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Bluehost web hosting provider makes it easy to connect to the world. This hosting service is perfect for sharing posts, photos, products, and more. With an all-in-one dashboard, managing your site is easy. And you can expect, fast, reliable performances with powerful website building tools and good uptimes.




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Bluehost Web Hosting Review


Bluehost Web Hosting is an excellent web hosting service that serves over two million clients. It is an ideal pick, especially if you are a beginner looking to set up your first WordPress website.

Its setup process is hassle-free as it comes with a one-click WordPress installation and no-code drag-and-drop website builder. Therefore, you get to choose a hosting plan that suits you and receive a free domain for one year and a lifetime free CDN and SSL certificate.

Read this Bluehost Web Hosting review to find out and compare to similar products.

Pros & Cons

Bluehost Web Hosting is easy to use. It makes site set up a breeze by automating WordPress installation and making it part of the sign-up process. It also offers:

+ Reliable uptime — Although the company does not provide a service level agreement guarantee, its annual uptime average is above 99.9%.

+ Unlimited bandwidth — Bluehost web hosting does not limit the number of visitors to its website.

+ Security – Bluehost web hosting has some of the best security measures out there for hosting websites. These security features help people cut down on the hours they spend on their website.

+ Customer Support – The customer support provided by Bluehost is fast and effective – which is essential for any web hosting service.  

+ Usability – Bluehost web hosting is easy for everyone to use because of its features and products. 

— Limited host server options — All Bluehost use U.S. servers. If you have users from other regions, they may experience slow loading speeds for your website.

— Aggressive upsell offers — The company will pitch you constantly to upgrade your plan. Sometimes, such marketing tactics can be annoying.


Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting services out there, and it’s no surprise with the features and products it offers. The fact that it is easy to use is important because those who are not tech-savvy can also use this service and still receive a perfect website.

Its control panel has an intuitive user interface for hassle-free navigation. Most users give it a favorable usability score that’s on the higher end. The sign-up process is simple. You start by selecting your preferred plan and follow the prompts to create your account. If you do not have a domain name, you can pick one and register it with the domain registrar.

Once you create your account, you can access the control panel. Navigate to the MOJO Marketplace and use the “One-Click Install” to set up WordPress in seconds. With WordPress up and running, you can choose one of the free templates or buy a premium theme that suits your business niche. At this point, your domain is active, but the site cannot load until you publish it.

Bluehost interface is mobile-friendly. It also comes with a feature to package your website as a mobile app for added flexibility. This way, your clients can access your site faster and conveniently on the go.


Now lets see the features in our Bluehost web hosting review. Bluehost web hosting offers exciting features that meet the diverse needs of customers. For example, it has multiple hosting plans, such as the shared, dedicated, and VPS hosting options that allow you to choose a package that suits your business needs, irrespective of the size of your company.

Each of Bluehost’s hosting plans has a flexible contract period ranging between 12 and 36 months. You can cancel the contract any time, although at a fee. Other features include:

  • Seamless software integration — Bluehost’s control panel gives you access to several applications which you can integrate with your websites, such as Office 365, image gallery, CRM, pricing, and online booking apps.
  • Auto-renewal of plans — You do not have to worry about renewing it manually. The system auto-renews your hosting plan and pays your domain name registrar.
  • Enhanced security — The company uses security services such as CodeGuard, SiteLock, SSL certificates, and 2-FA (two-factor authentication) to prevent hackers from accessing your website if your password is compromised.
  • Quality server with high-performance — Such servers guarantee the effective performance of e-commerce sites.
  • Dedicated Hosting Server – Have dedicated resources for your website to run smoothly at all times, but you will need to manage this server on your own. 
  • Cloud Hosting – You can utilize cloud servers, so your website can automatically switch to different servers in case of a problem.
  • Shared Hosting – This is the perfect way to start a website if you have minimal traffic volume coming to your website because it shares server resources from other websites.
  • Virtual Private Server Hosting – You will have access to dedicated virtual resources in a shared environment for your website. 

Support Quality

Most customers appreciate Bluehost’s fast and accurate customer service. Users often rate Bluehost’s customer support staff on the higher end. Indeed, the company offers 24/7 live chat support, and if you are experiencing hiccups setting up your site, the team will sort you out in under ten minutes.

Alternatively, you can contact the support team via email or phone, but these channels may not be fast as the live chat option. Indeed, Bluehost provides self-help resources such as videos, articles, and an extensive FAQs section.

Bluehost Pricing — What does it cost?

Bluehost web hosting pricing for its hosting plans is fairly affordable, at least for the first term. For instance, the basic shared plan costs $2.95 per month, and the renewal rate is $9.99. Each hosting service has pricing levels starting from Basic/Standard to Pro/Premium. The Pro/Premium plans come with more features, therefore, they are more expensive. Payments to the registrar to renew your domain are not part of the hosting charges. Here is a quick overview of Bluehost’s pricing.

Free TrialNo free version
Shared HostingStarting from $2.95/mo
WooCommerce hostingStarting from $15.95/mo
VPSStarting from $18.99/mo
Dedicated HostingStarting from $79.99/mo


To conclude our Bluehost web hosting review, it is a reliable web hosting service that serves over 2 million website owners. It offers 99.9% uptime and decent loading speeds, especially for U.S. users.

Setting up your Bluehost is a breeze thanks to the one-click WordPress installation. Indeed, this allows you to get your new website running in minutes.

Bluehost’s control panel has an intuitive design that enhances quick navigation through the user menu. It also offers affordable hosting plans to meet diverse customer needs.

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