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How To Name Your Auction Company

If you are looking for specialized support on how to name your auction company, you’ve come to the right place. My name is Monique, and I am here to guide you through each stage of the naming process.

Using the auction company name generator, I will show you how to curate a list of eye-catching business names. Read on to discover my top tips relating to your niche and a helpful step guide to help you craft a name for your auction company.

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20 Auction Company Name Ideas

Get the ball rolling with our auction company name generator. Simply enter individual keywords and press ‘Generate’ before scrolling through an impressive list of pertinent options. My results are listed below:

  1. Auctopedia
  2. Antique Anywhere
  3. Auction Assemble
  4. Arte Auction
  5. Discover and Distribute
  6. Bidder Bazaar
  7. Artsy Auction
  8. Mammoth Market
  9. The Antiqueworks
  10. Auction Perfection
  1. Mystic Auction
  2. Auction Arc
  3. Grande Auction
  4. Seller Safari
  5. Hotspot House
  6. Attic Auctioneers
  7. TouchTech Auction
  8. Merge Mart
  9. The Auction House
  10. Bidder Buddies

20 More Auction Company Name Ideas

  1. The Auctioneers
  2. Swift Auction Co.
  3. Local Auction House
  4. Technauction
  5. Easy Auctions
  6. Electauctions
  7. Winning Auction Co.
  8. Silent Sellers
  9. Auction Market
  10. Market House
  1. Zip Auctions
  2. Auction Academy
  3. Sellers Depot
  4. Auction Success
  5. Electric Auction
  6. Antiquetion
  7. AuctionLive
  8. Orauction
  9. Auctio Quick
  10. Auction Mart

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Best Real-world Auction Company Business Names

Completing a competitor analysis is one of the first steps you can take to craft an effective auction name. The following actions can help you carry out a detailed competitor analysis:

  • Establish who your competitors are
  • Take note of specific words they may include in their name. Consider whether these words are overused.
  • Analyze how well these names work for the auction company.
  • Ask yourself how brandable, memorable, or easy to spell are these names?

To get started, I have listed five successful real-world auction company business names and answered how they got their name and why it works well for them.

Christie's Logo


Christie’s is one of the most renowned auction houses globally and is named after its founder James Christie. The use of a person’s name helps consumers trust the company as they can connect to it on a personal level.

The name is incredibly brandable, pronounceable, and memorable, and, therefore, timeless.

Heritage Auctions Logo

Heritage Auctions

Heritage Auctions instantly communicates its area of specialization of old age pieces with rich historical value such as coins, memorabilia, and artworks.

This name works well as it is bold and easy to remember. It’s unlikely that customers would have a hard time searching for this company online.

China Guardian Logo

China Guardian

China Guardian is a well-established auction house that specializes in all types of Chinese artworks.

‘Guardian’ is defined as ‘protector’ or ‘keeper,’ suggesting the company works with high-quality pieces. The name instantly communicates the company’s primary focus on Chinese artifacts.

Sotheby’s Logo


Sotheby’s is one of the oldest but dynamic auction houses in the world founded by entrepreneur Samuel Baker.

This historic communicates luxury while blending contemporary works with timeless pieces. Due to this, the name has accumulated a high level of trust with its consumers.

Antiquorium Logo


Antiquorium has carved its own niche in the market by fusing the words ‘Antique’ and ‘Emporium.’ The name efficiently communicates its area of expertise while telling the consumer the extensive scope of products.

The originality of this name helps the auction house stand out from its competitors and is an excellent example of an effective hybridization.

How to create an Auction Company Business Name

The examples below provide a methodical step by step guide on how to create a distinctive auction company name.

1. Consider incorporating your name

After analyzing our finders from the competitor analysis above, it has become evident that the most successful auction houses are named after their founders.

Since auctioning is a personal activity, consumers often feel more confident associating with personally named companies.

If you are planning to use your own name, you may wish to consider these points:

  • Is my name unique but easy to recognize?
  • Is my name easy to spell?

