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Before searching the Iowa Business Name Database, you can save time by making sure your business name is unique and distinguishable from other existing business entities within the Michigan business name database. We suggest coming up a few name ideas, in case some are unavailable.

Generate Business Name Ideas

Search business name availability

As you’re searching for the ideal name, it’s going to be useful to have the ability to find out what names are already taken. With the Secretary of State Business Entity Search on hand, you can easily look for pre-existing businesses for names that are duplicates of, or similar to, the one you want.

If you’re having some trouble with that search page, there’s also a handy Business Entities Search Help page, which can help to guide you through the process and provide meanings for terms you’ll see while searching.

For those who have further questions, calling or emailing the Business Services department is also a great idea. Employees there can easily provide you with help as well as information on the next steps in the business development process.

Iowa Secretary of State Office


Phone: (515) 281 – 5204


Hours: 8am – 4:30pm, Monday – Friday

Registering your business domain/website

Don’t make the mistake of forgetting to check if the domain name is available for your business. The last thing you want is to register your business name and find out another competitor or company already has a website with your name! Use our domain check below to instantly check availability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Iowa Secretary of State website makes your name reservation and other business paperwork easy by providing a list of Business Entity Forms and Fees, which lists just about all the paperwork you’ll need, separated into sections based on the type of business that the paperwork is needed for.

Useful information:

– The fee for a reservation of name application is $10.00.

– You can also find other necessary paperwork on this page, such as certificates of organization, biennial reports and much more.

To reserve your business name, you’ll need an Application For Reservation of Name. These can be found on the Forms and Fees page previously mentioned.

When you’re completing this application, you’ll need the following information:

– The name you’d like reserved

– The applicants name, address and signature

– The $10.00 filing fee

– The act under which you’re seeking to reserve the name

(Source: Iowa Application For Reservation of Name)

When you’re coming up with name idea for your company, it’s best to have a few alternatives on hand to avoid this issue altogether. However, there are some cases in which you might be very attached to the business name. This could include businesses that are moving from other states or countries and the like.

In these instances, you may be able to work with a pre-existing business to keep your name, or at least agree on some smaller changes that will keep the name you’ve chosen essentially the same.

The best advice we can provide is to contact the Secretary of State’s office to discuss the options available to you.

If you’re still unable to find a business name that suits you, try using our business name generator to get unique name ideas (click here to find our business name generator).

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