical opens up some interesting fun marketing possibilities using word play.

Prosperity Candles

Prosperity – thriving success and good fortune. By using this term the company are implying that by buying their product you will through association have prosperity. This appeals to the holistic marketplace especially.

Candle Belle

Belle is French for beautiful. The use of a foreign language adds a little class and mystery, but it is also a well known word that people will understand. The name is simple and easy to remember.

The Yankee Candle Co

Yankee applies to the original location of the company, Yankee being the term given to people that live on the East Coast of America near New York. It implies simplicity and heritage.

True Grace

This is an interesting name because it isn’t immediately recognisable as a candle business. Instead they are relying on the connotations of the words to persuade customers to trust their product. True suggests the product is superior in some way. Grace suggests elegance and beauty.


For inspiration and ideas you may want to try our Business Name Generator to generate thousands of business name ideas. It also checks domain availability at the same time making your life a whole lot easier.

Begin by creating a list of industry keywords and organise them into categories. We’ve mentioned a few already. Words like wax, bees, rose, grace. These could be organised into themes of nature, bees, and scent.

Some industry-relevant words worth exploring include the following:



























Candle Business Name Inspiration

  1. Treasure CandlesTreasure holds connotations of mystery and wealth. It would also allow some really creative branding and packaging.
  2. Secret Aromas: People love secrets, the mystery is alluring and seductive. 
  3. Garden Essence: Relating to the theme of nature, garden refers to the flowers where the scents would come from, and essence implies you are distilling that perfect aspect of nature.
  4. Flower Garden Candles: This is an informative name that tells the consumer exactly what you are offering.
  5. Waxwork Jewels: Wax refers to the candles whilst the term jewels implies they are more than just candles. It implies value, colour and beauty.
  6. The Beeswax Company: This again describes the business quite precisely. It appeals to the niche of beeswax products.
  7. Crafty CandlesCrafted suggests the products are hand crafted, artisan and of high value. Crafty though is also fun, and by calling the candles themselves crafty you are using the device of anthropomorphism to give your product character. The alliteration makes the name easy to remember.
  8. Essence de Fleur: Use of french gives the name a little elegance. It implies romance and beauty.
  9. Oh Honey!: This is a little more fun, this name immediately captivates and the brand is easy to remember. The word honey also has a double meaning referring to the bees that create the product, as well as the informal epithet.
  10. Candles in the WindReferring to the Elton John song this is easily memorable. It could also be an excellent name for practical outdoor candles.

What Not to Name Your Candle Business

You want to make sure your name is easily understood and remembered. A wonderfully clever name, whilst some people may appreciate it could be misunderstood, and words people are unfamiliar with are easily forgotten. A good example of this would be, ‘Flames of the Zephyr’. Most people aren’t going to understand the multiple connotations behind the word zephyr, and it is hard to pronounce. Literally it means a gentle breeze, or a westerly wind. However, it holds mysterious connotations of better things born on the wind.

You also want to try and create an original name, something that identifies your niche and stands out from other similar businesses but remains easy to remember, isn’t too long and appeals to your target demographics.

Further things to avoid are purposeful misspellings like ‘candlez’ which consumers often recoil from instinctively and make your name harder to find online.