2. Brainstorm keywords and adjectives

As we now know, triumphant auction houses frequently communicate their area of expertise in the name. To help you gain inspiration, I have listed some exemplary keywords you may wish to use depending on your specialization:

  • Artifacts
  • Antiques
  • Legacies
  • Property
  • Memrobillia
  • Artworks

Enter these keywords into our auction company name generator to expand your list of potential word combinations.

3. Shortlist your options

Aim to significantly reduce your list so you have around four to five sound auction names. As you complete this process, you can ask yourself:

  • How would this name sound aloud?
  • Is this name easy to remember?
  • Does the name reflect my area of expertise?
  • Does the name resonate with the customer?

My shortlist:

In my example, I chose the following ideas based on how well they sound in conversation and their originality.

  • Auctopedia
  • The Antiqueworks
  • Attic Auctioneers
  • TouchTech Auction

4. Obtain customer feedback

Reach out to reliable connections in the auction house industry for their opinion on your shortlisted range of auction names. To gain an alternative perspective, you can also ask potential customers or previous clients.

Try to set your opinions aside and focus on how your name would be perceived on the market. You can do this by asking questions such as:

  • How would you spell this name?
  • Would you feel confident auctioning at a company with this name?
  • What comes to mind when you hear this name?

Here’s an example of customer feedback on my shortlisted ideas:

  • Auctopedia: The name sounds like ‘Encyclopedia,’ suggesting the company works with a wide variety of merchandise.
  • The Antiqueworks: The name clearly establishes itself as an auction house for antiques. ‘Works’ is reminiscent of the term ‘the works,’ implying the company will provide a thorough service.
  • Attic Auctioneers: Sounds like a great place for everyday people to auction possessions from their homes. The alliteration helps the name become memorable.
  • TouchTech Auctioneers: The name establishes the company’s area of expertise. Not only is it contemporary, but it is highly brandable and easy to say.

5. Check for Trademarked words

Before finalizing your auction names, you must check that you are not infringing on Trademark rights. Options that include a Trademarked word will need to be eliminated from your list.

If you have hybridized two words to create a unique spelling, you may register the word as a Trademark.

5-Tips for creating unique Auction Company Business name ideas

A unique auction company name should be authentic and convey meaning to the customer. Check out my five top tips below for a more profound understanding of good auction names.

1. Gain inspiration from the products you work with

Take some time to review the types of products your auction company may work with. Incorporating words that relate to your merchandise can help consumers reach you quicker.

Let’s look at the Chinese Guardian as an example. Auctioneers specifically seeking Chinese artifacts can decipher the company’s product range.

2. Aim to evoke emotion

A compelling auction name conveys feelings of excitement and intrigue. To achieve this, you can feature words that possess positive connotations.

Let’s take ‘Discover and Distribute’ as an example. The term ‘discover’ evokes feelings of curiosity which may encourage customers to learn more. It also works as a call to action, inviting the customers to search its product or service.

You can use the auction company name generator to help you brainstorm captivating words.

3. Only customize words that add value

Creating poor word combinations or hard-to-read hybridizations is common among business owners who cannot use the name they initially wanted. Reasons for this may be down to domain availability or Trademark rights.

Although customizing the spelling of your existing option may seem tempting, it may not provide a total solution.

Auctopedia is an excellent example of this. The name is pronounced exactly how it is spelled, meaning it is less likely to get lost in translation. Additionally, it is unique and establishes the business type.

4. Avoid current trends

A successful business name should be timeless. While it’s vital to incorporate relevant terms to the industry, avoid temporary trends that may lose their value.

Similarly, avoid using overused words or clichéd terms as it can be a challenge to stand out. Ideally, it would be best to include word combinations that are original but easy to understand.

5. Make it memorable

Creating a memorable name can help you increase your brand’s awareness at a quicker rate. Christie’s is a real-life example of a distinguished name as it is short, simple, and personal.

How to make it memorable?

To create a memorable auction company name, you can consider the following:

  • Consider your auction company’s deeper values. Use words that reflect these principles.
  • Use rhythmic or alliterated word combinations (Antique Anywhere or Auction Perfection).
  • Avoid long acronyms

Frequently Asked Questions

I have answered a selection of frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision on what to name your auction company.

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