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1. Choose Your Candle Business Name Keywords

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2. Get Candle Business Name Ideas

The AI-based generator will give you countless name ideas. Take a look through the list to spot the best options.

3. Select Candle Business Names

Save your faves, check if they’re available, and launch your new company today.

How To Name Your Candle Business

In such a competitive market as the candle industry, your brand is everything. Creating a great name is the first step to making your candle company a success. With our guide to naming your new candle business, you’ll be able to do just that!

Your brand is everything!

The candle market has enjoyed steady growth in recent years, and it is projected to continue climbing over the next decade. This makes the business an appealing venture for many entrepreneurs, but to get in on the riches you firstly need a compelling name for your candle business!

Our Candle Business Name Generator will be your main source of inspiration on this journey. We suggest trying it out now before continuing with the full tutorial below.

After sampling the name generator, you’ll find a competitor analysis of successful candle companies, key tips for crafting unique names for candle businesses, and a step-by-step guide to walk you through the entire process.

20 Candles Business Name Ideas

Using the Candle Business Name Generator, we’ve come up with 20 names for a candle business to get you thinking. See which of the names resonate with you and then try the name generator yourself to see if you can do better!

  1. Elysium Candles
  2. Scented Splendors
  3. Dynasty Wax
  4. Lumenology
  5. Radiance Candles
  6. The Aromary
  7. Wicktionary
  8. Crown Candles
  9. Soul Glow
  10. Flamemakers
  11. The Candle Club
  12. HeavenScent
  13. Candle Collective
  14. Magnolia Glow
  15. Dynamo Waxworks
  16. Cosmic Scents
  17. Glowgenics
  18. Tranquility Candles
  19. Wick Wonders
  20. Candle Artisans

20 More Candle Business Name Ideas

  1. Flame Game
  2. Wick Pick
  3. Wax Works
  4. Elegant Radiance
  5. Waxy Wonders
  6. Classic Candles
  7. Sensuous Smells
  8. Wicks n’ More
  9. Candle Kings
  10. Clever Candles
  11. Gentle Glow
  12. Candle Collective
  13. Golden Flames
  14. Time to Twinkle
  15. Flicker
  16. FlameCast
  17. Candle Connection
  18. Wax n’ Wicks
  19. GlowQuest
  20. Glowry Candles

Best Real-world Candle Business Names

Best Real-world Candle Business Names

Surveying other brands can be a great way to formulate ideas of your own. That’s why we’ve put together five of the best real-world names for candle businesses and explained what makes each of them effective.

In the list, you’ll find industry leaders as well as niche candle brands. Hopefully, you’ll be able to take some ideas forward to the next stage of the naming process.

Yankee Candle

In terms of sales, Yankee Candle is the second biggest manufacturer of scented candles in the US and is also an internationally recognized name. ‘Yankee’ refers to the company’s place of origin in Massachusetts. The word pairs excellently with ‘Candle’; they’re both two syllables and together they create consonance of the ‘k’ sound. These factors give a rhythmic element to the name, making it extremely brandable. 


Homesick is a manufacturer of niche scented candles that are marketed as specific places or moments. For example, it sells candles that purportedly smell of New York City or a Backyard BBQ. The name, therefore, feeds into the company’s mystique by building on brand identity and further marketing its USP. 

Scent Perfique

Scent Perfique is a major British manufacturer of scented candles and fragrance oils. ‘Scent’ helps to identify the products available. ‘Perfique’ is a more interesting choice, representing a kind of hybrid language (the word doesn’t have a direct translation anywhere) comprising of English and another European language that emphasizes the company’s international operations and seeks to appeal to a middle-class, cosmopolitan client. 

Mecca Candle Co

Mecca Candle Co. is a US-based manufacturer of infused soy candles. Across all three words in the name, there is a repeated ‘k’ sound which provides a rhythmic dimension. The choice of the word ‘Mecca’ suggests the products have certain religious or spiritual benefits, thereby appealing to the holistic marketplace. 


Calwax is a major US wholesaler of various wax products that derives much of its revenue from candle wax. This is a great example of a company creating a new word with its business name. ‘Calwax’ is unique and therefore memorable, but it is still easy to pronounce and clearly communicates the products provided by the manufacturer.

Step-by-step Guide to Naming your Candle Business

You’ve looked at a range of candle company names, now it’s time to come up with your own. If you’re feeling unsure about how to get started, don’t worry! Our step-by-step guide breaks the process down into six simple steps.

1. Choose your Product

There are many different types of candles on the market. Your first decision is to decide what you’re going to sell as your product will directly influence your brand name.

Choose your Product!

