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For a strong business, you need an equally strong business name. It is integral to your branding, client engagement, and business strategy that your brand emanates credibility and professionalism. To achieve this, you need a distinguishable and unique business name that makes your business stand out from the crowd to investors and clients. 

With our help, you can ensure that there is no other Minnesota business with a business name like yours. To ensure your business’ individuality, you can conduct a Minnesota business name search and secure your business name. With our guidance, you can check the availability of your business name in Minnesota using our recommended sources. 

If it is available, we can guide you through the process of registering your business name in Minnesota and getting your new business started. In one helpful guide, you’ll understand how to register your business name in Minnesota and why you should. 

Generate Business Name Ideas

Before you can conduct a business name search in Minnesota, you need to have a minimum of one business name that you would be happy to use for your business. Ideally, you should have more than one business name in case you are unfortunate and your business name is in use. If you don’t, we can help you get a new business name that represents your company properly.

With our expansive list of business name generators, there is a business name generator for every industry. This means that there is a generator that can create business names customized to your industry and provide you with even better options. All you have to do is add keywords to the generator search, and you will have pages of business name options to consider.

How To Search For Available Names In Minnesota

Once our generators have provided you with several business name options, you are ready to check that it is available. There are several ways that you can use to ensure that no one else is using your dream business name in Minnesota. The most straightforward place to start is to conduct a google search for businesses in Minnesota with a similar name. Afterward, you can contact the Secretary of State in Minnesota by phone or email and check the business name search on their official website. 

To ensure that your search is comprehensive, we recommend using our instant domain name generator. Our generator performs two roles: it suggests domain names for your business while also checking the availability of the domain name. Overall, these different searches will give you some security in your business name before registering it. 

How To Register Your Business Name In Minnesota

When you register your business name in Minnesota, you have two filing options: by post or online. There is a different application form for each type of business, especially depending on whether your business is foreign or domestic. You need to select the right application form from the list and fill in all the relevant details before sending it off. The application will also verify if your business name is available before considering the request. 

Policies And Preparations For Registering Your Business Name In Minnesota 

In Minnesota, there are specific policies and preparations that you need to be aware of and follow when you register your business name in Minnesota. 

  • A name that includes the word “Insurance” must also contain a word such as “Agency”, “Brokerage”, “Broker”, or “Services”. Similar modifiers are also acceptable so long as they emphasize that the business does not underwrite. 
  • Some filings will need to be in PDF format, so you may have to alter the format yourself; otherwise, it will stall the process. 
  • You can register for an assumed business name in Minnesota after registering for a business name in Minnesota and operate under either name. You need to renew this name annually and pay a fee for each application. 
  • Not all filings have forms available because of the large variety of businesses that exist. In that case, you may have to create your own form and file it as a PDF, but you can contact the Business & Liens service for any additional support. 

Minnesota Business Registration Office Details

Below are the contact details for the Minnesota business registration office. 

Phone Number877 551 6767
Email Address[email protected]
Opening HoursMonday – Friday, 9 am – 4 pm

How To Register A Business Name Using The Minnesota Virtual Portal

If you decide to register your business name in Minnesota online, you need to go to the Minnesota Secretary Of State website. Here, you can create an account online and select the right application for your business. You can submit the application, pay the fee, and wait for approval of your business name in Minnesota. 

How Costly Is It To Register A Business Name In Minnesota?

When you register your business name in Minnesota, you incur fees for the services. These fees vary depending on the type of business you’re registering. Typically, business name registration in Minnesota varies between $60 and $200, depending on if your business is foreign or domestic. As well, for every service, there is a $20 additional charge if you file in person or online as opposed to by post. Many variables affect the cost of registering a business name in Minnesota, but they do often stay below $200. 

Why Do I Need To Register A Business Name In Minnesota?

In Minnesota, only certain types of businesses have to register their business name with the state. These include LLCs, corporations, cooperatives, and partnerships. Any other type of business has the choice of whether to register their business name in Minnesota. However, registering your business name in Minnesota is a smart choice. 

It establishes your business as credible and serious to potential investors and clients that may want to get into business with you. As well, registering your business name in Minnesota secures your business as a legal entity. This gives your business limited liability protection, shielding you from personal lawsuits and substantial monetary losses. Registering your business name in Minnesota can protect your business from loss while also helping it to grow. 

Support For Registering A Business Name In Minnesota

If you need any additional support when registering your business name in Minnesota, you can use the Minnesota Secretary Of State website. There is a Business Help section on the website that can answer any potential queries you may have. It can direct you to the right person or the right part of the website and solve your problem quickly. 

Minnesota Business Name Search Summary

A strong business name is essential when starting any business. Your business name communicates with your target audience, and you want to ensure that it is right. Generating effective business names, conducting a business name search in Minnesota, and registering your chosen business name in Minnesota are essential steps. They will affect the success of your business, and with this guide, it is easy to achieve such success. 

In this guide, we simplified the process of securing your business name by directing you to all the relevant websites and contacts to register your business officially. While business name registration may not be a mandatory process for every business in Minnesota, it is a significant one that can make your business stand out. If you want to register a business name in another state, you can learn how to with our business name search index.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you aren’t ready to register your business name in Minnesota, you can reserve your business name first. All you have to do is fill in the application form and pay the relevant fee. In exchange, you get to reserve your business name in Minnesota for 12 months. If you need a renewal, you can apply again for an additional 12 months.

When you reserve your business name in Minnesota, you have to pay a fee for the service. Depending on how you file your request, the price differs. If you file by post, it costs $35, but if you file in person, it costs $55. You simply need to reapply and pay the same fee again to renew the reservation.

An assumed name allows your business to operate under a name that is not your legal business name. You can conduct business legally and officially; all you have to do is apply for an assumed name. Depending on the business that you are running, the rules on the name vary. For example, if you are a sole proprietorship or partnership, you can select a name other than your personal name so you can operate separately from it.

If you decide to register for an assumed business name and an official business name, you will need to pay an additional fee. To file for an assumed business name in Michigan by post will cost $30. If you decide to file online or in person, it will cost $50 altogether.


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