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Complete Guide to Naming Your Bee Business

Our bee business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get bee business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Whether you have bee hives or you produce natural honey/wax products, you should position yourself adequately in the industry. The need for natural, clean products is growing all the time. This need is shaping up a market niche that will be continuously profitable.

There are several marketing and branding approaches you can adopt in order to be successful.

Think about your location, the types of plants that the bees have access to. These affect the quality and the taste of the honey. Local, raw and organic honey, for example, is highly popular. If you’re the manufacturer of such a product, tell potential buyers through an appropriate name selection.

Alternatively, let the world know that you make specialized products other than honey. Do you sell royal jelly? Propolis tincture? More and more people are familiarizing themselves with such bee products and they will know what you’re talking about right from the start. You will not attract a general audience, which is good. Qualified leads and targeted attention can obviously have a much more profound, positive impact on a business.

Demographic Interests

There isn’t a single demographic interested in bee products.

Bee companies could work with B2B clients (supermarkets, organic stores, the makers of cosmetics that put wax and other natural ingredients in their creations) or they could sell directly to consumers. It’s very important to determine in advance whether you’d be targeting the B2B or the B2C field.

The end customers looking for bee products have a pretty diversified profile. Both younger individual and older people may know and recognize the benefits of bee products. Thus, it may be difficult to determine a buyer persona on the basis of age, gender or income status.

Typically, such consumers are aware of natural products and their benefits. They are informed and they look for quality foods, as well as alternatives to standard pharmaceutical treatments. Once they find a product that they’re happy with, such clients can be expected to remain highly loyal.

Competitor Name Analysis

Urban Bee Company

As the name suggests, this company is attempting to tackle the problem of bee loss due to pesticide use in rural areas through the creation of apiaries in urban environments.

Bountiful Blossoms Bee Company

The symbiosis between bees and flowers is well known. This company creates its own artisan bee products and it also grows local flowers for the purpose of bringing down the import of cut flowers.

Sunny Honey Company

Both the name and the slogan of the company (“from hive to home! That’s good honey!”) create positive associations with sun, nature and locally-crafted bee products.

Wild Cape

The name of this company is a reference to the place where the honey and other bee products are sourced from – the East Cape, North Island in New Zealand.

The Peaceful Bee Company

This company is a the result of a partnership between a medical team and a boy with autism sensory processing disorder who loves cooking. Together, they came up with a range of cosmetics based on bee products.

Gardner’s Apiaries

The company supplies gardeners and bee business owners with an array of bee species. It shows you the diversified range of activities and naming options that bee companies can opt for.


While bee company names aren’t the most creative ones out there, you can still set yourself up for success right from the start. There are things you can do to make your name sound different. For the purpose, you should definitely carry out a brainstorming session.

Pick a few phrases that represent your company and tell the world what you’re all about. Once you do, give our Business Name Generator a try. It will produce an array of variations based on your original input. In addition, you will be provided with domain name availability.

To get started, you may want to consider some of the following bee company-related phrases:





Queen bee

Royal jelly


Manuka honey

Raw honey





Honey bee

Worker bee









Bee Business Name Inspiration

  1. Sweet Retreat Bee Company: sweet is a word typically associated with honey and most people link a retreat to a natural place, away from the big city.
  2. Bee Organic: a little bit of wordplay here since the name sounds like “be organic.” As a result, the name is both descriptive and it’s also active due to the nature that the message comes in the form of a short sentence.
  3. The Forest Apiary: a link to nature is very important in the industry and words like forest, valley or meadow will be an excellent addition to a company name.
  4. Hive to Table: there’s really no need to provide further explanation of how the name could appeal to someone looking for natural, delicious honey.
  5. Apis Mellifera: Apis Mellifera is the Latin name of the honeybee. While some people aren’t aware of the fact, this company name sounds different and sophisticated (and most importantly – it doesn’t feature the word “bee” in it).
  6. Royal Products: a reference to royal jelly and the queen bee, such a name would be a good choice for companies that make all kinds of bee products.
  7. Beyond Honey and Wax: if you manufacture more than the standard honey and wax, the name would be an excellent choice for you.
  8. A Little Pollen Magic: the term “pollen” in the name could be replaced by “flower” and the branding efforts would be enhanced even further.
  9. Tiny Workers Bee Company: even kids know that bees rank among the most diligent and hard-working little creatures on the face of the planet.
  10. Zen Bee Company: the term “zen” is indicative of peacefulness and mindfulness – two characteristics you’d definitely want to have connected to your brand.

What Not to Name Your Bee Business

If possible, avoid using the word “bee” in the name of your company – it is banal, it is overdone and it will get you lost in the crowd.

The addition of a location to the company name makes sense only if the region is popular for its natural beauty, flowers, herbs or other natural riches that could potentially contribute to the quality of your bee products.

Refrain from being too abstract and out there when naming your bee company, especially if you intend to work primarily with B2B customers.