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There is no denying that finding that all-important name for your business is a crucial part of starting a successful company. Of course, ultimately, no one but you can decide on the business name, but there is no reason why you can’t have some help along the way. 

We have put together a guide that offers tips on finding the perfect name for your business whilst simplifying the daunting aspects of registering your business name. So read on to get to grips with your Maine business name search!

Generate Business Name Ideas

Before you start your quest to find the perfect Maine business name, take some time to reflect upon your company’s target audience. How do you want your name to make your consumer feel? Your business’s name will be the first thing customers experience, and making a solid first impression really counts. 

Once you have a strong vision for how you want your business name to resonate with your customers, take your favorite word choices to our Business Name Generator. Using a generator with specific words you want to use will elevate the enjoyment within your business name search experience whilst giving you dependable options. 

How To Search Available Names In Maine

Finding the perfect name is one thing, but seeing if it is available for you to use is an entirely different ballgame! To find out if another company doesn’t already use your Maine business name, take yourself to the Secretary of State website. Here, you can type your desired name into Maine’s Corporate Name Search.   

When searching your chosen business name, be as refined as possible to ensure any search results are accurate. If no search results are found, you are good to go on the next step of making your Maine business name a reality. 

How to Register Your Business Name In Maine

It is now time to register your Maine business name, and to get yourself ready for this, it is fundamental to purchase a domain in the same name as your business. By doing this, you guarantee that anyone needing to find your business can do so! 

First, you will need to check that your domain is available, and you can do this with the instant domain check located on our instant domain name checker or Domain Name Generator.

When you are ready with your business name and domain alike, you need to register your business in Maine. You can do this by accessing the Bureau of Corporations, Elections & Commissions section of Maine’s Secretary Of State website, where you can apply to register your business name.

Maine Business Name Registration Policies And Procedures

Like anything in business, knowing the policies and procedures for registering your Maine business name is absolutely necessary. 

  • Firstly, you must note that your chosen business name will be checked against all active names within the Division of Corporations when registering a business name in Maine, despite your preliminary corporate name search. If your business name is flagged and does not meet the standard, you will be refused name registration.
  • Secondly, unless you are seeking to be known as a corporation, you are prohibited from using “corporation,” “incorporated” or “limited,” or an abbreviation of these words. However, limited liability companies, limited partnerships and limited liability partnerships can use their relevant phrases as a part of their name. 

To familiarize yourself further with Maine’s policies and procedures, we advise you to read TITLE 31.

Maine Business Registration Office
Email:[email protected]
Hours:8am – 5pm, Monday – FridayClosed on weekends

How To Use An Online Portal To Register Business Names In Maine

To register your Maine business name via an online service, you must go through the Maine Secretary Of State website. Upon scrolling, you will see that you can apply for reservation and registration of business names.

Proceeding with registration, you are able to click on the application, which will then open up to allow you to fill it out. You will need to know your personal details and information regarding your business, such as; the date of incorporation and a brief summary of your business. 

It is important to note that filing this application does not yet authorize you to pursue business action in Maine. 

How Costly Is It To Register Business Name In Maine

When registering your Maine business name, there is a filing fee of $20 per month, with a $200 renewal fee should you need it. It is also $20 to reserve your business name, which lasts 120 days.  

There are optional special handling requests available for both registration and reservation, which would affect your overall registration cost. For example, if your preference is to have your filing completed in 24 hours, the cost is $50, and if you would like to request an immediate filing for the same business day, the price is $100. 

Why Should I Register A Business Name In Maine

When considering a big step in your business, such as registering your name, you will inevitably come to weigh the pros and cons. Registering your Maine business name comes with a multitude of benefits that we feel you need to know. 

Firstly, a common ground between all successful businesses is their credibility, and registering your business name will help you on the way to achieving that. This is because your company will be easily distinguished from competitors, allowing your consumers to recognise your business. 

Secondly, there is something undoubtedly satisfying about your business being the only one in your state with its name. To keep it this way, registering your business name in Maine allows your business to remain uniquely named. 

Lastly, officially registering your business name allows you to open up a business account, which comes with added benefits. 

Support When Registering A Business Name In Maine

Maine’s Secretary Of State has many helpful business resources that would be great to make use of once you have registered your business name. 

You can go directly through the Secretary Of State and contact the Maine Small Business Advocate for help with specific issues in a business with under 50 employees. 

Or, you can choose from services that you feel suits you and your company on Maine’s business resources page. There is something for anyone at the start of their business journey. 


This guide was designed to benefit those who are just starting out in their business careers, and we hope that it has offered you some clarity as you commence your Maine business name search. 

If this article was helpful to you, we also have articles regarding finding business names in other US states which may be of use. Our list of US States is available for you to read more about the registration process in these areas. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can find Maine business names free of charge via The Secretary of State website by searching the relevant business name in Maine’s Corporate Name Search. When doing this, you must be as refined as possible, as search results are limited to 100 record returns.

Registering a business in Maine has a filing cost of $20 per month, with a $200 renewal fee. You are also able to reserve your business name for 120 days, which comes at a cost of $20. Handling requests may affect your overall price.

You are able to reserve a Maine business name by visiting Maine’s Secretary of State website. Here, you can complete a name reservation form that will allow you to reserve your business name for 120 days at a cost of $20.


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