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Getting Started

When getting started, you’ll need several good ideas for business names. To start a business in Arkansas, you’ll want a name that is unique and distinguishable from other existing business entities within the Arkansas business name database.

We suggest coming up with a few name ideas before you begin your search. Having several options in mind is important because your first name choice may not be available. Need some help getting started? Use our business name generator below!

Generate Business Name Ideas

Search business name availability

To begin, contact your local Secretary of State (SOS) office via phone or email. Ask them to run a business name search. This service is free and it’s the most reliable way to check if the name you want for your business is available.

Alternately, you can also search online for Arkansas businesses entities. Click here to visit Arkansas’ official SOS database and run your business name search.

Using the SOS Direct website to run a search on your potential business name is quick and convenient. This service is provided at no charge.

Here are some tips:

Step 1: In the Corporation Type text box, select “All Types.”

Step 2: Type your desired name in the Name text box. You don’t need to add LLC.

Don’t add punctuation.

This search engine will not distinguish between upper case and lower case letters.

You can leave the remainder of the text boxes blank.

Step 3:  Click on the Search button.

Ideally, you’ll get a result that says, “There are no records found.”

This message indicates that the name you want is distinguishable from other businesses and available for you to use.

As stated in Section 3 on pages 10 and 11 of the “Doing Business in Arkansas” download available at the Arkansas Secretary of State website, every business (name) entity must be distinguishable from other Arkansas business names.

Arkansas Secretary of State Office

Phone: (501) 682-3409 and 1-888-233-0325


Hours: 8am – 5pm, Monday – Friday

Click to search the Arkansas business name database to ensure the name you want is available.

Frequently Asked Questions

The first step to claiming your business name is to reserve the name you want. This holds the name for 120 days.


There are three ways to reserve your name.

– You can reserve your business name online via the Arkansas Secretary of State (SOS) SOS Direct Portal. This requires payment of a $22.50 fee.

– Or you can download the Application for Reservation of Entity Name form and send it with the $25 filing fee in the mail or deliver it in person.


Next, you will need to file either an “Articles of Incorporation” form or an “Application for Fictitious Business” name to secure your business name.

Which form you fill out is determined by the type of entity your business will be.


Useful information:

– The SOS website charges a fee of $45 if filing “The Articles of Incorporation” online. Approval usually takes 2 to 3 business days. To file by mail, the fee is $50. Approval can take up to 2 weeks.

– The charge for filing an “Application for Fictitious Business Name” is $22.50 if done online and $25.00 if done on paper (mail or in-person).

– Name registration lasts for one year and can be renewed for an annual fee of $150.

To complete either an “Articles of Incorporation” or an “Application for Fictitious Business Name” to secure your business name, you will require a street address, not a post office box number.

You will also need to detail the nature and/or objective of the business on either form.


In addition, the “Articles of Incorporation” form will also require a list of shareholders, a list of incorporators, the name and address of the Registered Agent, as well as information for Corporate Franchise Tax.

A Fictitious business name is also known as “Doing Business As”, often abbreviated as DBA. This name might be different than your registered name but it still gives you full legal coverage.


For a Fictitious Name application, you will need to provide:

  • the type of entity your business will be; for example, an LLC, an LLP, a Limited Partnership, etc.
  • the nature of the business you will be conducting.
  • the date that the name was listed as an Arkansas entity.
  • whether the entity is foreign or domestic.
  • the address of the registered agent.


The filing fee for “Fictitious Business Name” ranges from $15 to $25 depending on the type of entity your business will be registered as.

Although it is best to use a unique, distinguishable business name, you may be able to use a variant of the name you want.


First, make a few changes to the name.

Next, seek consent from the current entity that resembles yours. It may not be necessary, but it is a sign of good business practice.

You should consult a lawyer in the field of corporate business to see what your rights are with regards to similar business names in Arkansas.


If you’re still unable to find a business name that suits you, try using our business name generator to get unique name ideas (click here to find our business name generator).

Before you begin your business name search at the Arkansas Secretary of State website, visit the United States Patent and Trademark online office with your business name ideas.

Run a trademark search at to ensure there are no trademarks on the name you wish you use.

Registering your business Domain/website

Don’t make the mistake of forgetting to check if the domain name is available for your business. The last thing you want is to register your business name and find out afterwards that another competitor or company already has a website with your name!

Use our domain check below to instantly check availability.

Enter your business name to check domain availability