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How To Name Your Barber Shop

As of 2021, there are 109,327 barbershops in business in the United States, with the largest number located in New York. With a market size of $5bn, there is always demand for qualified barbers within the male grooming industry. 

If you’re opening your own barbershop, you’re going to have to think about barbershop names. This can be a difficult process, which is why we’ve brought together some ideas for you to think about. Our barbershop name generator is a tool that can find hundreds of names, with domain availability checks immediately available.

Keep reading for name examples, an analysis of real-world barber shops, and our best tips for finding the perfect name!

20 Barber Shop Name Ideas

We’re going to give you a taste of how the barbershop name generator works. To come up with 20 examples of possible barbershop names, we entered ‘barbershop’, ‘beards’, ‘trim’, and other related words into the search bar. This is what we found.

  1. Barbershop Grand
  2. Barbershop Fix
  3. Superior Beards
  4. Tribe Barbers
  5. Core Shave
  6. Jolly Beards
  7. Knockout Beard
  8. Genesis Trim
  9. Toolbox Barbers
  10. Guru Trim
  11. Master Cut
  12. Emporium Cuts
  13. Urban Clippers
  14. Cuthut
  15. Naked Shave
  16. Hail Shave
  17. Harmony Barber
  18. Plus Barber
  19. Clinic Man
  20. Club Male

20 More Barber Shop Name Ideas

  1. The Cut Guys
  2. Your Local Barbers
  3. Cut Shop
  4. Razor Cutz
  5. Sharper Shop
  6. Clippings N Cuts
  7. The Snippers
  8. Barber Dudes
  9. The Chop House
  10. Barber Shop Village
  11. American Barber Shop
  12. CheapCuts
  13. Shave and Raze
  14. With Comb and Brush
  15. Clip and Snip
  16. Pure Cuts
  17. Creative Cuts
  18. Barber Shop Chops
  19. Cut Shop
  20. Clipperz

Best Real-world Barber Shop Business Names

You can’t give yourself a fair chance of finding a barbershop name without looking at the competition. With any creative process, educating yourself on those that came before you are a crucial starting point. It will also help you to realize what you like and dislike. 

Here are 5 real-world barbershop business names to get you thinking before trying out our barbershop name generator.

  1. Church Barber & Apothecary

This San Francisco-based barbershop name oozes luxury. The name is fitting, as the shop provides both hair and skincare services. Apothecary delivers the message to customers that natural ingredients are available here. Products are all-natural and botanical, and services offered are church-related, such as Sunday Service which consists of a haircut and barber facial. 

If your shop offers services other than barbering, including it in the name could make it more unique.

  1. Cutthroat

Cutthroat refers to the cutthroat razor, the tool used in the traditional method of shaving. The words have been combined to make one word, which is short and memorable. The word is heavily associated with barbering, which means people far and wide will recognize what your business is about. Many traditionalist barbers believe the cutthroat razor is the only way to get a close shave.  

  1. York Barber Shop

York Barber Shop is exactly what it claims to be – a barbershop in New York. This is possibly the easiest way to name your barbershop in terms of simplicity. There’s no confusion or quirks, only honesty. Adding the location is a good way to make sure customers find you. 

It might be tricky to find a location name for your shop that isn’t already taken, so make sure you do the research. If you live in a small town, naming the shop after the neighborhood could be a good place to start.

  1. Throne

While not giving away in the name that this is a barbershop, Throne does suggest a top-quality service. It lives up to the name, too, serving up top-shelf alcohol while you relax. Going to the barbershop is a time to unwind and enjoy pampering, so using a name that suggests the type of service you will receive is an interesting way of creating a name.

  1. Sport Clips

Sport Clips is a franchise with a highly recognizable name. For those who aren’t familiar, it’s easy to guess this business is for haircuts, based on the use of the word ‘clips’. The word ‘sport’ is in line with the decor and staff uniform, which is sports-themed. 

If you’d like to have a theme within your shop, you might want to consider integrating it within the name.

Unique Content for the Niche

First things first, try to have some fun with naming your barbershop. The barber name generator creates all kinds of names, from clever and witty, to funny and weird. With a barbershop, it’s all about drawing your customers in. 

Barbershops play an essential role in male grooming. These businesses are relied upon worldwide by males who like a well-kept appearance, through cutting, trimming, and shaping the hair. With that in mind, it’s important to target your shop name to male clients.

It’s also a good idea to create something that stands out from the competition, especially if your shop is located nearby to others. Barbershops are often associated with tradition, sophistication, and a place for gentlemen. However, in the modern world, you’ll often find that barbershop names are trendy, quirky, and portray a sense of humor. It’s up to you to decide on your vibe!

Play around with our barbershop name generator until you get a sense of what you like.

5-Tips for creating unique Barber Shop Business name ideas 

Now you’ve taken the time to think about your niche, you can start your business name journey right away. To help you further, we’ve put together 5 name-creating tips to specifically target barbershop names. 

These tips combined with our barbershop name generator should help you tackle the process!

  1. Put it all on paper

It might seem like something you’d work on in school, but writing all your ideas down on paper is a great way to get you thinking. Whatever pops into your head in relation to your business venture, write it down. You can organize your thoughts by category, such as ‘hairstyles’ or ‘barber supplies’. Before you know it, you’ll have a page full of words that might generate a name for your shop.

  1. Cut it down

The brainstorming phase can get quite messy. The next best step is to reduce the information by organizing it further. This means shortlisting your favorite words, and removing any words that you dislike, or that simply don’t stand out. You can begin the elimination process by asking yourself questions such as;

  • Is the name memorable?
  • Is it easy to read, write, and pronounce?
  • Does it have a special meaning to you?
  1. Try adding your name 

Sometimes there’s nothing quite as personal as putting your name to something. Many shop owners use their own names within the business name. It can help with your own personal branding by connecting yourself with your business. In the barbering world, it can be fun to use a nickname. This is a cool and funky way to use your name without being too serious about it.

  1. Ask for feedback

There’s no harm in asking for feedback about your potential barbershop name. It’s natural to feel intimidated by the opinions of others, but feedback can be constructive, and a good way to view your name from a different perspective. Stick to your target audience, and request feedback from clients and fellow barbers. 

You can create a quick survey online and ask people to answer honestly. Keep it short, and you’re likely to get more responses!

  1. Always check availability 

Don’t make the mistake of confirming a name before checking its availability. There are thousands of barbershops already in existence, leaving you at risk of breaching copyright laws. Narrow down your favorite names in the barber name generator, and do your research. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Good barber shop names are driven by personalization, location and tradition. If you can brainstorm words which meet these criteria, you will soon come up with a great name for your barbering business. You can try adding words to our barber shop name generator to get started.

A great place to start when naming your barber shop is to use our barber shop name generator. Think about words associated with the barbering industry, enter them into the generator, and see what comes up! You’ll find a list of barber shop names to inspire you.

A hair page that documents your hair styling techniques should have a name that is personal to you. If you are planning to open your own hair salon or barber shop, you should choose a name that represents your future business. This way you can connect the two, and clients will find you online with ease.


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