Best Logo Makers

Logo maker software helps to create a logo that can greatly elevate your business. Make a customized logo for your business using one of the best logo maker software.

Top List of Best Logo Maker

We didn’t just put any logo creator on the list of best logo makers. To understand how these options got onto our list, read about our ranking method in this article.






Canva Logo Maker

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Free TrialNo
Free VersionYes







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Pricing modelUsage-based
Free TrialNo
Free VersionYes






Wix Review

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Pricing modelPer User
Free TrialNo
Free VersionYes







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Free VersionNo






Tailor Brands

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Free VersionNo

Using logo maker software you can create a visual brand identity, which will give your customers a way to recognize your services and products without needing to see your company’s name.

Large corporations can use their in-house graphic design team to create a logo, but smaller businesses and start-ups don’t necessarily need to worry about that expense. It can be hard to find a quality graphic designer when you’re just getting started, so using a business logo maker is an ideal solution to start your branding journey.

Ranking Method

We started with a broad search of logo makers. We looked for those that had the highest ratings among what’s available. Once we compiled a master list, we started reading reviews from customers to get an idea of what might make our list.

Then we demoed the products for ourselves. Anything that wasn’t easy to use got cut from the list. Just because software is easy to use doesn’t mean it creates good results. So after designing a logo, we compared the finished artwork.

We sorted through our research, notes, and experience to score and rank the final products. The top logo makers are what you see on the list above.


Since we already weeded out the logo makers that don’t deliver premium results, you know that any you pick from the list above can suit your needs. However, there’s not one best logo maker to use across the board. Each product has pros and cons that make it suitable for certain needs.

Logos are important because they sum up your business identity in one concise image. A good logo will catch the eyes of potential customers and bring traffic to your site. They’ll enjoy seeing it and noticing things about it, like how some major brands hide messages in their logos.

People will overlook a logo that isn’t aesthetically pleasing or just isn’t very memorable. They won’t feel intrigued to find out more about what services or products you offer and will scroll on by until something else grabs their attention.

Therefore, using the best online logo maker will pay off in the long run. Invest in one at the start and watch your business grow.

Best Logo Maker Overview

With so many options available, you might not know which logo maker is the best for your business. You can narrow down your choices by considering how much art experience and knowledge you have.

If you feel comfortable choosing colors that express your business identity, you might want to use a premium logo maker that gives you more options and freedom of design. If you’re not artistic at all, you might think it’s worth paying more for a site that will give you a wide range of options so you get an idea about what you like.

What is the Best Logo Maker

The best logo maker depends greatly on your type of business and artistic inclination. Someone who has a very clear idea about how they want their business logo to look will want an involved logo maker that lets them make their own design.

What Does a Logo Maker Do?

A logo maker streamlines the process of creating your brand identity. Instead of trying to figure out what you want and draw it yourself, you’re able to see many options at once. You can pick certain colors and shapes and the software shows you similar choices.

The best logo maker also allows you to add text and images to the base. You can move each item and layer them to get a different look. Instead of trying to draw, color, and erase elements on a piece of paper, you’re able to get an easy-to-use software to do it for you.

Many logo maker platforms let you play around with their options for free. This gives you the flexibility to try many different colors and fonts before you find what suits your business.

Once you finalize the logo, you’ll pay a price to download the polished image. You can then use it on your website, for business cards, and more. 

Some logo makers offer those services on their site as well. You can put your logo on promotional materials to see how it looks and then order it from the company. You’ll pay for the merchandise, of course, and some sites want you to sign up for a subscription to use this service. They’ll host your logo image and any other products you make for a recurring fee.

What Does a Logo Maker Mean?

A logo maker means you’re using software to help design your brand identity. You have input in terms of what colors, fonts, and images you use, but the software does the work. You don’t have to draw anything yourself or even work in a graphic design software. These sites are accessible to even the most basic artist or designer.

Main Features of a Logo Maker

The best logo generators will use letters, numbers, icons, images, and colors to explain your business. You want to pick software that has an extensive library of images to pull from. You also want to have some input on what message you’d like your logo to convey.


The best logo makers let you pick a shape and size before choosing your background color. They might suggest complementary colors that go with your initial choice, so if you don’t have an artistic eye, you get a little help. You can always override settings to make your choice.

