Bath Bombs Business Name Generator Guide & Ideas

Generate names for your bath bombs business below.

1. Choose Your Bath Bombs Business Name Keywords

Insert vibrant and fun keywords into the generator to describe your bath bombs.

2. Get Bath Bombs Business Name Ideas

You’ll get a big list of name ideas. Read through the list and compare your options, using filters to narrow it down.

3. Select Bath Bombs Business Names

Choose names you love and decide on the ideal one for your bath bomb brand.

How To Name Your Bath Bomb Business

Are you setting out to bring a little fizzle and luxury to people’s bath time? You’ll need the perfect business name to show off your brightly colored and fun products. Luckily for you, this helpful guide will show you how to name your business using the bath bomb business name generator. Read on to find out which are the best bath bomb business names and how you can take inspiration from them to create the best name using the bath bomb business names generator.

20 Bath Bomb Business Name Ideas

I used the bath bomb business names generator to create these 20 brilliant bath bomb business names. I typed in some words associated with bathtime and bath bombs and then selected the names I liked best from the generator.

  1. Bath Perfect
  2. Soak Augur
  3. Fizzio
  4. Alpha Bath
  5. Soakworks
  6. Scrub Vigor
  7. Journey Bathe
  8. Glitz Bathe
  9. Relaxopolis
  10. UnwindYa
  11. Heavenly Bathing
  12. Captain Relax
  13. Steamscape
  14. Plus Souse
  15. Shimmer Immerse
  16. Miss Wash
  17. Peachy Lave
  18. Rebel Wash
  19. Saturn Rinse
  20. Rinse Creek

If I liked any of these names and wanted to use them for my bath business, I could simply check the domain availability using the function on the bath bomb business names generator. Then, if the name was free, it would be all mine.

If you are struggling to develop keywords to put into the bath bomb business names generator, read on! I will cover some sources of inspiration for your bathing company name and the best real-world names, and why they work so well. This will help you make sure your name is just as good, if not better than your competitors!

20 More Bath Bomb Business Name Ideas

  1. Bathing Beauty
  2. Rather Lather
  3. Lather Love
  4. Fabulous Fizz
  5. Bubble Bomb
  6. Exotic Explosion
  7. Supreme Soothers
  8. Moisture Maven
  9. Smelly Bubbles
  10. Fresh Bombs
  11. Bubble & Fizz
  12. Relax Haven
  13. Bubble Up
  14. Mystical Bombs
  15. Bomb Nation
  16. Bath City
  17. Natural Spells
  18. Lush Life
  19. Golden Baths.
  20. Crispy Scent

Best Real-world Bath Bomb Business Names

This section will cover the best real-world bath bomb business names, what makes them work so well, and how they got the name. This will give you an idea of where to draw inspiration for your business name and what themes and concepts work well for naming a bath bomb company.


Lush founder Mark Constantine came up with the name for the business based on the store’s use of only fresh ingredients for the products. The name Lush works well as it is reminiscent of the plant-based source and the feeling one gets when slipping into a tub and using their products.


This bath bomb company is named for its soothing products designed for eczema sufferers and made using high-grade honey. This name works well as it outlines their unique selling point. It uses the stylized combination of words to make better the name roll off the tongue.

Try combining words to shorten your bath bomb names, and be sure to use stylized capitalization, as this is a current trend in business names. 

Bed Bath & Beyond 

This bath bomb store covers bath bombs, bedroom decor, and more, and this is where the name Bed Bath And Beyond comes from. This name works well as it uses alliteration and rhythm to create a poetic flow to the name, making it stick in the brain.

The Body Shop 

This bath bomb name is a clever play on the phrase ‘body shop’, which is typically used to refer to auto repair centers. The name works well as it is simple – communicating that this is a store where you can get body products and improve your self-care routine.

Try not to use bath bomb names that are too simple for your business as this could make your brand name blend into the crowd, and your name is an important part of pushing your brand to the front of consumers’ minds.

Soap & Glory

This British brand name comes from the British patriotic song ‘The Land Of Hope And Glory’. It uses art for its branded associated with female participation in the war effort during World War II. The brand uses its national identity as a selling point and creates memorable branding.

Your business name can be based on themes rather than your selling point and products, and this can allow you to create a memorable logo, a theme for your stores, and art for your business. You can get as creative as you’d like with this theme to make your brand pop.

How To Brand Your Bath Bomb Business

If you want to come up with the best bath bomb names for your bath bomb business, you will need to understand your brand direction. There are many ways you can define your bath bomb branding, and this section will cover the aspects of your business that you can push to the forefront of your branding:

  • The source of your products – if there is some special ingredient to your product, you should push this to the forefront of your bath bomb brand. As we saw earlier with EczemaHoney, advertising the source of your products in your business name shows your unique selling point.
  • The purpose of your products – if your products are designed for a specific purpose, such as treating particular skin conditions or providing aromatherapy stress relief, this could be an excellent foundation for building your branding.
  • Thematic branding – you could also create branding using specific imagery, as we saw earlier, with Soap and Glory using war-time imagery to define their brand. Thematic branding will allow you to set a tone for your bath bomb store, logos, and the language you use for your brand literature.

5-Tips for creating unique Bath Bomb Business name ideas

If you want to maximize the impact and punchiness of your business name, this section is for you. Read on to discover how you can implement different sources of inspiration in your naming process and edit the names you come up with using the bath bomb business name generator to make them snappier and improve how they sound.

1. Use Thematic Naming 

Using thematic naming will make your bath bomb company names more memorable and inform your branding choices. For example, you may choose to give your brand a botanical theme, like ‘rosemary’ or ‘cactus’. This would be a great way to simplify your branding process and create your impactful name easily.

2. Highlight Your Selling Point

Your selling point lies in the features of your brand that are unique. For instance, if you are creating bath bombs using Himalayan salt, this is what makes your brand stand out from the rest. So, you could include the word ‘salt’ or ‘Himalayan’ in your keywords to make sure that your bath bomb company names communicate precisely why people should buy your products over others.

3. Create An Emotional Response

The use of subliminal messaging in advertisements predicates that emotional responses are what encourage people to buy products. It’s the way your mouth waters when you think of a Big Mac that makes you visit McDonald’s, rather than a rational decision based on the value for money or nutritional value. So, when coming up with a name for your bath bomb business, try to use emotional language that makes people crave a hot bath with your divine scents, such as ‘aroma’, or ‘soak’.

4. Use Your Own Name

If you’re struggling to find keywords and business name ideas, you can always use your name. This way, you’ll be making your mark on your business and even making it a family-run business. Try using your first name to give your business a more artisanal feel. Or, if you would like a more formal business name for your bath bomb company, try using your surname.

5. Use Poetic Devices

If you want your name to be snappier, you can use poetic devices to improve it. Try creating a short business name, as longer names lose impact. Alliteration, rhythm, stylized capitalization, and combined words are the best poetic devices for naming your business. If your name was Icy Aromas, you might try changing it to Arctic Aromas instead to make it alliterative and add more flow.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can come up with a name for your bath bomb business by considering the selling point of your business - this could be the ingredients of your products or what particular function your bath bombs serve, such as aromatherapy or eczema relief.

The best bath bomb businesses include The Body Shop, Lush, and Bed Bath & Beyond. You can buy bath bombs and other cosmetic products from these retailers.

You can come up with a catchy business name by finding keywords associated with your business to put into the business name generator and using poetic devices like alliteration and rhythm to improve the sound of your name.


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