Bubble introduces a simple way to build software applications. It is a no-code development platform that works perfectly for non-technical people. Whether you want SaaS or CRM applications, this website builder software can help you build them. But it’s not just about development – you can design, test and launch your digital products here.




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Bubble Review


Founded in 2012, Bubble is the best code-free software builder tool and hosting system. Non-programmers use it to build fully customizable web applications and workflows. These applications can be prototypes, complex marketplaces, SaaS products, and more.

Thanks to its simplicity anyone can use it on its own. Today, Bubble is one of the top leaders in its market segment, and it has continued to build its platform, adding more functionality, plugins, and training.

Read our Bubble review to understand Bubble’s pros and cons, usability, features, and pricing. Again, compare the whole view to other products.

Bubble overview

Pros & Cons

As with all applications, there are pros and cons to consider when choosing the right system for your needs. Here are some things to consider for your own Bubble review.

+ Time-efficient, saving on cost

+ Over 800 plugins and templates available

+ Excellent GUI with drag-and-drop features

+ No-code website building for the non-technical.

– Reliance on 3rd party tools for more than basic development.

– Limited back-ups for free users and a bit confusing when using for the first time.


With its user-friendly interface, this application is straightforward to use. Also, all Bubble apps are accessible on a mobile device through any web browser.

Its features optimize the mobile experience on your Bubble app. In fact, the no-code visual UI gives you the power to build a website without having to learn to code or hire coders to do it for you.

Designs and functionality are also user-friendly and score at the higher end of the genius score. You can also connect Bubble with Microsoft dynamic 365 CRM without coding.


Bubble has an integration tool to connect apps like Zapier, IFTTT, Intergromat, and Workato. Most users look for this feature before using the software. Product features always matter. They provide customers with hints about how well Bubble will deliver its benefits. Although benefits are generally more important than features, there are some times when features make all the difference.

For instance, a specific feature provides a competitive advantage mostly when the product in a category gives the same benefits. The score of the features is at the higher end too. Here is a list of all the Bubble’s specific features.

  • Data management, security, and synchronization – You can design, search, and export data structures using a secure data store. Additionally, users can set up user accounts and enable log-ins with passwords.
  • Drag and drop Builder – Bubble users can use bubble’s responsive editor to make apps that look great in mobile browsers, right out of the box.
  • Web/Mobile App Development – Bubble allows the creation of multi-user apps for mobile web browsers and desktops, including tools to develop the applications such as Twitter and Uber.
  • Integrations management – Bubble users can connect their Bubble app to any API with a no-code API connector, thus finding a solution to any business problem in Bubble’s plugin marketplace.
  • Collaboration tools – Bubble brings together up to 40 teammates to work on your application with you. From marketing to design, users can pitch in without using a code.

Support Quality

Bubble has a quality support team readily available to offer assistance. Indeed, users prefer prompt help whenever the need arises. Bubble users can contact to customer support through various channels, including Contact Us, Forum Support, FAQ page and Bug Reporting.

First, Contact Us options provide a quick response. Here, users email with specific questions that are answered by the customer support team within the shortest time possible. Second, Bubble users can use the debugger tool to fix their problems on their own. However, if the problem persists, report the bug by quickly providing information. The support team investigates, tracks the problem, and fixes it. Third, the Bubble Forum is a Bubble user interactive platform. They share ideas, ask questions, and join discussions. Bubbles support quality scores at the higher end.

Bubble Pricing — What does it cost?

Bubble offers a good range of price options, including a free subscription to get you started. You can either pay monthly or on the annual discounted plan. For instance, a free account gives you access to limited functionality covering. Examples are core platform features, branding, and community support.

Further, the personal account provides you with access to the Core platform, APIs, Custom domain, and email support. The Professional plan provides you with 3 units of server capacity, 2 application editors, and 2 development versions, whereas The Production plan provides you with a further 10 units of server capacity. It scores at the higher-end.

Free PlanYes


Finally, with very limited experience, you can quickly and easily learn to develop simple to complex websites. Also, the drag-and-drop features of the website builder software make it very simple and easy to use.

In conclusion of our Bubble review, we see that compared to traditional website development methods, Bubble is well worth the investment of your time to help you capture your market quickly and cost-efficiently.

Try out Bubble now!

If you don’t know how to code and need to build a complex project, Bubble is the way to go. It is the most powerful no-code solution you can find in the market, and it is well worth the money.

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