When you choose your base color, think of the meaning behind colors. Red is powerful and eye-catching. Blue is calming and comes in many peaceful shades. Yellow seems bright and energetic. Green can convey nature, growth, or money.

After you pick a primary color, you’ll want complementary colors to strengthen the overall look. For example, red is the logo background color. Choosing green will make most customers think about Christmas, and if your business has nothing to do with that, it’s not a good choice. Many people have red-green color blindness as well, so they couldn’t appreciate your logo.

Logos usually have one, two, or three colors. Anything more will start to look too busy. Make sure the colors go well together, and then upload your logo to the color blindness simulation to see how it might look to others.

Starting with colors will pave the way to streamline other elements of your logo, like the font and any images you want to include. But the colors you choose at the beginning don’t have to be your final choice. Once you find a font and image, you might realize that your colors don’t work with this new look.

Colors can make fonts look different, anyway, so even if you think you love your first choice, you might want to play around with it. It’s not only important to have the right color for your brand identity, but also the perfect text.


Though color is what catches people’s eyes and what they will likely remember most, you want a font style that compliments your business and the potential audience you’re trying to attract. Text will put your business name at the forefront of people’s minds as they look at your logo. You can use the business name, initials, or something else that represents your brand.

If you’re adding text to your logo, you’re able to choose that color as well. You can also go through the offered fonts and find one that suits your business. If you’re a no-nonsense lawyer, you probably won’t want to use a flowy script font. A bold san serif font is a better choice.

Play around with the fonts and see what’s available. Many logo makers have different options compared to the standard word processing software. You might think you know what font you want, but if you go through all of them, you can find the perfect one.


Using images helps convey what your business is about. People will feel something when they see the colors of your logo, and the words will literally tell them something. But images can also tell a story and make people feel something.

The Target logo stands out because of the bold red color, but it’s also a literal target. The idea behind the image isn’t just because of the store’s name but also because they have what you need and hit the bullseye every time.

Many shipping companies use arrows in their logos, conveying the motion of taking packages from one place to another. Grocery stores often have a cart or food item in their logo. These simple images seem basic, but they add a lot to the overall look of the logo.

The best logo maker will have an assortment of images you can choose from. It’s best to stay away from photographic images because they are less flexible and hard to replicate in certain forms, like embroidery or single-color application. It’s much easier to print a concise graphic on a business card than it is to shrink down a photograph.

Sometimes using graphic elements is the best way to add an image to your logo. Think of the biggest brands you know and what images they use. Fast food places might have a logo that looks like their signature burger, with their name centered between two buns. The buns are a simple shape that convey a bigger story without being too redundant visually.

Benefits of Using a Logo Maker

There are many benefits to using the best logo maker. All businesses need a quality logo, so if you’re not an artist, you don’t want to push yourself to design something you won’t love. Use a logo generator to make a free logo or pay a small fee for a premium service.

Professional Appearance

Businesses with logos have an air of professionalism. Imagine two listings in an online search: one is a company with a name and website link. The other has a sleek logo with eye-catching colors. You notice that their logo has the business’s initials hidden in it, and feel clever when you see them. You’re going to click on the listing with the logo because it’s more engaging.

In the world of online business, the first impression is everything. If you don’t have a memorable logo, customers not only won’t click your link, but they won’t remember your name to come back to later. Even if they forget your business name, they might remember your bold red logo with certain letters, so they can search that and find you.

Brand Identity

Once you have a logo, you have a brand identity. It’s that easy, and makes it effortless to develop more materials to project a cohesive image.

Businesses put their logos on business cards, letterhead, invoices, advertisements, and merchandise. All of that comes from creating one small image, so you know it’s crucial to use the best logo maker to get started.

Which Companies Should Buy a Logo Maker

Every company needs a logo, so they should all buy a logo maker or use the best free logo maker. It’s ideal to start your business with a logo to get the ball rolling. As previously mentioned, having a logo gives you an image to put on letterhead and business cards. If you start your business without this important image, your materials won’t look memorable or cohesive.

Your logo is the first impression your business gives, so having a professional look makes a huge difference. You can always change your logo later as your business grows, but shooting for a memorable, concise graphic from the start should be the goal. Major brands, such as Coca-Cola, have successfully evolved their logo over the years without any major changes.

What Does a Logo Maker Cost?