Some of the products you may choose to sell include:

  • Tea lights
  • Pillar candles
  • Scented candles
  • Paraffin candles
  • Soy candles
  • Candle wicks

If you have expertise in a specific area or existing supplier connections to a certain type of candle, it makes sense to start there. Once your business is up and running, you can broaden your inventory. 

2. Establish your Target Market

Now that you’ve settled on your product, who do you intend to sell it to? Think about the demographics of your potential customers. Are they affluent buyers who like soft lighting in their homes? Or are they millennials buying candles for holistic health benefits?

Another area to consider here is the USP of your candle company. Define the unique feature of your company that will help you to appeal to your target market. For example, a USP of stocking eco-friendly vegan candles could help you to attract an environmentally conscious millennial audience. 

3. Shortlist Keywords

With your products, target market, and USP established, you can now begin to brainstorm keywords. These are specific words that reflect the vision of your company and help to differentiate you from competitors.

Generally, these keywords will pair up with a generic word, such as ‘Candles’ or ‘Scent’. Make sure they are specific to your business model. 

Let’s consider an example. If your candle business was selling scented candles with health benefits to a middle-class market, your keywords might include:

  • Holistic
  • Spirit
  • Calm
  • Serenity
  • Vitality

Shortlist 5-10 keywords specific to your business.

4. Use the Candle Business Name Generator

Once you’ve compiled your keywords, insert them one by one into the Candle Business Name Generator search bar at the top of this page. 

Shortlist five of the best names for candle businesses. Remember to filter the search results on the left to find names that best suit your preferences. 

5. Test your Names

Next, conduct market research on your names. Create a name testing survey to evaluate the quality of each shortlisted name. Some of the questions you include might be:

  • What first comes to mind when you see the name?
  • How unique is the name?
  • What products do you immediately associate with the name?

Distribute the survey to as many respondents as possible for completion. If possible, consult the views of people with specialist knowledge of the candle industry. 

Based on the results of the survey, shortlist the most popular name.

6. Check the Availability

The last step is to check that your chosen name hasn’t already been registered by another business.

Firstly, check to see if the web domain is available for use. It’s crucial that your website is identical to your business name so that potential customers can access your online store and contact details with ease.

Also, check to see if the name is available for use on relevant social media platforms. This is less important than the website but is still worth considering as a strong social media presence will allow you to build your audience.

If your chosen name is unavailable, pick the second most popular name from the survey and try again. 

4 Tips for Creating Unique Candle Business Name Ideas

Still uncertain about your name? Follow these four tips to help polish your candle company name.

1. Communicate your Vision

In a market with so many businesses competing for customer attention, it’s crucial to have a clear vision that can be distinguished from other candle manufacturers. If possible, incorporate your vision into your company name.

This could be through a subtle reference to your USP. Homesick, the business we looked at earlier, is a good example of this.

2. Make it Brandable

Having a brandable name will make customers more likely to browse your items and retailers more likely to consider stocking your candles. Generally, a brandable name is catchy.

Use rhythmic elements such as repetition to make your candle business name catchier. Yankee Candle and Mecca Candle Co. both use repeated sounds to create names that are satisfying to say aloud.

3. Keep it Short

Conciseness is another key element of a brandable name. If your candle business name is too long, customers won’t be able to remember it after coming into contact with the business.

Conciseness is a key element of a brandable name!

When using the Candle Company Name Generator, use filters to limit the number of characters to 20 or less. Also, avoid words that contain more than three syllables. 

4. Consider New Word Combinations

Using new word combinations can help your business to stand out. You can either combine two existing words or create a whole new word.

Crylux, from the list of real-world companies, is a good example of this. Notice how even though it forms a new word, it still conveys the services provided clearly and is easy to pronounce.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Establish the main types of candles your business will sell along with your target audience and your USP. Shortlist keywords relating to your business based on these three areas. Use these keywords with the Candle Business Name Generator and shortlist five names. Test the quality of these names with a name testing survey and select the most popular name.

A good candle business name is unique, concise, and communicates the vision of the brand. It may convey the types of products available and/or the target audience of the business, but this is not as important as having a brandable name. Sometimes, good candle company names use rhythmic elements and novel word combinations to make the name catchier.

Some of the best real-life candle company names are Yankee Candle, Scent Perfique, and Homesick. Our favorite names from the Candle Business Name Generator include HeavenScent, Flamemakers, and Candle Collective. Try the name generator yourself and see what names you can come up with!

Yes, the candle business can net vendors a lot of money. It’s not uncommon for the profit margins of candles to be over 100%. If you have existing expertise in the area, sufficient start-up funding, good management skills, and a gap in the market to fill, you have every chance of being successful in this growing market.




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