Arizona Business Name Search

Getting Started

Before searching the Arizona Business Name Database, you can save time by making sure your business name is unique and distinguishable from other existing business entities within the state. We suggest coming up with a few name ideas in case some are unavailable.

Generate Business Name Ideas

Search business name availability

To search for the availability of your business name, you have to check if it is available on the ACC website. Check if there are trade names, corporations or LCC’s using the name or a possible variant.

Navigate to under File, click on Name, and then Check Name Availability.

If you want your business (Partnership or Sole proprietorship) to run using a name that is different from the owner’s name, you have to register for a Trade name in Arizona (DBA)

Trade names are not filed with the AZCC (Arizona Corporation Commission) but are filed with Arizona’s Secretary of State (SOS).

For questions relating to Trade name registration, you can contact the Secretary of State on 602-542-4285. You can also visit their website or check their Contact page to get in touch with them

Arizona Secretary of State Office

Phone: 602-542-4285

Hours: 8am – 5pm, Monday – Friday

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you file your Arizona LLC’s Articles of Organization with the AZCC (Arizona Corporation Commission), you need to confirm the availability of your chosen LLC name by searching the state of Arizona’s database.

You’re required by the Arizona Corporation Commission to list a Statutory Agent in your LLC’s Articles of Organization. A Statutory Agent is a company or person who agrees to collect legal mail, notices, and court documents (which is also called Service of Process) should your LLC be taken to court.

These are the documents you need to file with the Arizona Corporate Commission

– Articles of Organization (Form L010)

– The filing fee is $50 or $85, this depends on whether you want to expedite the process or not.

– Mode of filing: this can either be sent by mail to Arizona Corporation Commission, 1300 West Washington Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85007 or online.

We highly recommend you file online as the process is less cumbersome and the approval time is faster.

All filing options and forms are available at


(Source: How to Form an LLC in Arizona)

Before you adopt and register a trademark or trade name, you’re advised to perform a detailed online search of potential business names at You can get further instructions on the website.

The trade names or trademark must be distinguishable and distinctive from the existing registrations.

In the Arizona trade name and trademark handbook, trademarks or trade names are not registered officially. This is because the application will be reviewed for possible conflicts with existing Arizona registered names and marks. If your chosen name conflicts with other businesses, you have to modify it to something unique.

If you’re still unable to find a business name that suits you, try using our business name generator to get unique name ideas (click here to find our business name generator).

Registering your business Domain/website

Don’t make the mistake of forgetting to check if the domain name is available for your business. The last thing you want is to register your business name and find out another competitor or company already has a website with your name! Use our domain check below to instantly check availability.

Enter your business name to check domain availability