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So you’re starting your own business, and you want people to know just how unique and innovative your business is in your region, right? If you do, then it’s probably best that you come up with an interesting, one-of-a-kind name that helps you to stand out. But, how do you know your business name is unique only to you? Well, that’s where we come in.

Our Alaska business name search helps you find easy ways to check your brand new business name and ensure that nobody else in your region is using the name! To find out more about searching for business names in Alaska, check out the rest of this article.

Generate Business Name Ideas

In preparation for ensuring that nobody else in Alaska is using your chosen business name, you’re first going to need to come up with a business name. Whether you’re dead set on one name, or you’re still picking between a few, you can still check these names through the search – it may even make your decision easier!

To come up with a good business name, you’re going to need to consider how your business name reflects your brand and whether your customers will respond well to it. For lots more help in coming up with a unique business name, why not check out our business name generators?

How to Search Available Names in Alaska

One of the easiest ways to search for business names in Alaska is to use the Alaska Business Entities search engine. It is totally free to use and all you need to do is enter your chosen business name in the ‘entity’ field and hit search. You will then be able to skim any results to find other business entities in Alaska with similar or identical names to yours.

You could also run a quick google search for businesses in your area and check out our domain name search tool to ensure that your chosen domain name is available. The domain availability tool can be found on the results page of any one of our business name generators to help with your search.

How to Register Your Business Name in Alaska

Registering a business name in Alaska is also known as filing a DBA. It entails filing your business name, either online or by mail, with the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development or filling out a New Business Name Registration form.

Once you have filled out your Business Name Registration form, you will have exclusive rights to the business name you registered for five years. If you are awaiting other paperwork before registering your business name, you may want to reserve your business name with a Business Name Reservation which protects your name for 120 days.

Policies and Procedures for Registering Your Business Name in Alaska

There are a few policies and procedures you should be aware of before attempting to register your new business name in Alaska.

Firstly, before you can register a business name in Alaska, you must have a business license specifically in that business name. If you do not have a business license yet, you can reserve the name, as mentioned before, in the meantime.

To apply for a business license, you need to fill out the New Business License Application form or file it online. Note: you will require a separate business license for each name your business operates under.

In Alaska, there are also some rules which must be adhered to when choosing a business name. The rules are as follows:

  • Your business name cannot include words that imply it operates in any other way than is described in the Articles of Incorporation
  • You cannot include words like ‘city’ or ‘village’ which may imply that the business is a municipality, but you may use the name of a city, town, or borough in your name
  • You may not use words that would allow your business to be confused with a government agency, including acronyms like ‘FBI’
  • You also cannot use any words with professional licensing restrictions, unless you hold said professional license, i.e., engineer

Alaska Business Registration Office Details

Details for the Alaska business registration office are as follows:
Phone numberMain reception: (907) 465-2550Fax: (907) 465-2974
Email address[email protected]
Opening hoursMon – Fri 8 am – 3 pm

How to Register a Business Name in Alaska Online Portal

Registering a business name in Alaska means already holding a business license for a business in the name which you intend to register. You can apply for a business license online here.

To register a business name online, you need to head to the online filing page on the Division for Corporations, Business, and Professional Licensing part of the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development site. 

This page gives detailed instructions on how to register your business name in Alaska through the online portal, including details on payment, processing, and what to do if you make a mistake while filing.

How Costly is it to Register a Business Name in Alaska?

When registering a new business name in Alaska, there is a $25 filing fee that needs to be paid. This fee can be paid online with a debit card. Accepted issuers include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

If filing with a hardcopy of your application, you will need to fill out the details of your card on the payment details page of this form.

Why Do I Need to Register a Business Name in Alaska?

Registering a business name in Alaska is the legal way to ensure you can operate as a business under that name. It allows you to open bank accounts and process transactions using this name too, helping your business look more legitimate.

There are some types of business that do not necessarily need to register a business name under Alaska law, and so it is best to check which your business type falls into before beginning the process of the Alaska business name search.

Support for Registering a Business Name in Alaska

In undertaking your Alaska business name search and registering your new business name in Alaska, you may require some support. Great places to find support during this time include:

  • Professional DBA services – It will cost you money, but they can help you to fill out all the forms correctly and ensure you get the necessary documentation for your business
  • The Divisions of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing website – You will find all of the details you need and some FAQ pages with helpful information


Conducting an Alaska business name search can help you to narrow down your business name choices and ensure that nobody else in your region is using your business name. It helps to make sure you have a unique business name that will not be associated anywhere else.

Registering your business name in Alaska is important, but the process is pretty straightforward and doesn’t cost too much. 

To find out more about business name searches for other states, check out our other business name search pages.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can register your business name via the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development (Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing).

Useful information:

- You will have to choose whether you’d like to just reserve the business name for a specific time period or go through the registration.
- To register a business name, you will need to be the holder of a current business license.
- You can complete the filing online but a review process lasting 10 to 15 days will still be in effect.
- There is a 25-dollar non-refundable filing fee that you will need to pay in order to register your business name in Alaska.

To register your business name, you’ll need to prepare the following:

- A valid business license
- A business name reservation application (if you just want to reserve the business name)
- Business name registration application (if you want to register the business name)
- All of the forms can be downloaded from the website of Alaska’s Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development.

You will also need to provide evidence that the non-refundable registration fee has been paid.

If your ideal business name is already in use, you will have to choose an alternative. According to official state information, you could run into legal conflict by attempting to register a business name that has already been taken.

Keep in mind that there are also certain name restrictions in Alaska that could contribute to your registration request being rejected. You cannot register a business name that provides misleading information about your corporate purposes. Vulgarities, profanities and words that are in violation of local laws are also not permissible.

Understand the fact that the entity registering a business name has exclusive right over it, as per Alaska law. A court order can be used to prohibit others from using similar not distinguishable names. The entity could also seek damages in court, leading to financial losses for those interested in getting a similar name. Hence, carrying out research in advance and striving for originality will both be in your favor.

If you’re starting a new business, you will want to ensure that your business name is totally unique to you and your business. To find other business names in Alaska and ensure nobody is using your, check the Alaska Business Entity search page. Simply enter your chosen business name into the ‘entity’ field and scan the list for names close or identical to your own.

As of April 2022, the application for new business licenses and the renewal of business licenses in Alaska is currently free. All other fees remain in place but applying for a new licensing, renewing, or reactivating your business license currently incurs no charge in Alaska.

Yes. All businesses in Alaska need a business license to be afforded the privilege of carrying out business in the state of Alaska. You will require a new business license for each business name that your company operates under.


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