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Before searching the New York Business Name Database, you can save time by making sure your business name is unique and distinguishable from other existing business entities within the New York business name database. We suggest coming with a few name ideas in-mind incase any are unavailable, you can also download the full New York entity name guidelines here (click here to view)

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Selecting a name for your company is literally the first thing you should do and it’s one of the most important steps when creating your LLC.

You have to ensure that your desired name is in accordance with the naming requirements of the state of New York. Your potential clients should also find it easy to search for your name.

To make sure the name you wish to use for your LLC is available, you have to run a name search on New York’s website. If you want more information or you’d like to make inquiries do not hesitate to contact the Department of State either by phone or through the contact form on their website.

Keep in mind that you can only run a name search on Monday – Friday from 6 am to 7:30 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST).

New York Department of State Office

Phone: (518) 474-4429

Email:  or

Hours: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm, Monday – Friday

Frequently Asked Questions

Just like we stated earlier, you have to select a unique name that isn’t similar to an existing business name and also meets the state’s guidelines.

You can do this by running your desired name on the State of New York’s database. Upon confirmation that your LLC name is unique and available, you can then proceed to select an agent.

By default, the Secretary of State is the constitutional agent for all processes for LLC’s in New York. If you wish, you can choose another registered agent for your LLC.

Due to the fact that the Secretary of State is the constitutional agent when it comes to service of processes. In a situation where your LCC is sued or the state wants to contact you, your Secretary of State is the first port of call.

After taking the steps above, you need to file an Article of Organization next. It depends on which is the most convenient for you, it could be done either by mail (this costs $200) or online. This also depends on your LLC if it is manager-managed or member-managed.

The State of New York has various publication requirements one of which is that as an LLC, you have to publish 1 copy of your Articles of Organization or you have to publish a notice in 2 newspapers (1 weekly and 1 daily newspaper) that you have formed an LLC.

Here’s a detailed guide on all publication requirements by the state of New York

The next step is for you to get an operating agreement. It could either be a written agreement or a verbal agreement.

When the agreement is in place, the next step is to get a Federal Tax Identification Number or Employer Identification Number (EIN).



There are quite a few guidelines when selecting a name for your New York LLC, make sure you adhere to them all. If the name you’ve chosen is not unique or in a way is similar to that of an existing business, you have no other option than to come up with an alternative name that’s unique and distinguishable.

If you’re still unable to find a business name that suits you, try using our business name generator to get unique name ideas (click here to find our business name generator).

Registering your business Domain/website

Don’t make the mistake of forgetting to check if the domain name is available for your business. The last thing you want is to register your business name and find out another competitor or company already has a website with your name! Use our domain check below to instantly check availability.

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