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Security Shred

Shredding important and sensitive documents can be risky business if they land in the wrong hands. Security shred, with its simple, informative name tells customers that they can make the process secure.

Shred Easy

A company name that depicts themselves as a solution to a problem. The name quickly distinguishes what they do, while ‘easy’ portrays an ease of doing business with them.

Busy Bee Cleaning Service

Bees are renowned for their tireless work ethic. This company is trying to characterise their business based on this work ethic.


A classic switch-around. A ‘framework’ are the borders in which you complete a task or job. Workframe meanwhile is an office space leaser. There is a clear link between the two and a subliminal aspect to the name.


The transfer of cash from a business premise to a bank is a high-risk action. The name Securecash quells these worries, by indicating that they are secure in their dealing with money.


Star represents their top-rated status as a delivery company, while track hints at what the company is all about.


Print represents their primary business offering, while vista is associated with beauty. The results are positive visualisation when reading/hearing the company name.

Iron Mountain

The name exudes strength, stability and size. Being a data collection company that deals with secure and sensitive data, these are exactly the feelings that you want to command to clients.


‘Pro’ indicates their professionalism/ability while ‘net’ indicates their service offering. A crafty mashing of two words to create a unique name.


A generic yet descriptive and interesting name, their software acts as a ‘force’ for clients, increasing productivity and sales.

Marketing Strategy & Useful
Advertising Terminology

The purpose of a company who conducts business services for other firms is to allow these enterprises to do their day to day activities without wasting time.  They want their clients to be successful, but without having to figure out a way to do absolutely everything in-house, especially tasks that are inconsequential to the core business.

Small businesses, big business, entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, start-ups, freelancers, non-profits, NGO’s, government entities

Clientele & Interests

The rationale behind businesses in this industry are their ability to outsource tasks their clients don’t want to do/don’t have the capability of doing. They tackle tasks that do not make up the focus of their client’s business.

Save time and money, convenient, keep your business secure, stop identity theft, clean work environment, 100% uptime, on-call 24/7, latest technology, trusted

Industry Related Words


business to business




business buildings


window cleaning

carpet cleaning

steam cleaning

floor cleaning

janitorial services


staff room cleaning

rubbish removal

bathroom maintenance


office cleanouts

uniform destruction

mobile document shredding

small business

big business

office cleanouts

media destruction

hard drive destruction

archive box removal

secure disposal

100% recycled


software-defined servers

cloud storage

cloud portability

cloud backup solution

cloud computing


enterprise application

productivity management


internet connectivity



office set up

leaser lease

property management

storage solutions

accounting software



customer service

personal assistant


operating service

enterprise application


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