Idaho Business Name Search

Are you looking to get started on your Idaho business name search? Look no further. We have devised a walkthrough guide that simplifies the confusing process of searching for a business name.

Throughout this guide, we touch on tips for registering your name and finding if your business name is available whilst running through the best ways to register your Idaho business name online. 

Read on to gain a better understanding of the most efficient ways to commence your Idaho business name search.

Generate Business Name Ideas

Before we get to the official registration sections, you need to remember why you are doing this. Think about your business and why it is unique, and make a note of the way you feel. It can also be helpful to think about other things in your life that inspire you, as I’m sure you want your business to make your consumers feel inspired. Finding a name that reflects the heart of your business is vital, and these moments of reflection and brainstorming are essential.

Next, take your inspired word choices and input them into our Business Name Generator. Here, you can play around with your words by using filters, helping you develop a unique name. 

How To Search Available Names In Idaho

The next step of your Idaho business name search is to make sure your chosen name is available for use and not already being used by another business. You can do this by going to Idaho’s Secretary of State’s website, where you can find their business search page

Upon searching, you will notice that Idaho gives details on whether the company is active, dissolved or inactive underneath each business. It is essential to note this, as should your name have been used by a company that is now dissolved, you may be able to use it. 

How to Register Your Business Name In Idaho

Once your preliminary search for an available name is complete, it is now time to register your Idaho business name. 

Prior to registering your business name, it is a great choice to purchase a domain with the same name as your business. This guarantees consumers are able to find your company easily when searching, as all names are the same. In addition, you can check that your desired domain name is free with our Domain Name Generator.

You can register your Idaho business name through the business form section of Idaho’s Secretary of State website. Here, you will see that you must create an account with Idaho SOSBiz to commence your registration process. 

Idaho Business Name Registration Policies And Procedures

Before you register your Idaho business name, it is crucial that you understand the policies and procedures of name registration in this state. To help you get to grips, we have given a brief overview; 

  • Before engaging in business transactions, all businesses in Idaho must register their entity type and business name with the Idaho Secretary of State. 
  • When registering your Idaho business name, you must understand your business structure (LLC, Corporation, Partnerships, etc.). If you operate as an LLC or Corporate, you must clarify this within your business name. 
  • Suppose your business will have multiple employees and make retail sales that may concern logging. In that case, you will also need to file an Idaho Business Registration form to ensure you are covered by the Idaho Department of Labour and State Tax Commission. 

Idaho Business Registration Office

Phone:(208) 334-2301
Email:[email protected]
Hours:8am – 5pm, Monday – FridayClosed on weekends

How To Use An Online Portal To Register Business Names In Idaho

To register your Idaho business name via an online service, you must use SOSBiz. To use this online portal, you first need to create an account; this ensures you can file any relevant forms you need, now or in the future. 

Once you have created an account, you will be able to register your business name and any other filing you may wish to do. 

If using SOSBiz isn’t working for you, you are able to access all of the relevant forms for registering your business name in Idaho on the Secretary of State’s website, where you can manually fill them out with both your personal and business details. 

How Costly Is It To Register Business Name In Idaho

When registering your Idaho business name, you will need to pay a fee. This fee depends upon which entity type your business will operate as, so you will need to come prepared with the knowledge of your business structure when you reach this stage. 

However, SOSBiz does let you know that the maximum price will be $65 when registering through their site, with a $5 fee each month. 

If you opt not to file your registration form through SOSBiz, you will be charged an additional $20 manual processing fee. 

Why Should I Register A Business Name In Idaho

Registering your business name may seem like a mammoth task, and you may wonder what the point is. To help you understand the purpose of registering your Idaho business name, we have summarized some of the main benefits;

  • All businesses must register themselves with the Secretary of State to engage in business activity in Idaho. 
  • Registering your business legitimizes your company, assuring your customers that you are a trustworthy source. 
  • You will be able to have business support, whether that be through opening a specific business bank account or using government services and schemes.
  • You will be the only registered business in Idaho state with your business name, and no one else is able to register with the same name as yours. This ensures your business will not be mistaken or mixed up with any others.

Support When Registering A Business Name In Idaho

When registering an Idaho business name, you will open up your window to receiving support from The Small Business Development center, recommended by Idaho’s Secretary of State.

You will also have access to SOSBiz, which will help to keep your document filing in check and all in the exact location.


From reading our article, we hope you are more clear on how to pursue your Idaho business name search. Remember, there are resources out there to help you, and you can always refer back to this guide if you get stuck.

We have covered business name searches for different US states, which may be helpful for you to read and compare to your Idaho business name search. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can find out if your business name is taken by going directly to the Secretary of State's website. Here, you will find their business search page, in which you can look up active, inactive and dissolved company names.

You can reserve a business name in Idaho by manually filling out a form available on the Secretary of State's website or reserving your business name via SOSBiz for $20. Business name reservations last for four months.

You can register your Idaho business name online by using SOSBiz. To use this online service, you must first create an account, allowing you to complete business filing and registration.


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