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Arizona business name search is the process of finding an available business name in Arizona, checking for available keywords, and registering it so you can use it legally. The rules and regulations will differ depending on the state.

Continue reading our Arizona business name search guide to find out how to prepare before you search, find an available business name in Arizona, register it, and more!

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How To Prepare Before You Search For Arizona Business Name Availability

Before you search keyword business name availability in Arizona, you have to search for keywords and find a compelling business name. You need a business name with the following criteria:

  • Your business name must be catchy and memorable. You can use our business name generator to find notable keywords.
  • Your business name must send a message to your customers/ client base and attract them to use your business.
  • Your business name must be unique and stand out from the competition.

Use our business name generator if you need help creating a compelling business name.

How To Search For An Available Arizona Business Name 

To find out if your business name is available in Arizona, you need to check it on the official Arizona website. 

When you get to their website, you can search their trade name, trademark, and partnerships database to find out if your business name is available. You should check multiple types of business names during your keyword business name search, including small businesses, LLCs, and corporations, to be entirely sure that your business name is available.

Our business name generator can also help you with your keyword business name search. You can turn on the ‘Check domain availability’ filter, providing you with multiple available domain name options.

How To Register An Arizona Business Name 

You need to head to the Arizona secretary of State website to register your trade name in Arizona. However, you must be sure that your name is unique and available before registering so the website doesn’t reject you.

If you start a corporation in Arizona, you need to head to the Arizona Corporation Commission (AZCC). Once there, you can register your corporation name. 

Before registering your business name on either of these sites, you need to make sure it’s available.

Using the instant domain name checker on our business name generator, you can do this.

Policies And Procedure For Registering A Business Name In Arizona

Here are the policies for registering a trade name and LLC name in Arizona.

If registering an LLC name with the AZCC, you need to remember the following information:

  • You can reserve a corporation or LLC name for 120 days.
  • You must obtain approval from the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions to use specific keywords in your name (bank, banker, credit union, deposit, building association, etc.).
  • Online name registrations take priority.

You can check for name availability and reserve and register your corporation or LLC name here.

For filing a trade name in Arizona, you need to go to the Arizona Secretary of State website and the registration page. Before you register you need to remember that your business name will be valid for 5 years, and the review period after registration is two to three weeks. After the review period, you will get an email with payment details or a rejection of your registration.

Arizona Business Registration Office

Arizona Registration OfficeWebsitePhoneEmailBusiness Hours
Arizona Corporation Commission (AZCC) 542-3026[email protected]8am to 5pm
Monday to Friday
Arizona Secretary of State am to 5 pm
Monday to Friday

How Do You Register An Arizona Business Name On An Online Portal?

To start the registration process for an LLC name in Arizona, you need to head to this page and use their site to check if your LLC name is available. After the check is complete and they approve your LLC name, you can register or reserve the name for 120 days.

To register for a trade business name via the Secretary Of State website, you need to enter your trade name (exactly how you want it) and your email. After they check your trade name, you need to register your business details and contact details.

How Costly Is It To Register An Arizona Business Name?

If you want to register an LLC business name with the Arizona Corporation Commission after the keyword business name search, you need to pay a reservation fee of $45.00 ($10 for filing and $35 expedite fee). They will charge you automatically because you reserve the name immediately.

If you want to register a trade business name with the Arizona Secretary of State, the fee will depend on whether you go through the review period or not; you can call on 602-542-4285 or wait for the review process to find the exact prices.

Why Should You Register A Business Name In Arizona?

Registering a business name in Arizona is an excellent idea for numerous reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  • Registering a business name in Arizona helps you avoid any legal fees or issues with the Arizona State Government.
  • It can secure your reputation as an official Arizona business.
  • It can build trust with your suppliers, employees, and customers/clients.
  • It will allow you to market your Arizona business across the state.
  • It will allow you to conduct large business transactions with more prominent companies.

If you don’t register your business name, you can face several problems and penalties, including:

  • You won’t be able to acquire a business account at a bank.
  • You need to register with the government and pay all required fees and taxes. You will be fine as long as you run a legal business and meet all Arizona tax requirements.
  • You are less likely to get funding from investors.

What Support Is There When You Register A Business Name In Arizona?

You can gain support from the Arizona Secretary of State if you successfully register your business name. They can assist you with legal documentation and tax documentation.

You will also get support from potential investors and loan companies (they will be happier to support your business growth if you officially register your name).

Arizona Business Name Search Final Summary

Registering your name in Arizona is advisable if you want to be a legitimate business. You will be able to get financial assistance from investors and loan companies more often, and you will get help from the Arizona Secretary of State with your legal documentation. You can register your Arizona business name with the AZSOS ( trade name) or the AZCC (LLC).

If you want to know the business name search details from the other states, you can look at our business name search list. Every state’s legal registration policy differs, so you should consult our list to see the differences.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Before you file your Arizona LLC’s Articles of Organization with the AZCC (Arizona Corporation Commission), you need to confirm the availability of your chosen LLC name by searching the state of Arizona’s database.

You’re required by the Arizona Corporation Commission to list a Statutory Agent in your LLC’s Articles of Organization. A Statutory Agent is a company or person who agrees to collect legal mail, notices, and court documents (which is also called Service of Process) should your LLC be taken to court.

These are the documents you need to file with the Arizona Corporate Commission

– Articles of Organization (Form L010)

– The filing fee is $50 or $85, this depends on whether you want to expedite the process or not.

– Mode of filing: this can either be sent by mail to Arizona Corporation Commission, 1300 West Washington Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85007 or online.

We highly recommend you file online as the process is less cumbersome and the approval time is faster.

All filing options and forms are available at

(Source: How to Form an LLC in Arizona)

Before you adopt and register a trademark or trade name, you’re advised to perform a detailed online search of potential business names at You can get further instructions on the website.

The trade names or trademark must be distinguishable and distinctive from the existing registrations.

In the Arizona trade name and trademark handbook, trademarks or trade names are not registered officially. This is because the application will be reviewed for possible conflicts with existing Arizona registered names and marks. If your chosen name conflicts with other businesses, you have to modify it to something unique.

If you’re still unable to find a business name that suits you, try using our business name generator to get unique name ideas (click here to find our business name generator).

If your Arizona company is an LLC, you must have LLC in the name; it is a minimum legal requirement in Arizona. You have to put LLC in the name, but there are multiple variations, including L.L.C, LLC, L.C, LC, Limited Liability Company, or Limited Company.

To create an excellent business name before registering it in Arizona, you need to consider multiple factors, including its memorability, how it links to your customer message, and its uniqueness. You can use our business name generator if you need further help before your Arizona business name search.


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