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So, you’re starting a business in Delaware and you’ve finally come up with that perfect business name that communicates your branding perfectly, but you want to make sure it’s unique to you and you’re not sure how to go about doing this. Well, that’s where we come in. We can help you to do a Delaware business name search and ensure your business name is completely one-of-a-kind.

Starting a business can be nerve-wracking at the best of times and so naming your business and ensuring it is a unique business name can be made easier by using our tips for a Delaware business name search. In this article, we’re going to be looking at how to find out if your business name is unique, how to register your business name in Delaware, and why you should register it. To find out more, keep reading now.

Generate Business Name Ideas

Before conducting a Delaware business name search, you’re going to need to come up with one or more business names. Whether you can pick between three different options, or you’ve got an abstract idea of a name, you’re going to need something to go on.

If you’re struggling to come up with a business name, you could check out our variety of business name generators to help inspire you to create a unique business name. Remember that your business name is the first communication your brand has with its clients and so it should reflect what your business does in a clear way.

How to Search Available Names in Delaware

Searching for business names in Delaware can be done in a few ways. You could begin by conducting a Delaware business name search on google. This should flag up any popular Delaware businesses with names similar or identical to yours. 

After a google search, you could try searching the Delaware Trade Name Lookup engine, to ensure that your google search didn’t miss any business names similar to yours. After you have ensured your business name is unique, you will also need to check if your preferred domain name is available. 

Try using our domain name generator to come up with a unique domain name and then use the domain name search engine on the results page to ensure it is available!

How to Register Your Business Name in Delaware

To register your business in Delaware, you will need to file a Certificate of Formation with the Delaware Department of State, which can be done in person, online, or by mail. 

Different business structures may require different registration procedures and so it is best to ensure you are using the right one for your business type. For an LLC, you need to file a Certificate of Formation, but a corporation requires a certificate of Incorporation. Both are filed with the Department of State.

Policies and Procedures for Registering Your Business Name in Delaware

In Delaware, there are a few different rules when it comes to naming your business that must be abided by. These include:

  • Your name must include ‘limited liability company,’ or its abbreviations (if you are registering an LLC)
  • Your name cannot include words or acronyms that would cause your business to be confused with a government body
  • You cannot use restricted words or words that require a personal professional license unless you hold said license
  • Your business name must not be easily confused with another Delaware business entity

You may reserve your business name for up to 120 days in the state of Delaware which can give you time to pull together the paperwork for business registration. To reserve your business name, you will need to fill out a form with the Department of State and pay a small fee of $75.00.

Delaware Business Registration Office Details

The Delaware business registration office details are as follows:

Phone number(302) 739-3073
Email address[email protected]
Opening hoursMon – Fri, 8.30 am – 4 pm

How to Register a Business Name in Delaware Online Portal

To register a business online in Delaware, you need to visit the Register your Business page on the site where you will find all of the information necessary to help you to register your business, as well as apply for licensing, online.

The online application will ask you a series of questions to determine your business type and then you will need to input personal and business details. Ensure you have these details to hand.

How Costly is it to Register a Business Name in Delaware?

The cost of registering a business in Delaware varies depending on the kind of business you are registering. For a corporation, incorporation will cost you $89, which includes filing fees, corporation tax, and county fees. To register an LLC in Delaware, you will need to pay $90.

Be aware that other applications for your business may also cost, including name reservation applications and business licenses.

Why Do I Need to Register a Business Name in Delaware?

Registering your business in Delaware is important if it is required by law in the state of Delaware. Some kinds of business may not need to be formally registered so it is best to check that your business does before pursuing it.

Registering a business allows clients and potential investors to be able to see your business details and gives your business a level of trustworthiness. It also allows you to open a bank under your business name and perform transactions. You may also find that registering your business in Delaware can offer some tax benefits.

Be aware that any business operating in Delaware needs to hold a Delaware business license to legally do business in the state.

Support for Registering a Business Name in Delaware

If you are looking for support in registering a business name in Delaware, there are a few places that can help you out. To begin with, the site can give you lots of guidance on the details you will need to register your business, apply for business licenses and reserve your business name.

You may also want to turn to a professional business registration service. This kind of service will be able to provide all of the details of the different certifications you will need to open and run a business in Delaware. 


Conducting a Delaware business name search is a great idea if you’re thinking of opening a business in Delaware. Ensuring that your name is unique is important to your business’s branding and without ensuring this, you may struggle to register your business in Delaware.

Business name searches mean ensuring that the business name you’re operating under is unique to you, to help your business stand out. For more information about business name searches, check out our business name search pages for other states.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Through the Delaware Courts Website, you can either reserve your business name online through the name reservation page.

Useful information:

– The fee for reserving an entity name is $75.00.

– If you choose to handle the name reservation online, make sure to print the confirmation page to add to your business documents.

– You can also choose to mail in a name reservation application. Applications for all of the different entity types can be found at the Name Reservation Applications page.

Depending on the type of business you’re creating, you’ll need to use a different form to complete your name reservation. Online, this is less of a concern but it will be important for those who prefer to mail in an application.

You’ll need the following information for this process:

– Your name and address

– The name you are seeking to reserve

– A check to cover the $75.00 fee

Most of the applications will require the same information, regardless of entity type. However, in order to keep things clear and concise, it’s important to make sure that you use the correct form.

(Source: Delaware Name Reservation Page)

Coming up with a name for your company can be tricky. You may find that you need to come up with several options in order to reach a name that isn’t taken. However, this is really going to be worthwhile.

Having a unique name allows your business to stand out, and it keeps you from getting into trouble with other businesses. While there can be some rare cases in which you can obtain permission to use the exact name you want, it’s not a common occurrence.

If you’re still unable to find a business name that suits you, try using our business name generator to get unique name ideas (click here to find our business name generator).

To find businesses and their trade names in Delaware, you can use the Delaware Trade Entity search. Simply type in the business name you’re looking for and hit search to find businesses with similar or identical names to the one you have searched for.

Reserving a business name is a good choice for those who are not quite ready to register their business in Delaware but want to ensure that their business name remains unique to them. A business name reservation in the state of Delaware costs $75 and lasts for 120 days, giving you the time to prepare for registration.


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