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Complete Guide to Naming Your Apparel Business

Our apparel business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get apparel business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

Your new apparel line or shop is in desperate need of consistent and effective branding efforts. Since you’re already developing in the respective field and you want to grow, you’ve probably done the research and you know there are heaps of apparel brands out there. Finding your voice is the biggest imperative when it comes to standing out and finding your loyal customers.

Work on establishing your identity. Apparel is highly specialized – you cannot please just about everyone. If you focus on street fashion, chances are that you’re not going to impress fans of Prada. And that’s ok! Apparel brands need to be distinctive so that people know right from the start whether to test out the clothes or not.

Graffiti inspired t-shirts and bold prints will attract a younger crowd. Fine materials like silk and lace will probably enable you to target a wealthier, more discerning market segment. Once you find your voice, you have to be consistent with both product creation and branding efforts.

The name of your apparel business will depend on the decisions that you make. If you want to have a hip, cool and youthful brand, you can choose a name that’s a bit more frivolous and humorous. When targeting a market segment of women in executive positions aged 30 to 50, however, you’ll need to adopt a more sophisticated approach.

Demographic Interests

Selling to the right group of people can be complicated, especially in the world of apparel brands. The target that’s right for one company is not necessarily going to be the best one for someone else. This is why you have to take some time and get to know your demographic.

Young people are usually looking for comfort, convenience and clothes that deliver a bold message. They like to shop online, experiment with different styles and brands.

Women in their 30s and 40s have a well-established style. They are very loyal to the apparel brands that they choose and like. As a result, the selections will be limited, quality will be of paramount importance and experimenting with new brands will be a rare occurrence.

Brands for mass consumption as far as apparel goes can do pretty well online and a name should be chosen with website and ecommerce development in mind. More high fashion brands, however, will definitely need a boutique and that will be the primary focus of operations.

Competitor Name Analysis

Free Movement Project (FMP)

Originally, the company was called For My People Clothing. Eventually, the company creator was disappointed by the name but the acronym FMP stuck. This is how Free Movement Project came into existence.


The sports apparel company got its name as a derivative of rhebok – a type of elegant and fast African antelope.


The streetwear brand is inspired by everyday life, by the people in the neighborhood. The sense of community is driving for the branding efforts of this apparel company.

Full Bleed

The name was chosen after the printing term that represents a particular methodology. It was chosen because of the cool sound and because it could trick the potential buyer into thinking it was something much more spectacular than it actually is.

Reigning Camp

The company had been manufacturing fleece for several brands for nearly 10 years when it decided to launch its own line. The name represents their ambition to dominate the particular market.

Alice and Olivia

The apparel brand is named after the mothers of the two founders – Stacey Bendet and Rebecca Matchett – two former classmates who decided to set up a business together.


You have a lot of freedom in naming your apparel company. It can be an abstract name, a term that the respective audience will understand or the name of someone who has inspired the creation of the collection.

Take some time to play with different idea and phrases. Experiment with them. You should also try out our Business Name Generator to take the inspiration to the next level. In addition, you will get information about domain name availability.

A good brainstorming session starts with a list of words you can try to develop ideas from. Here are a few great starting phrases:


Haute Couture




















Digital Business Name Inspiration

  1. Urbanica: while this isn’t a real word, it makes a statement and it instantly conveys what the brand is all about. Urbanica is a good choice for streetwear and youthful apparel brands.
  2. Oh! La La Boutique: anything French-reminiscent is a great choice for a boutique. This name speaks of something sexy and a bit more sophisticated.
  3. Pink: something girly, something fun – Pink is a great name for an apparel brand that targets the girly girl.
  4. MalG: glam spelled backwards provides an excellent backstory for the apparel company and it can breathe life into the branding efforts.
  5. Totally Embroidered: do you work on handmade masterpieces that feature intricate embroideries. If so, this should be the focal point of your branding efforts.
  6. Materialist: sometimes, a word that has negative connotations can be taken and turned around. Your branding game has to be on point to accomplish such a goal, however.
  7. The Finer Things in Life: bohemians who appreciate the finer things in life will know exactly what your company name means.
  8. Iron Tailor: an apparel name that targets gentlemen should certainly have a masculine component.
  9. The Vintage Boutique: once again, the main emphasis is on the type of apparel that the respective company offers to its clients.
  10. Sparkles an Rosedust: this is a totally made-up name that can be interpreted by the individual shopper. It hints of something feminine and elegant.

What Not to Name Your Digital Business

Be daring, experimental and original when looking for an apparel company name. if you stick to certain notions or conventions, your originality will quickly be lost and you will have yet another clothing store that nobody is aware of.

It’s also important to stay true to yourself. Just because a name sounds cool does not mean it is the right one for your business. Choose a phrase that reveals something about your style and the spirit your creations carry.

Refrain from choosing a name that is descriptive of a product function – quality, price or make. A good brand name has to communicate much more than that. You have affordable apparel? So do dozens of other companies. Think of something a bit more exciting and inspiring.