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Complete Guide to Naming Your Bamboo Business

Our bamboo business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get bamboo business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Bamboo is growing in popularity as a material for furniture making (it has a range of other purposes, as well) due to its sustainability. If you’re thinking about jumping on this bandwagon, you may be opening yourself up to some amazing opportunities.

As the niche is growing, so is the competition. To make it big, you have to differentiate yourself and establish a brand that people will prefer over other bamboo manufacturers or producers.

Branding will obviously be dependent on the type of bamboo business and the potential customers. If you’re going to be growing bamboo, you’ll be targeting furniture manufacturers and landscapers, for example. In case you’ll be making items from bamboo, you will be working with end customers.

In the first scenario, you have to use a corporate approach to marketing. Good prices, your ability to fulfill large orders and consistency are going to be excellent in terms of choosing a business name that will stand out. If you make furniture or other items out of bamboo, the name emphasis could be on creativity or sustainability – two characteristics that end customers will be looking for.

Demographic Interests

Bamboo is one of the most profitable plants you can start growing right now. If you have the space and the capacity to do so, you should consider working with corporate clients.

Such customers typically need a lot of bamboo and they have strict rules for partnerships with sub-contractors. They will need to know that you are reliable and that you can fulfill their order no matter what.

Some of the customers you could potentially be working with include garden centers, furniture manufacturers, retailers, landscapers and commercial gardeners. All of them need to get their plants from somewhere and if you manage to establish a good reputation, chances are that you will enjoy long-term partnerships that will generate a large volume of transactions.

If you are a landscape artist or a furniture manufacturer with a focus on bamboo, you will be working with end consumers. These people need proof of your creativity. They will examine your style to make sure it comes close to what they’re looking for. If such clients are your target, a good portfolio will be of paramount importance.

Competitor Name Analysis

Epitome Bambowood Products

The meaning of epitome is perfect example. This company manufactures flooring, accessories and decking from bamboo. The name suggests they’re the best you can currently find.

EcoPlanet Bamboo

As already mentioned, bamboo is an incredibly sustainable material. The company mentions that fact in the name – an excellent approach when it comes to appealing to environmentally-conscious consumers.

Bamboo Master

While names in the field don’t ring particularly creative, they get the job done. A potential client knows that the company manufactures bamboo and that it holds a leadership position in the field.

Wholesale Bamboo Flooring

Since the company offers a wholesale solution (B2B), it has chosen the straightforward approach that gives a potential customer all of the important information.

Better with Bamboo

So many things can be made better with bamboo – this is a name that suggests a wonderful alternative to established traditional materials.

Made Responsibly

The company has chosen to go the eco route – an approach that is particularly suitable in the field.


There are several primary phrases you can opt for when attempting to name your bamboo business. Why not input one of these phrases in our Business Name Generator? You will be provided with an array of suitable suggestions and you will also get information about domain name availability.

To start the process, take a piece of paper and write down all relevant phrases you could use to name your business. If you need a bit of inspiration, we have you covered with these relevant suggestions:






Green building materials








Zero waste


Hardwood alternative





Bamboo Business Name Inspiration

  1. Good for the Earth: putting emphasis on sustainability is an excellent approach for a bamboo company.
  2. Handcrafted Bamboo Masterpieces: such a name is a good choice for companies that make furniture or accessories and use bamboo as an exclusive product.
  3. Zero Waste Flooring: both homeowners and commercial venue owners are increasingly looking for sustainable options. Tell them you have such an option to offer by choosing the right name for your business.
  4. Built to Last: apart from being environmentally-friendly, bamboo is also quite durable. This is another fact you can put emphasis on to ensure excellent branding.
  5. Green Creation: the term green could refer to bamboo itself or it could refer to the fact that the material is sustainable. Both of these interpretations work well within the field.
  6. Making It Grow: bamboo is known for its rapid growth – a fact that can be utilized in company naming efforts.
  7. The Essence of Nature: this name is open to interpretation and it’s suitable for a vast range of companies – from bamboo manufacturers to linen produces who use the material.
  8. Guilt-Free Floors: there’s really no need to go deep in an explanation – the name speaks for itself.
  9. Stylish Bamboo: furniture manufacturers or companies making fine items out of bamboo will benefit from such a name.
  10. The Wholesale Bamboo Place: a name that’s suitable for targeting corporate customers.

What Not to Name Your Bamboo Business

As you can see, most companies in the industry choose a straightforward approach towards name selection. Still, you may want to avoid clichés. Do some research about how your direct competitors are named. It will be a good idea to avoid a name that sounds too similar to theirs.

Being very frivolous with your name selection if you are targeting corporate clients is also not going to make a lot of sense.

Avoid the word bamboo itself as much as possible in the title of your company. You can always have a slogan to accompany the name and to provide an explanation. Instead, you may want to focus on the values and the beliefs, the guiding principles that are in the very core of your company.

It’s a good idea to refrain from adding your location to the name of your company, unless the specific region is recognized for bamboo manufacturing and the quality of the natural product.

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