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Complete Guide to Naming Your Bath Bombs Business

Our bath bombs business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get bath bombs business name inspiration.

Make it Fun

Bath Bombs are typically named in a fun and exciting way like “Unicorn Poo” or “Fizz-A-Ball”. Try using a fun business name like:



Fizzy Bath

Sizzling Suds




Brand Goals & Target Market

Bath bombs have quickly become an incredible trend in the world of cosmetic products. A creation that’s often attributed to Lush, the bath bomb is manufactured by various companies today.

You can easily launch such a business on your own because bath bombs are easy to make and the recipe can be tweaked to give it your personal touch. A bath bomb business is an excellent idea for DIY enthusiast because such products can essentially be made in your kitchen.

As far as branding efforts go, you have to capitalize on the cool and the hip factor. Lush bath bombs are advertised as “fizzy bathtime treats.” Words like explosion, relaxing, color and scent are all used to describe the product as something colorful and fun, capable of changing the bathing experience.

You can certainly go this route in your branding efforts or you can choose another approach. If you have a secret formula that soothes and softens the skin – flaunt it. People today are making informed choices when it comes to skincare. A good, nurturing formula can easily be capitalized upon if you put all of your creative effort in this direction.

Demographic Interests

The bath bomb is currently advertised as an innovative product and it certainly is such. It didn’t exist a few decades ago and older consumers may be uncomfortable with. The target demographic for such personal care products is younger, mainly consisting of millennials.

Consumers who opt for Lush products, for example, are very informed about the effect commercially-manufactured cosmetics have on the environment. As a result, they’re looking for a more sustainable alternative that is also good for their body.

The clients tend to be mostly female, they’re urban dwellers and they have middle to high income levels (handmade cosmetics tend to be more expensive than the options you can find in the traditional supermarket).

Thoughtful rather than compulsive about purchases, the target clients can be difficult to sway in a new direction. This is why you need to have a really powerful marketing message that is backed up by facts.

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Competitor Name Analysis


The name of this company has become synonymous with bath bombs. To name the company, its founders launched a competition among customers. Lush was chosen because of the meaning – vibrant, fresh, energizing, natural.

Bomb Cosmetics

A natural cosmetic manufacturer from the UK, Bomb Cosmetics is a direct Lush competitor. The name makes it immediately clear what the company is all about.

Fizzy Baker

The name is fun and whimsical and it actually represents pretty well what the company stands for. Fizzy Baker is a bath bomb manufacturer that has creations reminiscent of actual desserts. This is the company to go to if you want a cupcake-shaped bath bomb.

Two Sisters Spa

The company was launched by a mom who wanted to make bath time fun and exciting for her kids. As you’ve probably guessed already, the two sisters in the name of the company are a reference to her daughters.

Soapie Shoppe

Soapie Shoppe says something pretty simple – the company sells soap. The name in which the information is delivered, however, sounds fun and a bit more whimsical.

Da Bomb

This company also doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to telling potential customers what it has to offer.

Bath Bombs Business Name Inspiration

  1. Fizzy Treats: A bath bomb is fizzy and it’s also a wonderful treat. The name provides a very clear explanation of exactly what you have to offer.
  2. Momma’s Homemade Bath Bombs: handmade and craft cosmetics are a niche that’s growing. With a name like this one, you can easily tap into the market.
  3. Green Bomb: the name could refer to color or it could provide indication of the fact that a bath bomb is environmentally-friendly.
  4. A Splash of Color: one of the distinctive characteristics of bath bombs is that they add color to the bath water. Hence, most people are looking for this feature in a bath bomb.
  5. Blissful Bath: most people take a bath when they want to feel relaxed. The word blissful is something associated with the relaxing and pampering experience a good bath can offer.
  6. Herbal Delight: if you specialize in something –flaunt it! Your knowledge in herbs and essential oils should be confidently incorporated in the name.
  7. Bomb & Rejuvenate: there’s nothing in need of explanation when it sounds to this name – it’s simply cool and fun.
  8. Fizz, Fizz, Bubble: the branding opportunities here are limitless. The name is catchy and simple. This is precisely what you need to make potential clients remember you.
  9. Savon Moderne: French cosmetics are known for their quality. Choosing a French phrase (this one simply means modern soap) can give your brand a bit of sophistication and oomph.
  10. Fizzy Kisses: it’s fun, it’s cute and it’s a name that will definitely appeal to a younger crowd.

What Not to Name Your Bath Bombs Business

To be different and to stand out, refrain from attempting to mimic Lush or one of the other trendy cosmetics manufacturers. Find the one thing that will make your brand unique and focus on that characteristic in your bath bomb naming efforts.

This is a niche that allows you to get creative. Don’t choose something stiff and pretentious. You are not a cosmetics giant. You don’t target the mainstream audience. Your potential clients are young, hip and fun. This is why your company has to exude a similar vibe.

If you could, avoid using adjectives like “eco” or “organic.” The theme has been overdone in the cosmetics world. Instead, it would be a much better idea to focus on the fun experience that your bath bombs can provide.

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