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When starting a new business, it is vital to find a name that suits your business whilst sounding intriguing to consumers. To aid you in this exciting venture, we have put together a plan that you can follow to help your name search go as smoothly as possible. 

We will take you step-by-step through the process of an Indiana business name search, from preparation to the all-important policies and procedures and how you can register your business name online. We cover all bases!

Generate Business Name Ideas

To prepare for your Indiana business name search, now is a great time to extend your vocabulary and get to know what makes a successful business name. 

First, you will notice that all well-known businesses have a ring to their name; this can be due to rhyming, acronyms, and short snappy words. It would be beneficial if you had a play around with these techniques to understand which words will work for your business name. 

When you discover which wordings work for you, you can put them into our Business Name Generator to experiment with different phrasings to ensure you find the most unique and catchy business name. 

How To Search Available Names In Indiana

You can search for available business names in Indiana by going to Indiana’s secretary of state website. First, you will need to go to the website’s business section, named INBiz

Here, you are able to search for business names by clicking ‘Search For A Record’. You will then need to select ‘Business Entities‘, which will take you to a page where you can search business names and details.  

The Secretary Of State recommends that you use the function ‘partial word search’ when searching business names. This function will allow you to collect a more significant number of results, giving you more scope for comparisons. 

How to Register Your Business Name In Indiana

Once you have found an available business name, it is time to move on to the registration process. 

However, before you get started on registering your Indiana business name, it will be beneficial to check that there is a domain available in your business name. To find out if your desired domain business name is available for your use, you can use our Instant Domain Check to do this. 

Once you have secured a domain, you can register your business name. You can do this through the INBiz site by making an Access Indiana Account. 

Indiana Business Name Registration Policies And Procedures

As you reach the stage of registering your Indiana business name, you must gain an understanding of the policies and procedures concerning name registration in Indiana. To help you with this, we have accumulated a simplified list of the following policies;

  • You mustn’t rely on your preliminary business name search, and you will not know if you have obtained your business name until you officially attempt to reserve or register. 
  • The law in Indiana states that any Corporation, L.L.C., L.P., and an L.L.P. is able to be distinguished from any other business names of the same type on file within the Secretary of State’s office. 
  • Prior to filing a name registration form, you must decide on the type of business you wish your company to be, L.L.C., L.P., Corporation or L.L.P. 

Indiana Business Registration Office

Phone:(317) 234 – 6531
Email:[email protected]
Hours:8am – 4:30pm, Monday – FridayClosed on weekends

How To Use An Online Portal To Register Business Names In Indiana

You can use an online service to register your Indiana business name by heading to The Secretary of State’s website. From here, you will be taken to the INBiz site, where you will need to start an account. 

They will then take you through the process of registering your business name, from filing with the secretary of state to filing and maintaining amendments. 

You can also reserve your business name through the Secretary of State’s website, where you can find other business forms if you would rather file manually instead of through INBiz. 

How Costly Is It To Register A Business Name In Indiana

Registering your Indiana business name comes with varying fees, depending on your business structure.

For example, for a non-profit organisation, it is $30 for your initial registration with a $10 annual fee. However, for most other business structures (L.L.C., Corporation and L.L.P.), you can expect to pay $90 for your initial registration, with an annual fee of $30. 

Costs may also be affected depending on the filing service you wish for or if you choose to keep up with required document filing, such as business entity reports, which cost $22.44 to file online. 

You can also reserve your business name for 120 days before official registration. Reservation comes at the cost of $20. 

Why Should I Register A Business Name In Indiana

Although it seems like a lengthy process, registering a business name in Indiana comes with several benefits that we would like to explore with you;

  • You will be the only business that can legally use the business name you have chosen to register. Having an individual name different from others is fundamental in starting a company that will stand out within your relevant industry. 
  • You will have access to business certified services such as INBiz and Access Indiana, helping you to further your company with the help of official government sites that are secure. 
  • You will be able to open a business bank account, permitting you to keep your business finances separate from your personal account.
  • Having a registered business name takes your credibility to the next level, allowing customers and competitors to trust your business as they can identify you as an official and genuine source. 

Support When Registering A Business Name In Indiana

The state of Indiana has a really resourceful and stress-free service when registering a business name. The INBiz site is complete with video tutorials, step by step guidance and in-depth explanations of each aspect of running a business. 

You can only get started on this site if you have an Access Indiana account, which is highly recommended if you wish to run a business in this state.


We hope you feel confident and ready to get started on your Indiana business name search, having covered the different sections of the registration process.

If you found this helpful, you may also like to browse our other business name search articles regarding the other U.S. States to compare your experience with your Indiana business name search. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can find available business names in Indiana on the Secretary of State's website. You can do this by selecting 'Search A Record'; you must click 'Business Entities' from here. Then, you will be able to search your desired business name amongst all businesses kept on file.

You can reserve a business name in Indiana by creating an Access Indiana account and using their INBiz service. You must first check if your name is available by using their search tool, and then you can reserve your name for 120 days for $20.

You can register a business name in Indiana via the Secretary of State's official site for business; INBiz. You can also request registration forms in Indiana's office or through email. However, it is encouraged to use INBiz as it is more cost-effective and provides a step-by-step service.


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