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How To Name Your Aerospace & Defense Contractors Business

Hey, I’m Monique, and I’m reaching out to aerospace and defense contractor business owners stuck in a conundrum while thinking of how to make an effective business name.

Follow my handy guide for helpful business name ideas, a specialized step guide, and our top tips for crafting a memorable company name. You will also learn how to utilize the Aerospace & Defense Contractor Business Name Generator efficiently.

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Updated Aug 20, 2021

20 Aerospace & Defense Contractors Business Name Ideas

As an initial source of inspiration, I entered keywords that could represent my business into the Aerospace and Defense Business Name Generator above. I curated the results into a list of 20 potential names.

  1. Aerolytical
  2. Astral Aware
  3. Aviation Airwaves
  4. Depth Defense
  5. All Star Aerospace
  6. Nova Navigation
  7. Discover Defense
  8. A1 Astral
  9. Nova Nexus
  10. Comet Contractor
  1. SpaceChase
  2. Aerospace Atlas
  3. Disruptor Defense
  4. AeroModel Military
  5. Achilles Aviation
  6. Capital Astral
  7. Catalyst Contractor
  8. Aerospace Allegiance
  9. Divinity Defence
  10. Astral Acceleration

20 More Aerospace & Defense Contractors Business Name Ideas

  1. Astral Space
  2. Aerospace Abyss
  3. Project Beyond
  4. AeroInfinitum
  5. Aegis
  6. SpaceChase
  7. ExoNova
  8. Quasadvance
  9. Aphelion
  10. AeroCosmos
  1. Deft Defense
  2. Acquisition
  3. Mercy Corp
  4. Honey Vine
  5. Aeroburst
  6. Datum Defense
  7. Embargo
  8. Mayday Defense
  9. Modernifense
  10. Sanctuary Defense

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Best Real-world Aerospace & Defense Contractors Business Names


Boeing Company

Boeing is a unique, easy-to-pronounce name after its founder, William E. Boeing. The brand is now recognized as the largest aerospace and defense manufacturer in the world.

Widespread acknowledgment means the term ‘Boeing’ can instantly inject imagery of aircrafts into the customer’s mind.



The name Airbus was named after a generic phrase used by professionals in the aero industry. Additionally, the term is easily translated into European languages, ensuring increased recognition.

The use of ‘Bus’ speaks to clients at a friendly level and represents collective air travel. The simple word combination provides an accurate description of what the company manages.

General Electric (GE) Aviation-Logo-BusinessNameGenerator

General Electric (GE) Aviation

The term is frequently abbreviated to GE Aviation, meaning clients, associates, and professionals are more likely to remember it.

The company’s industry is instantly addressed with ‘Aviation,’ a distinctive military term that directly connotes flying or directing an aircraft. This name is effective as clients can promptly gauge the business’ service.

Lockheed Martin Corporation-Logo-BusinessNameGenerator

Lockheed Martin Corporation

‘Lockheed Martin’ came into fruition after Allan and Malcolm Lockheed joined forces with the manufacturer Glenn L. Martin Company. The unique name has helped the company experience over 100 years of innovation.

Although an unusual combination of nouns, ‘Lockheed Martin’ is pronounceable and straightforward. Many consumers find it easier to resonate with businesses that obtain a real name.



NASA, the ‘founding father’ of the aerospace and defense industry, stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

While the acronym is highly melodic and easy to remember, the descriptive name is efficient and practical. These factors catalytically contribute to the effectiveness of the well-respected name.

4-Step Guide On Naming An Aerospace & Defense Contractor Business

To help you on the road to finding the perfect aerospace and defence contractor business name, I have devised a 4-step guide on creating an effective company name.

1. Develop Keywords

Noting keywords that relate to your business and the industry is the first step to take when crafting a practical name. Enter these words into the Aerospace & Defense Contractor Business name generator for a long list of word combinations to inspire you.

As you can see in the 20 examples above, I focussed on keywords that related to the aviation industry and business-type such as:

  • Astral
  • Aero
  • Nova
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Contractor

Now it’s your turn. To help consumers understand your business, consider using words that relate to aircraft, space travel, and projection.

