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The experience of finding the right business name for you and your company can be overwhelming; there is a lot of pressure riding on the first impression that customers envision from a business name.

To help you strike gold with your Kentucky business name search, we have put together a guide complete with everything you need to know. This includes preparation tips, our business name generator, crucial information on the registration process in Kentucky and the cost.

Read on to get started on your Kentucky business name search! 

Generate Business Name Ideas

Before you get started on your Kentucky business name search, now is the perfect time to do some preparation to ensure you have everything ready. We have put together some steps to help with your preparation; 

  • Understand how you wish to make your customers feel when they hear your business name; look for word choices that emit this feeling.
  • Use a thesaurus to learn exciting and unique word choices, ensuring you find words that stand out.

Once you have collected word choices that you feel represent your business, you can take them to our Business Name Generator to obtain immediate and dependable results. 

How To Search Available Names In Kentucky

Now that you have found a suitable business name, you should check that no other businesses use it. To do this, head to the Kentucky Secretary of State’s website

Then, go to the ‘Name Availability Search‘. Here, you can search your desired Kentucky business name, which will be compared to documents that the Secretary of State has on file. 

A maximum of 1500 name search results will be obtained, so make sure that you enter your business name as accurately as possible, with a minimum of 4 characters included. 

How to Register Your Business Name In Kentucky

Before you register your business name, it is recommended that you check to see if there is a public domain available for you to use in the same name as your business. You can do this with our free service to instantly check for your domain’s availability. 

Once you have guaranteed that your domain is free to use, you can now register your business name.  

You can do this through the business section of Kentucky’s Secretary of State website, where you can click the ‘Business Registration Portal’. This will take you through to the registration portal to register your Kentucky business name. 

Kentucky Business Name Registration Policies And Procedures

As you get ready to take the big step of registering your Kentucky business name, you must take your time understanding the policies and procedures of the name registration process in the state of Kentucky. We have simplified some of these policies below;

  • Registering your business name in Kentucky does not allow you to perform business practices in the state; if you wish to do this, you must also file a Certificate of Authority application. 
  • If successful, your registered business name expires on December 31st of the year you file for registration. You can renew your registration between October 1st and December 31st to ensure your business name registration is active for the following year. 
  •  You must disclose the structure in which your business will operate within your document filing. Therefore, it is advised that you thoroughly understand the differences between entity structures (corporation, LLC., Limited Partnership, Non-Profit etc.). 

Kentucky Business Registration Office

Phone:(502) 564-3490
Email:Contact Form Available
Hours:8am – 5pm, Monday – FridayClosed on weekends

How To Use An Online Portal To Register Business Names In Kentucky 

To register your Kentucky business name through an online service, you can use the Secretary of State’s website. 

You will then need to make your way to the business section of the site, where you will find the ‘Registration Portal’. Here, you are able to register your business name.

If you cannot use the Registration Portal, Kentucky’s Secretary of State website has a Business Form Library. The library contains forms which you are able to file online by downloading. 

A drop-down list is assigned to each business structure, so you will need to come prepared with this knowledge. Within the drop-down list, you will be able to find a document titled ‘Registration or Renewal of Entity Name (REG)’. This document is the one that you will need to register your Kentucky business name. 

How Costly Is It To Register Business Name In Kentucky

The cost of registering your Kentucky business name varies, depending on your business structure. Here are the following prices that apply to various business structures for you to note;

  • Domestic Profit Corporations – $20
  • Domestic Nonprofit Corporations – $20 
  • Domestic Limited Liability Company – $20
  • Foreign Corporation or Limited Liability Company – $36
  • Partnerships – $36
  • Limited Partnerships – $36

You can access the complete list of fees on the Secretary of State’s website

You will also be required to file a name registration renewal form every year, coming in at the cost of $20. 

If you wish to reserve your business name, you can do this for $15, which will last for 120 days. 

Why Should I Register A Business Name In Kentucky

Registering a business name is a critical step when you are at the start of your business journey. To run through the importance of this, we have compiled a helpful list of benefits you need to know;

  • By registering your business name, you are opening up the door to resourceful tools that you can make use of. This includes the Secretary of State’s One Stop Business Portal, where you are able to file and complete necessary forms.
  • Most businesses in Kentucky are required to register a name to conduct business practices. This is crucial, so make sure you read up on the laws of Kentucky to note if your business structure needs registration to operate. To avoid trouble, it is often better to register your name. 
  • Registering your business name in Kentucky provides you with the comfort of mind that no other operating businesses in the state can take or use your name. 

Support When Registering A Business Name In Kentucky

You can use the One Stop Business Portal when registering your Kentucky business name. This will allow you to make use of a government certified business portal to file and keep a record of documents. 

Another element of the One Stop Business Portal is the business counselling available within the site that will become available to you once you have an account.


Now that we have taken you through the ins and outs of registering your Kentucky business name, you should have a more precise idea of the process of registration. 

You may be wondering if Kentucky’s registration process is the same as other states in the US, and you can find articles with information on business name registration in all US states on our site. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You have a couple of options when it comes to reserving and registering your business name. For those who prefer online methods, the Kentucky One Stop Business Portal is a great place to complete documents and ensure that everything you need is in one place. Otherwise, you can also access the forms needed for reserving a business name through the Business Filings Forms page.

Useful information:

- In most cases, the fee for filing an application for name reservation is $15.00. For foreign businesses, this fee is $36.00.

- The name reservation ensures that your name cannot be taken by someone else for 120 days, so make sure that you get started on all of your official paperwork within this time to have the name fully locked in.

The form required for filing a reservation of name is quite simple. In addition, the same form can be used to both reserve and renew a reserved name. You'll need the following information for this paperwork:

- Notification as to whether you need to reserve or renew the name.

- The name you'd like to reserve.

- The type of company the name is being reserved for.

- The name, address and signature of the applicant, as well as the necessary fee.

  (Source: Kentucky Reservation/Renewal Form)

Sometimes, the name you want for your business may already be taken. In these instances, your best option is to continue searching for a truly unique name. However, you can also opt to contact the Secretary of State office for more options.

If you're still unable to find a business name that suits you, try using our business name generator to get unique name ideas (click here to find our business name generator).

The cost of reserving a business name in Kentucky is $15. Reservation lasts for 120 days and costs $10 to cancel. You can file for a name reservation by visiting the Secretary of State Kentucky site.

To see if a business name is taken in Kentucky, you can use the 'Name Availability Search' available on Kentucky's State of Secretary website. The search is able to deliver a maximum of 1500 results that are on file, so make sure to be accurate.


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