There’s a large range of prices for a logo maker. Some sites offer free logos, but the quality might not be up to your standards. They also might allow you to make the logo for free, but you have to pay a small fee to download the image file.

The best logo maker sites have prices ranging from $5 to $300 and more. They’re still a bargain when you compare it to a professional graphic designer. Freelance graphic designers charge anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 for logo design and business identities.

They charge for consultations, drafts, mock-ups, and supporting collateral, including style guides on how to (and how not to) use your new logo. You’ll get to have input on the logo design and colors, but they’ll do all of the work for you and give you options to choose from. You’re making an investment in your business, sure, but it’s not necessary to break the bank when you can use an online option.

Online logo makers also let you get involved in the process. You can choose colors, fonts, sizes, and more. So you’re getting a similar experience to hiring a freelance graphic designer but at a much lower cost.

Some logo makers offer monthly subscriptions so you can continually create marketing materials with your logo. You create an account to make the initial logo and then continue paying for the service. The software keeps your logo accessible so you can add it to business cards, letterhead, shirts, and more with one click.

Types of Logo Makers

As you can see from the list above, there are many types of logo makers on the internet. You can take advantage of free trials to see which one is the best logo maker for you.

Free Logo Makers

Believe it or not, some of the best logo makers are free. Services like Canva give you the chance to create a logo, marketing materials, and ads for free. You can even download a high-quality image for free. They offer a subscription to get access to more designs, but a free account offers you a lot of material.

Many of the best logo makers are free to use. You can play around and design your logo before committing to it. Once you create something you like, you might have to pay a small fee to download the high-quality version. After you buy it, though, you’re able to use it on all of your materials. You’ll own the image and can make business cards, ads, flyers, websites, and more.

While they’re not technically free, at least some of the best logo makers give you a chance to use their service for free. Paying for the final image isn’t much to ask after you use the software to design the logo. Compare it to the price of buying graphic design software yourself and you’ll realize it’s a great deal!

Subscription Logo Makers

Many of the best logo makers offer subscription services. You can pay a monthly fee to have access to their library of materials. Even though you might think creating a logo is a one-time thing, you’ll soon find out that you’ll need graphic design for much of your business.

Getting a logo is just the starting point. When you have it, you’ll want to show it off. Put it on business cards, a magnet for your vehicle, bumper stickers, flyers, brochures, and more. Paying for a subscription logo maker will give you access to all of those possibilities.

Because you’re paying the company, they’ll host your logo and image designs on their platform. You can download the files when you need them, but you don’t have to worry about keeping them on your work computer. You’ll have access to them anytime you log into the site. When you consider that you’re also paying for storage, the fees become more understandable.

Trends in logo makers come and go as styles change. Sometimes less is more, and businesses want a single image to define them. Think of McDonald’s with the golden arches. If you see that image anywhere, even out of context, you know exactly what it’s for.

Retro logos have come back into play over the years. Even new businesses will embrace a retro look to convey their identity. They might use color schemes that were popular in other decades or embrace lettering from vintage movie posters.

Line thickness is something you wouldn’t consider worthy of a trend, but it’s important in logos. Since logos are often sized down to fit on small materials, using thick lines can make your image look too bulky. Thin lines that have the look of a scribble are trendy off and on.

While colors are crucial for logos and brand identities, there are trends that involve showing a lot of white space. Instead of filling every section of a logo with color, text, and images, businesses use white space to convey a lack of something. Customers then use their imagination to fill in the empty space.

The focal point of logos also changes throughout the years. Some logos are in your face with the focal point large and at the forefront. Others are small and might be off to the side instead of centered. Sometimes white space comes into play with this type of placement and focal point as well.

How to Choose the Right Logo Maker

All of the logo makers on this list are easy to use, affordable options to help create your brand identity. To choose the best, consider what your business needs. You might only want to make a logo, or you might want to subscribe to design software to create marketing materials.

Price also comes into play. The best logo maker isn’t right for you if it’s beyond your budget. Consider what you’re going to create and how much you can pay. Then research the best logo makers that come up within those constraints. You might find that a basic choice has all the features you need. Or you might realize it’s worth paying more for better quality.


The best logo maker helps you create a professional logo for your business. It’s the jumping off point for your whole brand identity, so choose carefully. It’s also a crucial way to hook potential customers and make a great first impression. The best logo maker will elevate your business.

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