South Carolina Business Name Search

A crucial step in setting up your new South Carolina business is finding the perfect name. Conjuring a creative and memorable name can be challenging, and the official registration process isn’t always straightforward either.

We’ve put together this helpful guide to help you in your South Carolina business name search. It offers tips on finding inspiration for a new business name and a breakdown of the official registration process. 

Read on to discover all the information you need to register your South Carolina business name today.

Generate Business Name Ideas

Complete these simple tasks to get the ball rolling and find a fantastic business name.

First, research existing businesses in your industry and consider which names stand out and why. Do they evoke powerful imagery? Do they rhyme? Are they catchy? 

Next, list the keywords you want to include in your name. These could reflect your services, your inspiration for starting the business, or just catchy words you find impactful. 

Enter these keywords into one of our business name generators to find possible combinations. Try out a few different combinations, saying them out loud to find which one captures the essence of your business. 

When you’ve found an original and inspiring name that suits your business to a tee, the next step is to check its availability.

How To Search Available Names In South Carolina

Before registering your business name, you need to check if it’s available. 

An excellent first step is googling your proposed name to see whether it’s associated with another brand. If your name is similar to another company and customers could get them mixed up, it’s best to go back to the drawing board. 

Another more thorough measure is checking your proposed name against South Carolina’s registered business names. Visit the South Carolina Secretary of State website to check the availability of your chosen name and begin the registration process. 

How to Register Your Business Name In South Carolina

Once you’ve settled on your business name and checked it’s available, it’s worth making sure there’s also a domain available in the same name. A unique domain name will boost your online presence and avoid any confusion when customers are searching for your company. 

Do this for free using our Domain Name Generator.

You can register your South Carolina Business Name by selecting the ‘Add New Entity’ button from the South Carolina SOS’s Business Name Search page. From here you’ll be directed to the relevant forms, which can be submitted online or by mail. 

South Carolina Business Name Registration Policies And Procedures

We’ve covered how to register your name, but knowing South Carolina’s policies and procedures can ensure you don’t make any errors in the registration process. 

For Sole Proprietorships and Partnerships, there are two options. You’re free to use any name in South Carolina so long as it’s not trademarked. Check trademarked names here. 

  • You can operate under your full first and last name, e.g. John Smith. This type of name doesn’t need to be registered.
  • You can operate under a trade name, e.g. John Smith’s Bakery. Unlike most states, you don’t need to register this with the Secretary of State. 

To file for a corporation or LLC, you must have a unique business name. Hence. It’s vital to check South Carolina’s SOS website.

There are specific naming rules aside from originality, which must also be considered. For example, your new business name can’t contain offensive language or be affiliated with any government agencies. 

South Carolina Business Registration Office

AddressSC Secretary of State’s Office1205 Pendleton StreetSuite 525

How To Use An Online Portal To Register Business Names In South Carolina 

You can complete the name registration process online by clicking on the ‘Online Filings’ section of the Secretary of State’s website. From here, you can search for an available name and register it. You must create an account before being able to create a new entity. 

Online filing is the fastest way to register your business name, with processing taking around 24 hours. You can access PDF versions of every form, print these, and mail them to the Secretary of State’s office, but processing these takes 2-3 business days. 

How Costly Is It To Register Business Names In South Carolina?

It’s worth considering the fees involved in registering your business name before you do so. 

If you want to reserve your South Carolina business name before registration, this costs $10 to $25, depending on the entity type. Certificates of Existence or Authority cost $10 and trademarking can cost between $225 and $400, plus attorney and renewal fees. 

Why Should I Register A Business Name In South Carolina?

Registering your South Carolina business names can benefit you and your business immensely. 

  • Securing a business name provides your business with credibility in the eyes of potential customers and investors.
  • By registering your name, you’re ensuring that others can’t operate LLCs or Corporations under that name. You’ll be an original brand. 
  • Legally, there’s often a requirement to register with the secretary of state. Doing so protects you from liability. 

Support When Registering A Business Name In South Carolina

The South Carolina government provides resources and services to support you in starting your new business. 

You can call the Business Filings department at 803-734-2158 or send them a message using their handy contact form

Alternatively, you can visit the South Carolina government ‘Help Center.’ Here you can find FAQs, live chat with an expert, or get 24/7 help from their virtual assistant, “Caroline.”


The three main steps for registering a South Carolina business name are: creating a perfect name, checking its availability, and registering it with the state. 

Our helpful business name generators are great for honing in on the ideal business name. You can then check it’s available and register it online via South Carolina’s SOS website. Follow these simple steps for a professional business with a great name. 

If you’re considering setting up a business outside of South Carolina, check out our list of business name search pages. The registration process can differ from state to state, so it’s good to have all the facts. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To determine if a business name is available, you can compare your proposed business name against registered business names from South Carolina’s SOS website. You can also look up registered trademarks from the same website to be extra confident.

You can reserve a business name in South Carolina for a non-renewable period of 120 days by filing a reservation application. This costs between $10-$25, depending on your business entity and takes 24 hours to be processed.

Sole proprietorships and partnerships don’t need to register a DBA (Doing Business As) name with the South Carolina Secretary of State. The only entity that can register an assumed name in South Carolina is an LP, which costs $10.


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