Oregon Business Name Search

Getting Started

Before searching the Oregon Business Name Database, you can save time by making sure your business name is unique and distinguishable from other existing business entities within the Oregon business name database. We suggest coming with a few name ideas in-mind incase any are unavailable, you can also download the full Texas entity name guidelines here (click here to download)

Generate Business Name Ideas

Search business name availability

Contacting the local Secretary of State (SOS) office via Phone or Email is free and is the most reliable way to check your business name availability.

Online, you can search for Oregon businesses entities for free via the Oregon Secretary of State website. The search compares a phrase you’re interested in to names that have already been registered. If none of the names on record come close to the one that you want, you’re given the option to register the respective title.

Oregon Secretary of State Office


Phone: (844) 469-5512

Email: business.sos@oregon.gov

Hours: 8am – 5pm, Monday – Friday

Frequently Asked Questions

You can register your business name via the Oregon Secretary of State website.It also comes with an extensive business name registration FAQ section where you’ll find some of the biggest essentials needed to get started.

Useful information:

– In Oregon, you can run business under your own name, in which case you’ll be free from having to complete the “doing business as” name registration process.

– There’s a 50-dollar fee you will have to pay for a new registration.

– You can later on change your business name if you wish to do so but you’ll have to pay an additional fee of 50 dollars.

To register your business name, you will have to accomplish the following:

– Fill out all of the required forms and file them online.

– Pay the registration fee.

– Check whether you need specialized licenses and permits (these apply to representatives of specific industries).

– Get your EIN.

– Open a bank account for your business.

The business registration information has to be renewed on an annual basis. As an owner, you’re obliged to go through the process. Otherwise, you may have to face some sanctions.

To register an assumed business name in Oregon, you have to make sure it is distinctive and distinguishable from all of the titles already on record.

If the name you want is already registered, you will have to come up with a version of the title that’s distinctive enough to refrain from getting results in the case of an Oregon business entity search. Such a variation of the title can be registered with the Oregon Secretary of State.

You will have to, however, be careful about trademarks and other protections over certain titles. These could get you in trouble, even if the business name you choose enough is considered distinguishable in Oregon.

Don’t hesitate to explore multiple venues when it comes to choosing the right name for your business.

If you’re still unable to find a business name that suits you, try using our business name generator to get unique name ideas (click here to find our business name generator).

Registering your business Domain/website

Don’t make the mistake of forgetting to check if the domain name is available for your business. The last thing you want is to register your business name and find out another competitor or company already has a website with your name! Use our domain check below to instantly check availability.

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