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The Nebraska Business Name Search helps you to find the perfect name for your new business. It is vital to have a unique business name that represents your organisation and makes you stand out from the crowd. This tool ensures your name is original so you can kick-start your new business venture.

This article will help you register your new business name quickly and efficiently, while adhering to guidelines specific to Nebraska. Read on to find out how to register your name, the costs involved, and why the registration process is important. 

Generate Business Name Ideas

Before using the Nebraska Business Name Search, you need to have a general idea of what your name will be. Here are a few basic tips to create a fantastic name for your Nebraska-based business. 

  • You could use rhythm or alliteration to create a name that flows well.
  • It’s important to have a name that is relevant to the services you provide.
  • Create a name that is easy to remember and accessible.

Need some inspiration? Check out our variety of business name generators, which provide excellent suggestions for a range of different industries. 

How to Search for Available Names in Nebraska 

Before registering your business name in Nebraska, you must check it is available. A good starting point is to conduct a Google search for your proposed business name. This will give a good indication of whether this name is available or whether it is already being used.

Additionally, you can go to the Nebraska Secretary of State’s website to access the database of registered business names in Nebraska. You can see if your proposed name is in use or similar to names in use.  

To establish a strong online presence for your business, we recommend using our instant domain name generator. This generates unique domain name ideas and checks its availability!

How to Register a Business Name in Nebraska

To register your new business in Nebraska, you may need to register with the Nebraska Department of Revenue (DOR). After registration, the Secretary of State’s office will verify your Nebraska business name’s availability. 

If you do not have a Nebraska Tax ID Number, there is an online application for registering your business. If you already have an existing Nebraska Tax ID number, complete Form 20 and email or fax it to DOR. This may take up to two weeks to be processed. 

Policies and Procedures for Registering a Business Name in Nebraska 

There are certain policies and procedures for registering a business name in Nebraska. These differ depending on the choice of entity.

Unless you are using your personal name(s) as your business name, sole proprietorships and partnerships need to fill in a DBA (Doing Business As) form. This form will ask for the business name you want to register (which must be available and verified). It will also ask for your business structure, a summary of what your business does, and the contact details of the business owner(s). 

If you are running an LLC or corporation, there are certain naming rules. The business name of an LLC must include the phrase limited liability company, or an abbreviated version, such as Limited, Ltd., LLC, or L.L.C. Corporations must include the term incorporated, corporation, or company. 

Regardless of business structure, there are restrictions as to what you can include in your Nebraska business name. For example, you cannot use words that would affiliate your business with existing governmental departments or agencies. 

Nebraska Business Registration Office

In Nebraska, you need to register your business name with the Nebraska Secretary of State’s Office. 

Phone(402) 471-2554
Email[email protected]
Opening Hours8am-5pm, Monday-Friday 

How to Register a Business Name in Nebraska Online Portal

After your business name has been approved, you must fill in the online application form via the Nebraska Secretary of State’s website. 

You can use the Nebraska One-Stop Business system to navigate the process of setting up a new business. It asks key questions about your business, identifies the forms you need to fill in, and provides helpful links and contacts. 

How Costly is it to Register a Business Name in Nebraska?

Registering a business name in Nebraska involves various administration costs.

You can reserve your Nebraska business name before official registration for 120 days, which costs $30. Filing a DBA with the Secretary of State Office costs $100. Other paperwork, such as Articles of Organization and Articles of Incorporation cost around $100.

As well as this, you may opt to trademark your business name which can cost between $225 and $400, plus attorney fees and a renewal fee every 10 years. Finally, a business license can cost between $10 and $100. 

Why Registering a Business Name in Nebraska is Important

Registering a business name isn’t required for informal business structures like sole proprietorships or general partnerships. However, if you decide to register a DBA name or are following other business structures like an LLC or corporation, it is. Failure to do so could lead to legal action. It also adds credibility and legitimacy to your business, making it more attractive to customers and potential investors. 

Support for Registering a Business Name in Nebraska

Additional support for registering your business name in Nebraska is available. The Nebraska Secretary of State’s website offers a video on how to register your business online. 

You can also contact the Nebraska Secretary of State’s office by visiting in person, telephoning or emailing.


Selecting a name for your business is the first step to success. Although it may seem like a daunting task, our business name generators make this process quick and easy! 

Once you have chosen the perfect name for your business, you can register it online with the Nebraska Department of Revenue. As a registered entity, you will be less vulnerable to personal liability. This will also add strength and credibility to your business, making it more attractive to customers and potential investors. 

Check out our list of business name search pages to find out how the registration process differs in other states. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can contact the Nebraska Secretary of State (SOS) office via telephone or email to check your business name availability. You can also access an online database of registered entities by visiting their website. Alternatively, you can use our name generators to find inspiration for your business name and check its availability.

Once you have confirmed that your proposed business name is available, you can submit a reservation form to the SOS office in person or by post. You can reserve your name for 120 days, filing fees cost $30, and applications take 3-4 days to be processed. You can find the appropriate reservation form on the Nebraska Secretary of State’s website.

You do not legally need a Doing Business As (DBA) or trade name in Nebraska if you are running a sole proprietorship or general partnership. This is because you can operate your business under your legal name. However, a DBA can add professionalism and make your business name more memorable.

A Nebraska tax ID Number is also known as an Employed ID Number (EIN) or Federal Tax Identification Number. It is a nine-digit ID legally required by businesses for tax purposes. It is similar to a Social Security Number but for businesses.


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