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Once you find the best name for your business, you must ensure you have an available business name. Finding an available business name is challenging, and registering it can also be problematic. We created this guide to help you with your Connecticut business name search and registration journey.

Continue reading our Connecticut business name search guide to learn how to find a brilliant and available business name and register it. Additionally, you can find out the Connecticut business registration office policies, the price, and more!

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How To Prepare Before You Search For Connecticut Business Name Availability

Before checking your Connecticut business name’s availability, you must create a brilliant name. Here are a few naming tips to help you create a great business name for your Connecticut business.

  • You need to make the name catchy and accessible to your customers. Therefore, you need to use catchy keywords that customers are familiar with (try using rhyming to make it catchier).
  • Send a message to your customers with your business name; this can be a mission statement or a promise.
  • You need to make the business name unique with unusual and striking keywords.

You can use our business name generator to create a fantastic name for your Connecticut business.

How To Search For An Available Connecticut Business Name 

Before registering your business name in Connecticut, you need to check its availability. To check your business name’s availability in Connecticut, you need to go to the Connecticut Secretary of State website.

On the Connecticut Secretary of State site, there is a search bar to enter your business name and check for availability. If your business name isn’t original, the search results will show businesses that share your business name (active and inactive businesses).

As well as using the Connecticut Secretary of State site, you can use our business name generator. You can use the ‘check domain name’ filter to check for availability. 

How To Register An Connecticut Business Name 

You can only register your Connecticut business name after you check its availability; the Connecticut Secretary of State website will verify your business name so you can register it. 

You need to fill out the form to register the Connecticut business name. You can fill out the form online or fill out a posted version. If it’s for an LLC, you need to file a form for the reservation of the name. The Connecticut business name reservation review process can take a few weeks.

Before filling out the forms, you can use our business name generator to check for availability.

Policies And Procedure For Registering A Business Name In Connecticut

Connecticut has several business structures, such as corporations, LLCs,  sole proprietorships, general partnerships, and more. All of these business structures have a different registration process. You either need to file registration on the Connecticut Secretary of State website or with a town clerk.

For many of these business structures (mainly sole proprietorships and partnerships), you need to file a DBA (Doing Business As) form. Before filling in the form, they need to verify your business name’s availability. Once you do this, you fill in the form; here is what you can expect to fill out on the form.

  • The business structure type (LLC, sole proprietorships, partnerships, etc.).
  • A detailed rundown of what your business does (products, mission statement, business sector, etc.).
  • The business name you want to register.
  • Your business address.
  • The address details and name of whoever owns the business.

Connecticut Business Registration Office

In Connecticut, you need to register your business name with the Connecticut Secretary of State. Here are all the contact details you need for the Connecticut Secretary of State Office.

Connecticut Secretary of State Website
Connecticut Secretary of State Phone Number860 5096200
Connecticut Secretary of State Email Address[email protected]
Connecticut Secretary of State Business HoursBusiness hours for the Connecticut Secretary of State office are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm 
From Monday to Friday

How Do You Register A Connecticut Business Name On An Online Portal?

As well as a physical form, there is also an online registration portal to register your Connecticut business and business name. You need to head to the Connecticut Secretary of State website and fill out the registration form.

It is imperative to remember to have all of the crucial data and information to hand in before you start the form. If you aren’t entirely sure of the information you need to input, you could make a mistake and fill out the form incorrectly.

If you don’t want to file your Connecticut business name online, you can do so via a letter or in person.

How Costly Is It To Register A Connecticut Business Name?

There are various costs depending on what you want to do with your business in Connecticut. For example, if you are filing a DBA (Doing Business As) form, the price can vary depending on your town in Connecticut. However, the DBA price usually ranges between $5 and $10.

If you reserve an LLC business name, you need to pay a $60 filing fee. You can either enter your payment details on the online form or the physical copy.

Other expenses include a certificate of incorporation from the Secretary of State, $250.

Why Should You Register A Business Name In Connecticut?

If you don’t register your Connecticut business with the state of Connecticut, your business will encounter several restrictions. If you register with the Connecticut Secretary of State, you will be able to use your business name legally and open a business bank account. 

Registering your business will also help you avoid extra legal problems and fees from the Connecticut state government; these fees will make it difficult to operate your business in Connecticut.

Additionally, registering your business will grant you more trust with several entities, including loan providers, other businesses (businesses you can arrange deals with), and investors. Becoming more trustworthy to larger companies is especially beneficial because you will be able to conduct massive business deals with them.

As well as registration, you should check for all the fees and permits you need to arrange to start a business in Connecticut.

What Support Is There When You Register A Business Name In Connecticut?

When you fill out all of the necessary business registration forms and pay all the required fees, the Connecticut Secretary of State office can help with additional tax and legal forms.

The primary support you won’t get without business registration is support from financial entities; if you register your Connecticut business, you can get financial support from potential investors and loan companies.

Connecticut Business Name Search Final Summary

Registering your business name in Connecticut can provide you with numerous benefits, including a business bank account and trust from loan providers and investors. To register your business in Connecticut, you need to head to the Connecticut Secretary of State website and fill out the necessary forms (DBA, etc.).

If you’re having trouble registering a business name in another state, you can use our business name search list to check every state’s business registration policy, process, and prices. The registration policies are very different, so using our list is an excellent way to find the differences.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When it comes to registering and filing other forms for your business, a great deal of it can be done online using the Concord Filing Program. You can also use this program to search UCC and business records, take a look at fees for anything you may need to file and more.

Some helpful tips for registering your name:

– The fee for a name reservation is $60.00.

– Through this page, you’ll also be able to find other useful links that can help you with locating the services you’ll need for your business.

– If you prefer to file through a paper method, you can locate paper applications on the Concord page as well, but they can also be found on the Commonly Used Forms page.

To get started, you’ll need to file an application to reserve your name. These aren’t complicated forms, but keep in mind that they do come with a fee. Once you complete the application and it is approved, your entity name will be reserved so that you can finish the rest of the paperwork without someone taking the name. Keep in mind that the reservation is limited to 120 days.

Some information you’ll need for the name reservation application includes:

– Name and address of the filing party

– The requested name

– Name and address of the applicant

– A check for the $60.00 fee

It can be disappointing when the name you want for your business is taken, but it typically means that you’ll have to keep brainstorming new ideas. Legal problems can occur if your name is a duplicate of another company, or in some cases where it may even just be too similar.

If you are absolutely set on your business name, or believe that there is a misunderstanding with another business in regard to the entity name, you can try contacting the Connecticut Secretary of State office to learn what options are available to you.

Before registering your Connecticut business, you need to find your Connecticut business ID. The easiest way to find your Connecticut business ID is to head to the Connecticut Secretary of State site and input your business name into the search bar. The results will produce your business ID. If you need to recover your business ID after registering, you can also search using your filing number.


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