7 Ways To Use Video To Increase Sales And Profits

Most businesses don’t use video to sell their products or services, but they should.

Not using video is like having a huge hole in your bucket. You’re losing out on potential sales and profits that you could be making if you were using this powerful medium.

Video is the future of online marketing, and it’s not too late to start using it to increase your sales and profits. In fact, using video can help you stand out from the competition and reach more customers than ever before.

In this blog post, we will discuss seven different ways that businesses can use videos to improve their bottom line.

We’ll also look at some statistics that show the power of video when it comes to marketing. So if you’re ready to start making more money, keep reading!

ways to use video for profits

Why Is Video Good For Increasing Sales

Video is a powerful marketing tool that can be used to increase sales and conversions. When used correctly, video can capture the attention of potential customers and persuade them to take action.

Unlike text-based content, video is able to communicate complex messages in a concise and visually engaging way

Perhaps most importantly, research has shown that video is an effective way to boost sales and conversion rates. For example, one study found that including a short video on a product page increased conversion rates by up to 80%. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that more and more businesses are using video to increase sales.

Finally, video can be shared easily and widely, giving businesses the potential to reach a large audience with their sales message.

For all these reasons, video is an excellent tool for increasing sales.

Did You Know?
Most marketers understand the value of video marketing. In fact, 87% of marketers say video has helped them increase traffic.

Ways You Can Use Video To Boost Your Profits

Now that we’ve covered some of the reasons why video is effective for increasing sales, let’s look at seven specific ways you can use video to improve your bottom line.

Product Videos

One way you can use video to increase sales is by creating product videos. Product videos are a great way to show customers what your product looks like and how it works.

What exactly is a product video? It’s a video that highlights the features of the product and shows it in action.

Including a product video on your website can be an effective way to persuade potential customers to buy your product.

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Product videos have been proven to increase conversions. They’re a simple and quick way of getting potential customers interested in a new product.

The best part about these kinds of videos? It doesn’t cost much to create them.  You can film product videos with a smartphone or a basic video camera.

So if you’re looking to increase sales, consider creating a product video. You could even include a call-to-action (CTA) at the end of your video, encouraging viewers to buy your product.

You can publish product videos on your website, social media channels or even include them in your newsletter. Some brands use them for PPC advertising as a great way to increase conversions.

Good to Know!
What is PPC advertising?
PPC, short for “pay-per-click,” is an internet marketing strategy in which advertisers are charged a fee each time someone clicks their ads. In essence, it’s a method of purchasing visitors to your website rather than earning those visitors naturally.
product video

How To Guides

Another way to use video to increase sales is by creating how-to guides.

How-to videos are a great way to show customers how to use your product. They can also be used to demonstrate the benefits of using your product. Customers want to know what they gain by using your product, and a how-to video is an excellent way to show them.

Showing customers how to use your product can be an effective way to increase sales. It can also help reduce customer support inquiries, as customers will be able to watch the video to find out how to use the product.

Creating a how-to video is also relatively simple and doesn’t require a lot of time or money.  All you need is a camera and someone to film the video.

You can even create a video series if your product is particularly complex. This will show customers that you’re invested in helping them use your product correctly.

You can transcribe the video guide and create a written guide with photos. This can be just as effective as a video and is very easy to produce once you have all the text and images.

Video Content Dominates!
Online videos reportedly reached 92% of internet users globally in 2021. The three most common categories of videos during this time period were music videos, comedy and viral videos, and tutorial or how-to films.

Video Chat

Video chat can also be used to increase sales and improve your profits.

Many businesses use video chat to provide customer support. This improves customer experience and helps build customer loyalty.

Video chat can also be used as a sales tool. For example, you could use video chat to provide potential customers with a personalized demo of your product. This would give them the opportunity to see your product in action and ask any questions they might have.

Let’s look at a few examples of how you can use video chat to sell products or services.

