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If you’re setting up a business in Israel, choosing an inspiring business name is important. This Israel business name search guide will help you create and register the perfect name for your new business. 

Keep reading to learn more about developing a business name, checking its availability, and registering it with the Israeli government. 

Generate Business Name Ideas

We have developed some fantastic tips to help you create an Israel business name. 

  • Research existing businesses in Israel, particularly those in the same industry as yours, and note which names stand out to you and why.
  • Consider language techniques you want to use in your name to make it more catchy, e.g. rhythm, alliteration, or puns. 
  • Make a list of at least five keywords that reflect your business, and use one of our many business name generators to receive great name suggestions. 

How To Search Available Names In Israel

Before official registration, take these steps to ensure your proposed name won’t risk being rejected by the Israeli government. 

You can search for your chosen name online to determine whether it is available. If your search produces results of businesses that are using your name, you’ll need to go back to the drawing board. 

You can access the Israel Corporations Authority System to request company information for free. Alternatively, you can ensure that the lawyer registering your company carries out a preliminary check of your name’s availability. Because not all companies appear on the open register, you need to provide at least two options in case your first choice of name isn’t accepted. 

How to Register Your Business Name In Israel

You can check for a corresponding domain name if you’re happy with your business name. A domain is vital to boost your online presence and make your business more accessible. You can check the availability of domain names by toggling the ‘domain name availability’ option on our business name generators. 

To register your business with The Registrar of Companies, you must submit an application form, shareholder declaration, articles of association, and payment confirmation. 

You can submit these documents online, in person or by post.

For in-person or postal applications, you can submit your forms:

Once you have submitted the necessary filing documents and paid the fee, you will receive a Certificate of Incorporation and a 9-digit company number within 4-14 days. You then need to register with the tax authorities, and you’re ready to commence business. 

Israel Business Name Registration Policies And Procedures

It’s crucial to consider Israel’s policies and procedures during the business registration process.

  • To form a private company in Israel, you need at least one shareholder and one director. These can be the same person and don’t need to be Israeli. 
  • You need to provide an address as a registered office during this process. 
  • You must register a Hebrew name, but an English translation may also be recorded. 
  • The government will not accept the name if it is already used by an existing company or is similar to a registered name and could be considered misleading. 
  • All directors and shareholders must sign the documents in the presence of an Israeli lawyer, and all non-Israeli citizens require a copy of their passports to proceed. 

Israel Business Registration Office

Phone*5601*For callers from abroad: +972-8-683-1680
Email [email protected]
Address39 Yirmiyahu Street, Beer TowersBuilding 1, 10th Floor9446722
Opening HoursSunday – Thursday, 8 am – 4 pm 

How to use an Online Portal to Register your Business Name in Israel

You can register a private, sole proprietorship, off-shore or public benefit company online with a smartcard or on mygov. When registering online, you can choose whether you wish to register without verification from a lawyer or by attaching documents verified by a lawyer. 

There is a reduced fee for online registration and the processing time is between 1-3 days. 

How Costly Is It To Register Business Name In Israel

You can pay for applications online via the Government Payment Service. Alternatively, you can pay with a voucher at a post office by emailing [email protected] and requesting a voucher. Vouchers can be paid for in cash or with a cheque. 

It costs 2,711 ₪ (Israeli Shekel) to register a company in-person or by post and 2,211 ₪ for online registrations. Registering a foreign/limited partnership costs 2,701 ₪, and registering a business name is 132 ₪ (for each certificate of registration). 

There may be additional charges for trademarking or adopting legal counsel when registering your business. 

Why Should I Register A Business Name In Israel?

There are several reasons why you should register your business name in Israel. 

  • Tax Purposes. All companies doing business in Israel must file their annual taxes, and a registered business name is required to do so. 
  • Finances. To open a commercial bank account, you must present copies of your formation documents and have a registered business name. 
  • Ownership. Registering a business name means that other businesses can’t copy and adopt the same name.
  • Credibility. A registered business name adds credibility to your business and makes you more appealing to customers and potential investors. 

Support When Registering A Business Name In Israel

For extra support during the business name registration process, refer to the Israeli government website. 

You can access their ‘guide to company names’, which provides a more in-depth breakdown of the rules and regulations surrounding the business name registration process. 

You can also search the website for General Information or contact the Government Central Support Center. 


Our Israel business name search guide gives you all the information you need to register your new business name. This article covered how to create a great name, check it’s available, and register it with the Israeli government. 

If you want to do business in a country other than Israel, we have a business name search list. This is an excellent resource for determining how the registration process differs from country to country. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can register your business name either online or by downloading and mailing the correct form. Both options can be found under the "Forms" section of the Registration of a Company General Page.

Useful information:

– You will need to provide multiple name choices for your company.

– In addition to your application, you will also need to submit a declaration form for your business.

– The fee to register a company is 2,653.00 ₪.

To register your business name, you’ll need to prepare and file a document with the following details:

-The name and objective of your company.

– Information that involves any capital related to shareholders.

– Any liabilities the company may face.

– A declaration of the shareholders form.

– The necessary fee. (Source: Registration of a Company)

Once you have searched through the business name database, you should have a good idea about what kinds of names are unavailable. From there, you can create a list of names that are completely unique from those already registered. The application to register your business will even require multiple name choices to ensure you don’t pick something that is too similar to a name already in use.

Take advantage of that ability and create three names that are very different. As long as they aren’t the same as businesses that already exist, the chances are good for your name being approved.

If you're still unable to find a business name that suits you, try using our business name generator to get unique name ideas (click here to find our business name generator).

It costs around 2,700 ₪ to register a business name in Israel. Additional costs might arise if you use a lawyer or wish to trademark your business name.

Yes. A non-Israeli citizen can register a business name in Israel. However, they need to provide a passport and require an Israeli representative as a guarantor.


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