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If you’re starting a new business in Iowa, it’s imperative that you choose a unique and memorable name. We’ve created this Iowa business name search guide to help you conjure up and register the perfect business name. 

Continue reading to discover how to create a business name, check it’s available, and register it with the Iowa Secretary of State. 

Generate Business Name Ideas

Below, we have compiled some excellent tips to help you design a brilliant Iowa business name. 

  • Look up existing Iowa businesses and note which names capture your attention.
  • Consider ways you could emulate the creativity of those names. For example, you could use rhythm, alliteration, or puns. 

How To Search Available Names In Iowa 

Before you register your name, you can take steps to ensure your chosen name is original and won’t be rejected by the state. 

You can conduct a Google search for your proposed name to find out whether your name is available. If you find out that your name is already in use, you’ll need to reconsider your business name. 

Another option is to visit the Iowa Secretary of State’s website. From here, you can access their business entities’ database. Use this database to find out if there are any businesses registered in Iowa that are using your proposed name.

How to Register Your Business Name In Iowa

Once you’ve settled on a business name, check for a corresponding domain name. Having a domain name that matches your business name makes you more accessible to customers. Check domain name availability by toggling the ‘domain name availability’ option on our business name generators. 

There are three main ways to register your business name in Iowa. 

  1. Find the necessary filing documents on the Iowa SoS website, manually fill them in and submit them in person at the Lucas Building filing office. 
  2. Use the Iowa SoS online filing system, upload a PDF of the documents, and pay the filing fee.
  3. Create an account and use the ‘Fast Track Filing’ service if you want your application to be processed within 24 hours. 

Iowa Business Name Registration Policies And Procedures

It’s important to consider the state’s policies and procedures when registering your business name in Iowa. 

  • Sole proprietorships and general partnerships can legally operate under their owners’ legal name(s).
  • Limited Liability Corporations and other Corporations must include the prefixes, e.g. Ltd. or Corp. 
  • To use a different name, business owners must file for a trade name or a DBA name with the county recorder where the business is located. 

Iowa Business Registration Office

Email:[email protected]
Address:Secretary of StateFirst Floor, Lucas Building321 E. 12th St.Des Moines, IO 50319
Hours:Monday – Friday, 8.00 am – 4.30 am 

How to use an Online Portal to Register your Business Name in Iowa

The easiest way to register your business in Iowa is to use their ‘Fast Track Filing’ service. All you need to do is to create an account, submit your necessary filing forms, pay the fee, and the system will take care of the rest. You can expect to hear from the Iowa SoS office within 24 hours. 

How Costly Is It To Register Business Name In Iowa

There are various administration costs involved when registering your business name in Iowa. For a full breakdown of business entity forms and fees, see the Iowa SoS website. 

It costs around $50 to file your business formation documents and an additional fee of $15 – $50 for expedition. Reserving a business name costs $10, and if you require copies of any documents, this can cost up to $5. 

It’s worth noting there may be additional charges if you want to trademark your name or if you require any legal counsel when registering your business. 

Why Should I Register A Business Name In Iowa?

There are significant benefits to registering your business name in Iowa. 

  • Funding. It is far easier to access state funding with a registered business name. 
  • Finances. Opening a business bank account and managing finances is only possible with a registered business name. 
  • Ownership. Registering a business name grants you ownership and means other businesses can’t use it. 
  • Legal Requirements. You are legally required to register your business name, and failure to do so could lead to penalties. 

Support When Registering A Business Name In Iowa

If you require additional support when registering your business name in Iowa, there are several options. 

The Iowa SoS website lists helpful business resources specifically designed to assist small business owners and entrepreneurs. 

You can also contact the Iowa SoS directly by emailing [email protected] or calling 515-281-5204. 


Our Iowa business name search guide provides you with all the necessary information to register your business name. We’ve covered how to create the perfect name, check its availability, and register it with the Iowa state. 

If you’re contemplating starting a business outside of Iowa, check out our business name search list to see how the process differs in other states/countries. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Iowa Secretary of State website makes your name reservation and other business paperwork easy by providing a list of Business Entity Forms and Fees, which lists just about all the paperwork you’ll need, separated into sections based on the type of business that the paperwork is needed for.

Useful information:

– The fee for a reservation of name application is $10.00.

– You can also find other necessary paperwork on this page, such as certificates of organization, biennial reports and much more.

To reserve your business name, you’ll need an Application For Reservation of Name. These can be found on the Forms and Fees page previously mentioned.

When you’re completing this application, you’ll need the following information:

– The name you’d like reserved

– The applicants name, address and signature

– The $10.00 filing fee

– The act under which you’re seeking to reserve the name

(Source: Iowa Application For Reservation of Name)

When you’re coming up with name idea for your company, it’s best to have a few alternatives on hand to avoid this issue altogether. However, there are some cases in which you might be very attached to the business name. This could include businesses that are moving from other states or countries and the like.

In these instances, you may be able to work with a pre-existing business to keep your name, or at least agree on some smaller changes that will keep the name you’ve chosen essentially the same.

The best advice we can provide is to contact the Secretary of State’s office to discuss the options available to you.

If you’re still unable to find a business name that suits you, try using our business name generator to get unique name ideas (click here to find our business name generator).

You can check if a business name is available in Iowa by visiting the Secretary of State’s website and searching their database of registered entities. Compare your name against registered entities using the search function to check if it’s available for use.

You need to file for a trade name or DBA name if you are running a sole proprietorship or partnership and want to operate under a name different from your legal name(s). Trade names can be filed with the county recorder in the county where your business is located.

You can reserve a business name for later use. Submit an ‘Application for Reservation of Name’ to reserve your name for 120 days. This 120-day period can be renewed for a further 120-days if necessary.


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