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As you look to make your Irish business dreams come true, the first step you need to conquer is finding the perfect business name for you and your company.

To help you comprehend the process of business name registration in Ireland, we have put together a manual that takes you through preparation steps, available name searches, policies, and support available to you when registering a business name in Ireland. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started on registering your Irish business name!

Generate Business Name Ideas

Before we get underway with registering your Ireland business name, we must do some essential preparation to ensure we put forward our most imaginative business names.

Firstly, let’s do a mind map covering all the best things about our business. This can include accomplishments, your USP, consumer reviews, and your own goals.

Now that we have mind-mapped various phrases and proud moments let’s circle all the words standing out to us the most.

Next, look up these words in a thesaurus. Are there any unique alternatives we could use? Search for terms that would make you stop and look at them. 

Finally, take your best keywords and pop them into our Business Name Generator to obtain polished results.

How To Search Available Names In Ireland

Now that you have a few options for Ireland business names, you need to determine if these names aren’t being used by anyone else! 

To search for available Ireland business names, you need to go to the Companies Registration Office for Ireland website. 

You will see there is a section called ‘Popular tasks’, and underneath this subtitle, you can see ‘Search/Purchase Entity info’, which you will need to click on.

Once you have reached the entity search page, you will be able to search for a company name using the search bar. 

How to Register Your Business Name In Ireland

Now that you have your Ireland business name, it is time to look into domains. You will want a domain in the same name as your business name to ensure customers can find your business online easily! 

Use our instant domain check to find out if your domain is available for you to use. 

Once you have your business name and domain cleared, you are ready to register your business name. 

All information for registering business names is available on the CRO website, and you can either file a paper or digital form to complete your registration.

Ireland Business Name Registration Policies And Procedures

As you get close to registering your Ireland business name, it is crucial to get to know the policies and procedures in place that you must follow when registering a business name in Ireland. Here is a brief rundown; 

  • Terms such as ‘Limited’, ‘inc’ or ‘company’ are not permitted or required when registering your business name in Ireland.
  • The responsibility of checking that your proposed business name is available for your use is all yours. The CRO does not review nor compare your business name to others already registered in Ireland until you have filed your application. 
  • Registering your business name in Ireland does not stop others from using the same name, but having your name registered may prevent it. 
  • Your business name registration certificate should be presented in a visible place (for example, your business head office). 
  • The name registration act applies to the majority of companies that use business names that do not include their personal names. 

Ireland Business Registration Office

Phone:(1890) 220-226
Email:[email protected]
Hours:9:30am – 4:30pm, Monday – Friday

How To Use An Online Portal To Register Business Names In Ireland

You can use an online portal to register your Ireland business name by heading straight to the CRO website. This will then take you to CORE

You will be required to create an account complete with all your personal details.

When your account is created, you must then file a business name registration form.

You can start this process by pressing ‘Start’ on the ‘File a form section’. 

You will then have the option to register an entity, which comes with various form options below. For example, you need to select the RBN1 form to register your business name.  

You will then need to enter all the relevant details regarding your name registration, such as the type of business you run and the date you would like your registration to become effective. 

A full tutorial video for online registration is available through the CRO Website. 

How Costly Is It To Register Business Name In Ireland

There are two different costs when registering your Ireland business name, and they depend on the type of form you file. 

For a paper form, the filing fee is €40, and the electronic cost is €20. 

Filing electronically is advised, as you can keep your business documentation all in the same place via CORE, but if you are not able to file electronically, you can file a paper form. 

Why Should I Register A Business Name In Ireland

Unless you are using your actual name (for example, Ben), you need to register your business name by law. Aside from rules, there are benefits of registering your business name in Ireland, such as; 

  • Tax benefits. Ireland is generous with its tax rates and only taxes corporations 12.5%.
  • Access to EU markets and trading, making it easier to form relations and generate profit outside of Ireland, should that be your goal. 
  • Open an Irish business bank account, which you can do online for a quick and easy experience. 
  • You can easily benefit from the multicultural location in Europe and next to the UK.
  • Ireland also has lower-priced office space than EU competitors. 

Support When Registering A Business Name In Ireland

Ireland has several enterprise schemes to offer help and support to businesses in their country. These include;

  • Trading Online Voucher Scheme – This scheme aims to help your business start trading online through resources such as training and funds up to €2,500. 
  • Ireland government support for your business – Choose from over 170 government-approved resources to help you start your business. 


Now that you have read up on all you need to know to get started with registering your Ireland business name, you are ready to go! Remember to keep your mind map of positive words so that you can remind yourself on difficult days why you started.

Sometimes, comparisons can help you to understand the market you are in. So, if you would like to research the different processes of registering your business name in other locations, you can find all that information on our website! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can search for available Ireland business names by going to the Companies Registration Office website. Here, you will find the business entity search page, where you can explore the name of a business. However, if any records match the name you search, results will be obtained; therefore, the name will not be available.

You don't need to put your business structure in your Irish business name. The guidebook for business names explains that using abbreviations and full terms such as 'Limited' or 'Ltd' is not accepted in Ireland.

You most likely don't need to register your business name in Ireland if you use your proper name. It states this in the guidelines for Irish business names available on the Companies Registration Office. However, it would be good to check that no one has a business name registered in the same name to avoid confusion.


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