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Oregon ranks as one of the most prosperous states for new businesses in the US. Therefore, we’re certain you’ll want to find a name that’s catchy, attractive, and true to you. To help you make this critical decision, we’ve devised an Oregon business name search guide that simplifies key information about this process.

Read on as we cover preparational steps, Oregon business name availability, and the legalities behind choosing a name destined for greatness-and approval from a registration agent!

Generate Business Name Ideas

Let’s start the Oregon business name search by mind mapping several keywords that come to mind when you think closely about your business. Try to note words and phrases that best highlight your unique selling points (USPs). Consider what it is that makes you stand out. 

Next, run each keyword through our business name generator for an impressive range of ideas. Don’t forget to play around with the filters that narrow your search to show rhythmic word combinations, blended words, and industry-specific results. We advise that you shortlist a variety of options, so you have plenty of backups if a competitor has already taken a name.

How To Search Available Names In Oregon

Head to the Secretary of State’s website, where you’ll find a free-to-use business name availability checker. Simply type your entity’s name into the Oregan business name search application. The site also offers a range of filters to broaden or narrow your search results. You can also search for active, inactive, or both business types.

The database will look for exact and close matches. If it doesn’t return results, the name is likely available. However, you must gain final approval from an agent before using it. You must also create differences between your preferred name and any Trademarked or similar options before registration.

How To Register Your Business Name In Oregon

By now, you may have found an available Oregon business name. We now need to make sure you can purchase a domain name to match. You can see instant domain name availability using our Oregon business name generator. Consistency with your business and domain name ensures that your clients can easily find your online services.

Once you’ve secured your domain name, you’ll need to file the relevant registration forms depending on your business’s structure (such as a corporation, LLC, partnership, or nonprofit). If you’re using a Trade name over your legal name, you’ll need to file an Assumed Business Name Registration form. All registration goes to the Secretary of State.

Oregon Business Name Registration Policies And Procedures

The state of Oregon mandates that every business name is ‘distinguishable on record’. The Secretary of State follows strict criteria to determine whether a proposed name is similar to a registered name in any way. Here are some key areas they analyze:

  • Plurals: You cannot differentiate an existing name by using plurals or singular words.
  • Abbreviations: You cannot abbreviate word combinations that an existing company or organization currently uses.
  • Punctuation: Colons, semi-colons, periods, apostrophes, accents, and commas do not distinguish a business name from another.
  • Words that show the business’s structure: Words like LLC, Corp. Inc, Org., does not differentiate your business name from an existing entity.

The Secretary of State strongly advises you to create and submit an authentic business name. These rules apply to legal and trade Oregon business names.

A registered business name isn’t the same as getting a license. You’ll need to follow separate protocols to obtain the correct documents to operate in your field.

Oregon Business Registration Office

You can use the following details to contact the Secretary of State’s office or browse their website:

Phone:(844) 469-5512
Email:[email protected]
Hours:Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm Saturday-Sunday: Closed

How To Use An Online Portal To Register Business Names In Oregon

You can file an Oregon business name by registering your business. You can view, download, and fill in every Oregon business name registration form from the Secretary of State’s website. 

You will need to create an account to complete this process online. The Secretary of State will require personal details like your full name, address, and contact details. Once you’ve got an account, you can file the relevant forms found through the Business Registry page under ‘Register a Business’. You can revisit your online portal in the future to manage, view and review any outstanding business documents.

How Costly Is It To Register Business Names In Oregon

Your total expenditure depends on your proposed business entity and whether you’re looking to use a Trade (or assumed) name that businesses use over their legal name. On average, it costs around $100-$300+ to register a business, including the name.

You can expect to pay $50 to register an assumed name with additional expenses of $50 each if you wish to amend, renew, or cancel this name. Trade name renewal is due every two years.

If you’ve got a name but are unsure of the business’s structure, you can reserve it for $100. The Secretary of State also charges foreigners around $275 to register a corporate name.

Why Should I Register A Business Name In Oregon

As the Secretary of State outlined, the most profound reason for registering an Oregon business name is to let the public and other businesses know who is offering products and services under that name. 

As described above, the state legally requires businesses using an assumed name to complete the correct registration. The public then has full transparency of who holds that name and the services that name offers, should they want to take legal action.

There’s nothing to stop a competitor from using the same or similar name as you without a registered Oregon business name. You might also struggle to obtain the necessary licenses, permits, bank accounts, and contracts without a state-recognized title.

Businesses with an unregistered name may also face difficulty when they need to attend court or defend themselves during legal proceedings with a member or members of the public. 

Support When Registering A Business Name In Oregon

There’s a wealth of information to help you select an Oregon business name on the Secretary of State’s frequently asked questions page online. Here, you’ll find details on name registration and name availability checks.

The site also has a search bar where you can type keywords related to your query. If there’s a match, you’ll gain access to a range of sub-pages with detailed guidance. 


As you embark on your Oregon business name search, it’s essential to remember what sets your business apart from your competitors’. This understanding will help you create a distinguishable name and increase the chances of the Secretary of State approving your proposal.

If you found this article helpful, you’ll also benefit from learning more about conducting a business name search in other states. Check out our list of US states and find out more about name registration, legalities, and key processes in these regions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can find out whether a business name is available in Oregon by conducting a business name availability check on active and inactive businesses. The Secretary of State’s website allows you to do this for free. The database will return results that either match or seem similar. You can propose that business name during registration if it finds no matches.

You’ll know another registered business has either taken the same or similar name using the Business Name Availability checker. It will likely identify a match if another business has filed it. The Secretary of State will also reject taken or similar names to existing entities, in which case, you’ll need to consider a completely new one.

You can start a business name in Oregon by inserting keywords into our Oregon business name generator. The generator will give you access to a broad range of word combinations based on the keyword you enter. You’ll also find out the domain name availability for each result.

You can find your EIN, or Employment ID Number, in Oregon, and any other US state, by searching The Securities and Exchange Commission (EDGAR) online Forms and Filings database. If you’re looking for another business’s EIN, you only need to ask them.


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