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Searching for the right business name can be tough, but finding a name that is available can be more challenging. Is this how you’re feeling right now? Fear not, because our Colorado Business Name Search guide will help you determine the availability of your professional entity. 

This article can help you register your business. It’s essential to learn about the name requirements in Colorado. Not following guidelines equates to a rejected name reservation. Keep reading to discover details about name registration, why this application is important, the regulations in Colorado and contact information for your name request process.

Generate Business Name Ideas

Before jumping into the name registration process, you need to create a list of suitable business names. Name reinforcements ensure you have something to fall back on when a name is already taken. Our name generator offers more creative ideas that relate to certain industries. 

The Colorado Secretary of State has a page that details the common reasons for business name rejection. This might be a good resource to read before deciding on a name. A checklist may also help you follow legal requirements in federal, state and local laws. On their website, they recommended using the business resource book to guide you through those regulations.

How to Search for Available Names in Colorado 

You can search for name availability using the search option here. The Colorado Secretary of State has the name checker on their website. You need to type in the exact name of your business, including abbreviations like “LLC” that show your entity. It will tell you whether your name is available and if you wish to view the business database for similar-sounding names.

The Colorado Secretary of State also has ‘advanced’ search options. You can include filing dates, registered agents and trademark names to gather accurate results. This is good to double-check that your name isn’t currently part of another brand. Make sure to try different names in the search, just in case some of your potential names are taken. 

Our domain checker can help you find suitable website links. Simply type your business name into the generator and click the ‘check availability’ option. Some of the domains may be taken, so try to find other names for your business. A domain broker can approach domain owners and negotiate sale prices. This is helpful if you really want a specific domain for your website.

How to Register Your Business Name in Colorado

You’ll need to file a form on the Colorado Secretary of State’s website. Some of these registration forms can appeal to trade names, limited liability companies, corporations, foreign entities, partnerships and cooperatives. If you’re a small business owner, you can use the small business navigator resource to understand more about legal structures. 

All you need to do is find the form that suits your business entity and complete potential questions from the Colorado Secretary of State. These questions are there to judge the suitability of your business name. If you’re unsure about some of the questions, you can refer to the Colorado business resource book that tells you more about starting a new business. 

Policies and Procedures for Registering Your Business Name

The Colorado Secretary of State has a checklist you need to follow when starting a new business. It details the process of filing online and maintaining your record to avoid higher filing fees. Subscribe to the email notifications to receive important reminders related to your registration. You’ll receive business emails electronically from The Colorado Secretary of State.

This checklist also covers business formation, financial plans, marketing, insurance, general management and local, federal and state regulatory environments. It’s important to read the laws in Colorado before submitting your registration form online. You can also register with the Department of Regulatory Agencies if your business requires licensing in Colorado.

Here are more rules and regulations in the Colorado Secretary of State.

Colorado Secretary of State Office Details

Here is the contact information for the Colorado Secretary of State: 

Phone 303-894-2200
Email [email protected]
Hours8am–5pm, Monday–Friday

How to Register Business Name in Colorado Online Portal

The Colorado Secretary of State’s website is very easy to follow when registering your business name. You need to click on the ‘business’ option to find request forms. It will give you plenty of resources and services to use for your registration process. Choosing ‘forms list’ will take you to a page of documented forms that cater to different legal business structures. 

You can view some of the FAQs if you’re stuck on registering your name. The website has plenty of guidance that can help you file the right legal documents. Some questions detail the specifics of forms and how you may complete them for your business.

The Cost of Registering Your Business Name in Colorado 

You can find a fee schedule on the Colorado Secretary of State’s website. Payment will change for every business entity, as they may have different intentions when registering. If you’re just reserving the name, it might cost around $25 online. Filing for certifications can require $150 or more in additional fees. Check the price list on their website to see how much you need to pay. 

If you have concerns regarding payment, then contact the Colorado Secretary of State to gather more information. They might offer in-depth details on how you can pay and why you’re transferring a certain amount. It’s better to check before sending money with your form. 

Why Registering your Business Name in Colorado is Important

Registering a business name anywhere is important. The Colorado Secretary of State will require legal information about your business to avoid duplicate entities. It’s best not to confuse the public with multiple names that match or sound similar. Make sure to use the name availability search tool when testing your name against other entities in Colorado. 

Filing a legal form for your name is also important for obtaining a business bank account. You gain access to loans and financial benefits. Maintaining your finances in the account is a great way of building a respected brand. Clients are more likely to view your business as professional when using your services. Just visit this website to get started on your registration. 

Support for Registering Your Business Name

The registration process can be challenging at first. You might find it especially confusing if you’re a new business owner. There are forms and information you need to look at when registering a legal entity. But don’t worry, because these support options may help:

  • This tutorial can show you how to register your business in Colorado. 
  • The Colorado Secretary of State has FAQs that could answer some of your concerns.
  • You can email or phone the Colorado Secretary of State for support.


Registering your business name in Colorado is essential for completing documentation and filing. Many clients prefer a business that is professional and holds a legal entity to their name. A registered business obtains plenty of perks that help it to raise capital among investors and potential customers. Simply file a form on this website and you’re good to go! 

If you’re curious about requirements in other states, you can check out our list. We cover the regulations in other American states and how your registration might be different. Just search for your desired state and find more information on its legal business name requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Register your business with the Colorado Secretary of State’s office by filing online.

Useful resources:

– The Small Business Navigator should be the first point of contact for new business owners.

– This tutorial will answer questions big and small about starting your business.

– The Colorado Business Resource Book also contains information about forming, licensing, and funding a business.

– You can also reserve your business name for 120-days. Name reservations are also filed through SOSDirect.

To register your business name in Colorado, you need to:

– Determine the legal structure of your business.

– Make sure that the name of your business is available by searching the existing business database.

– Locate and file the necessary documentation.

– Pay the required filing fee using the “Pay Now”.

(Source: Chapter 5, Texas Secretary of State -Business Organization Code)

If a business name is listed as “not available” or “not distinguishable,” that means your ideal business name is already on record with the Secretary of State. To see if a name is spoken for, search our database for a few key words.

We advise leaving out required terms and abbreviations and articles of speech to get the most accurate results. If you find a name similar to your entity’s you may want to seek legal counsel to ensure it will not put you in hot water.

To distinguish your entity name from those already in the system, you can:

– Add an article of speech such as “the” and “a”
– Add abbreviations such as “LLC”, “Corp”, and “Inc” to your entity name

Periods, underscores, and capitalized letters will not, however, make your name distinguishable.

If you’re unable to find a business name that suits you, try using our business name generator to get unique name ideas (click here to find our business name generator).

You need to locate registration forms on the Colorado Secretary of State’s website. These forms may give you questions to answer before you fill out your details. The website is fairly easy to navigate, as it holds plenty of menu options and FAQs for support.

Registering your name in Colorado means you gain more business recognition. Professional entities are more likely to attract loyal customers. You also receive tax benefits that can hugely benefit your success. It’s 100% worth filing a document from the Colorado Secretary of State.

Yes, you can change your business name. The Colorado Secretary of State’s website has instructions for changing your entity name. It details the steps you need to take when transitioning into a modified business.


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