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A well-thought-out business name becomes your brand’s identity and a key way for your clients to reach you. Creating a list of names is just the first step. You’ll also need to consider legally registering your favorite name before your competitor does. We’ve created a New Hampshire business name search guide to help streamline the next stage of this process.

If you’re starting up in New Hampshire, we invite you to keep reading to discover how to check the availability of your top name ideas and what you need to do to register with the state.

Generate Business Name Ideas

Generating a list comprising several business name ideas is the best place to start. Multiple options allow you some leeway if a business has already taken your initial idea. Having an entirely original name will allow you to develop a brand identity that’s unique to you.

Our business name generator can help you curate a list of options tailored to your niche. You can always revisit the generator to gain fresh ideas if another company has taken your current choices. Refine your search to find results specific to New Hampshire, or use keywords related to your industry. 

How To Search Available Names In New Hampshire

You can visit the New Hampshire Department Of State’s Business Name Lookup to search for existing entities. Using an NH QuickStart account, you’ll have access to a database of business names, ID numbers, filings and statuses. The site also offers a helpful name availability handbook so you can familiarize yourself with the state’s naming criteria.

You can contact the Corporation Division via telephone or email to run an availability check on your preferred New Hampshire business name ideas. The state offers this service as a courtesy. It’s important to note that approval of availability does not guarantee the acceptance of the name when you come to registration. 

How To Register Your Business Name In New Hampshire

As a business owner, you’ll need to register your New Hampshire Business name with the Secretary of State’s Office. If you’re looking to establish an LLC, your next step involves registration with the Articles of Organization with the New Hampshire Department of State. Alternatively, if you’re naming a corporation, you’ll file the Articles of Incorporation. Forms can vary depending on your business entity.

Don’t forget to check domain name availability. Matching your business and domain names is crucial if you want your customers to find you easily. Conduct a New Hampshire business name search with our generator and click on appealing names to find instant domain availability.

Business Name Registration Policies And Procedures In New Hampshire

Every New Hampshire business needs a completely different name from other LLCs, limited partnerships and corporations already registered with the New Hampshire Secretary of State (SOS). You should note that the database recognizes administratively dissolved businesses as ‘existing’ for 120 days from their dissolution.

As of November 2021, the New Hampshire Department of State declares that a name is not ‘distinguishable’ from a competitor if both titles have key features like:

  • Phonetic spelling of matching words
  • Abbreviations in place of the full term (Maritime Marketing Solutions isn’t different from MM Solutions when “MM” has the same meaning)
  • Plurals of the same word
  • Prefix or suffix added to the same base word
  • Entity status added to the same base word or term (LLC, Corp., Ltd.)

Throughout your New Hampshire business name search, you’ll also want to avoid using prohibited words and phrases. The SOS NH Gov guidelines state that business names should not include misleading terms or suggest affiliation with the US government. 

New Hampshire Business Registration Office Details

You can contact New Hampshire’s Secretary of State office using these details:

Email[email protected]
HoursMonday-Friday: 8:30am-4:00pm, Saturday-Sunday: Closed

How To Use the New Hampshire Online Portal To Register Business Names

The New Hampshire SOS offers an accessible online business services portal that allows you to create and manage your New Hampshire business. Here, you can delve into additional information about creating a new business or nonprofit in this state or scroll down and make an NH QuickStart account.

Your new QuickStart account will offer guidance on selecting and registering an available New Hampshire business name. Once you’ve opened your free profile, select ‘Create a Business Online’ under the ‘Business Service’ tab, and click ‘Trade Name.’ Keep your preferred payment method on hand, as you’ll then need to pay a registration fee.

How Costly Is It To Register A Business Name In New Hampshire

You can expect to pay a registration fee of $50 when filing your New Hampshire business name. As of June 2004, all expenses paid electronically will incur an additional $2.00 administration fee. The type of business entity you’re looking to establish can significantly affect your total expenditure. 

Around the same time, you’ll also need to consider purchasing your desired domain name, the cost of which varies depending on the site you use for registration. 

Visit the New Hampshire SOS site to find further information on forms and fees for corporations, limited liability companies (LLC), limited partnerships, nonprofit corporations, and more. 

Why Should I Register A Business Name In New Hampshire?

The reason why you should register your New Hampshire business name is pretty simple. It’s a legal requirement for any functioning New Hampshire business to become registered with the Secretary of State. Filing all the relevant forms and fees straight away can save you considerable trouble with the law later down the line. 

The state offers an abundance of benefits to fully registered New Hampshire businesses with filed names. You could receive tax credits as part of numerous government programs as a corporation. The state will also relieve S corporations from paying income tax, offering shareholders alternative means of paying the state. 

As an LLC, you’ll also receive advantageous initiatives such as Flexible Profit Distribution, access to the Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund, which offers financial aid to new businesses, and finally the comfort of limited liability protection. 

Support When Registering A Business Name In New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s Secretary of State aims to streamline business name registration, so it’s more accessible for all business owners. If you’re feeling lost and looking for some redirection, there’s a wealth of information on the FAQ page online. 

Questions and answers range from name availability to the status of registration. The state also encourages users to contact via telephone for more personalized assistance.


Finalizing and registering your New Hampshire business name is the first legal step in establishing your new business. As your new Hampshire business name search comes to a close, it’s vital to run a name availability check to ensure your preferred title is completely unique to you. 

Upon reflection, creating a QuickStart account appears the easiest way to fill and file all the necessary registration forms. However, you’ll always have the option to download and post your application. Stick with us if you’re expanding into other states, as we offer further guidance on business name registration in each state.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Conduct a New Hampshire business name search by entering your preferred name into the Business Name Lookup function provided by New Hampshire’s Secretary of State. Click on the link and refer to the annual report relating to your search title. You can also review the correspondence folder as an NH QuickStart account holder.

You’ll find details of any registered New Hampshire business entity or corporation on the Secretary of State’s online database. You can also perform a multi-state search for a subscription fee to locate details of businesses in New Hampshire and any other US state.

NH Quickstart is an online portal that allows users to register businesses with the Corporation Division of the New Hampshire Secretary of State Office. You can create a free account online using an available business name. The site is only useful to business owners looking to or have established a business entity in New Hampshire.

SOS NH stands for New Hampshire Secretary of State. It’s a government entity that oversees all affairs that take place in New Hampshire, including business and business name registration, laws and policies, tax, elections, and administration.


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