  • If you’re a real estate agent, you could use video chat to give potential buyers a tour of properties.
  • If you own a clothing store, you could use video chat to help customers find the perfect outfit.
  • If you’re a travel agent, you could use video chat to sell holiday packages.

As you see,  there are many ways businesses can use video chat to increase sales. It’s a personal and interactive way to sell products and services.

video chat


A vlog is basically a video blog. Vloggers typically film themselves talking about a certain topic. This could be anything from their day-to-day life to their thoughts on current affairs.

Many businesses use vlogs to connect with their target audience. Vlogs provide businesses with a way to show their personality and build trust with potential customers.

Vlogging can also be used as a sales tool. For example, you could use vlogs to promote new products or services. You could even film yourself using the product and give your thoughts on it.

There are a few things you should take into consideration when vlogging for your business. 

  • You need to make sure your videos are high quality. This means filming in HD and using good lighting.
  • Make sure your videos are interesting and engaging. Nobody wants to watch a boring vlog.
  • Make sure you’re promoting your product or service in an effective way. This means using persuasive language and providing a call to action.

It’s also important you keep a regular schedule for your vlogs.  This will ensure people keep coming back for more.

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Video testimonials provide social proof that your product or service is effective. They show potential customers that other people have used your product and been happy with the results.

Customers want to see first-hand experience before they make a purchase. Seeing other people share their thoughts about the product shows them that the product is safe to buy.

People are more likely to buy from brands that other people recommend. In fact, according to Nielsen, 92% of consumers trust an online review or testimonial above all other forms of advertising.

You can use video testimonials on your landing page, social media channels, or even in your email marketing campaigns.

When creating video testimonials, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • First, make sure the person giving the testimonial is believable. They should be an expert in their field or have experience with your product or service.
  • When collecting video testimonials, make sure you get permission from the customer before you use their footage. You should also make sure the footage is high quality and filmed in HD.
  • A video testimonial should be short, sweet, and to the point. It should feature a satisfied customer talking about their experience with your product or service.
video testimonials

Brand Stories

Brand stories are a great way to connect with your target audience. They help you show the human side of your business and build trust with potential customers. People want to see what you’re like as a person, not just a business. They also want to know that you can be trusted.

A brand story is basically a video that tells the story of your business. It covers everything from your company’s history to its mission or values.

We understand that brand stories are important if we want to form a strong connection with our customers. But how do you create an engaging video brand story?

First, make sure your video is high quality and well-produced. This will show that you’re a professional business.

Second, make sure you focus on the positive aspects of your business. You want to showcase your best qualities to potential customers.

Third, explain what customers gain from using your product or service. This will show that you’re not just in it for the money. You actually care about helping people.

Finally, make sure you include a call to action at the end of your video. This could be anything from visiting your website to subscribing to your email list.

Did You Know?
With video so easily accessible, we tend to consume a lot of video content. In fact, the average daily video consumption throughout the globe is 84 minutes, according to research.

Expert Interviews

If you want to build trust with your target audience, you need to show them that you’re an authority figure in your field. One of the best ways to do this is by conducting expert interviews.

An expert interview is basically a video where you interview someone who is an expert in their field. The more prominent the expert, the better it is for your brand.

The key to conducting a successful expert interview is to prepare in advance. This means doing your research and coming up with questions that will get the expert talking.

You should also make sure you have a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish with the interview. What do you want your audience to take away from it? Is there a way you can subtly tie the main point to your product or service?

Finally, make sure you edit the interview so that it’s to the point. You don’t want to bore your audience with long, drawn-out conversations.

You can turn video interviews into other media types. You can turn them into podcasts, short social media clips,  or even blog posts. Break the interview into smaller chunks to use them in your content plan. You can even use the excerpts to promote the interview before you publish it if you’re not doing it live.

expert interviews
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Have you tried using any of these video techniques to increase sales? If not, which ones interest you the most?

Try implementing one or two of them and see how your business performs.

Remember, it’s always important to test and measure so that you can gauge what is working well for your company and continue doing more of those things while tweaking the things that aren’t as successful.


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