2. Shortlist your ideas

Once you have devised a list containing a variation of potential names, you can begin to inspect each option. Consider reading them aloud to gain an idea of how it may sound in conversation.

Aim to eliminate terms that can become lost in translation or do not represent your business accurately. As you carry out the shortlisting process, you can begin to ask yourself:

  • Would my target audience understand the words used in this name?
  • Does this communicate the business’ core values?
  • Is the name easy to spell and pronounce?

3. Ask for feedback

The following essential stage is to seek feedback from reliable sources.

Utilize your network to connect with aerospace and defense industry experts who may hold a deeper understanding of your business. These contacts may include aero manufacturers, fellow business owners, and any current employees.

Contemplate extending market research to potential clients to gain an insight into the opinions of your target audience.

Try to avoid hearing feedback from those who know you personally, such as friends and family. Their feedback is less likely to contain constructive criticism.

4. Check availability

The final step, and one of the most crucial stages, is to check the availability of your remaining names. You can complete this step by using our Domain Checker situated on the left taskbar of the Aerospace & Defense Contractors Business Name Generator.

Before purchasing a domain name, your task is to check whether another company has taken it. We advise you also to find out whether you have incorporated any Trademarked words, as these will need removing.

If all of your options are taken, consider adapting the current word combination. Head back to the drawing board if your customized name loses relevance or does not represent your envisioned business.

5-Tips for creating unique Aerospace & Defense Contractor Business name ideas

Did you know that 7 seconds is all you have to make an excellent first impression? In that snapshot of time, your business name needs to capture the attention of potential clients and urge them to learn more.

The following tips can help you craft an aerospace company name that can leave a lasting impression.

1. How to make a more memorable name

Memorable business names are more likely to elevate the number of returning clients. Since many onlookers may already be captivated by the concept of aerospace, you are left with plenty of space (mind the pun) to play around with unusual yet recognizable words.

You can also evoke emotion from clients by using words with positive connotations. For example, space-related words such as projection, stellar, and aeronautical may induce feelings of intrigue and excitement.

These pointers can help you formulate a memorable aero company name:

  • Use alliteration such as Nova Nexus and Depth Defense.
  • Use rhythmic combinations—for example, SpaceChase or Capital Astral.
  • Try to feature words that wouldn’t be misunderstood or taken out of context. For instance, Astral directly links to aerospace, while Allegiance represents a union.

2. Avoid altering words just to create a unique name

Creating a lousy word combination or altering the spelling of known words is a standard error made by business owners. You can develop a new name from scratch if it is already taken to avoid making this mistake.

An example of this may be adding an additional ‘R’ to ‘Aerospace’ to create ‘Aerrospace.’ While this word may be available, it can appear unprofessional and may be frequently misspelled.

Keywords are paramount in establishing your brand’s identity. Therefore, it is essential to ensure you pair words that complement each other melodically while communicating the company’s core values.

3. Consider your target audience

Creating a name that speaks directly to your target audience can engage more clients.

For example, suppose you are targeting an older clientele. In that case, you may wish to use more conventional words that relate to the aerospace and defense industry, such as planetary, aviation, and technology.

You may wish to choose something more niche for a younger audience, such as the name of a star sign, celestial, or galactic.

4. Less is more

Influential business names are typically made from 2-3 words. It is essential to consider how an abbreviation would sound if you wish to use acronyms. For example, NASA is rhythmic, memorable, and can be pronounced like a word.

Here, your aim is to keep the name of your private military company short and sweet.

5. Review SEO values

Our final but vital tip involves examining your chosen name’s SEO values. This means analyzing the visibility of your name and how well it may do in a search engine should a client look up your business.

To improve your SEO, you can do the following:

  • Select a name that is unique but easy to spell (this helps consumers type the company’s name with precision)
  • Choose a clear, insightful name
  • Ensure your name is available across search engines and social media

Frequently Asked Questions

A catchy aerospace & defense contractor business name should be both functional and catchy. For a deeper understanding of achieving this, we have explored the answers to frequently asked questions.

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