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Complete Guide to Naming your 3D Printing Business

Our 3D printing business naming guide will help you think about much more than just a name, we’ll look at your Brand Goals, Target Market, Demographic Interests, Analyze Competitors Names, Brainstorm Ideas and get 3D printing business name inspiration.

Brand Goals & Target Market

The innovative 3D printing technology provides spectacular opportunities for specialized business development. Just think about it – a 3D printing company can craft an array of distinct items ranging from medical equipment and lightweight casts to musical instruments.

Innovation and convenience are the two most crucial attributes to convey through your targeting efforts.

Current reports suggest that 3D printing will have a profound, transformative effect on an array of industries. Space shuttle parts, prosthetics, architectural elements – you name it, it can be crafted through the use of a 3D printer. This is why you should strive to position yourself as a pioneer and an innovator through your branding efforts.

3D printing businesses can work with both B2B and B2C clients. Whatever the set of customers is, conveying the same thing will be important. The fact that custom items can be created as per the client’s specifications is one of the essentials. Finding a niche market can also be highly beneficial. Can you make 3D prototypes for corporate clients? That’s an excellent choice because of the typically large volume of orders and the prices you can charge for executing such projects. The more niche your services are, the better growth prospects your business will enjoy.

The naming approach will be based on whether you’re attempting to establish yourself in the B2B or B2C niche. If B2C is your target, it would be best to keep things a bit more general and focused on innovation. Companies that offer B2B 3D printing services should attempt to put emphasis on the specialization and the key competences pertaining to the respective niche.

Demographic Interests

Attracting clients to your 3D printing business is heavily dependent on the effectiveness of your branding efforts.

3D printing isn’t just about the construction of new items and spare parts. It involves a lot of design and innovation. Such businesses typically have clients who are looking for custom solutions, people and businesses who aren’t happy with the “one size fits all” approach standard products offer.

Your own designs will typically earn you more than doing prints on request. Many clients will not know exactly what they’re looking for. If you could provide suggestions and ways to execute the respective idea, chances are that your business will soon grow its clientele.

Competitor Name Analysis


The name of the company came as a spin-off of Extrude Hone Corporation – a company that develops non-traditional machine and automated system processes. ExOne choose 3D printing as the core technology it would put emphasis on.

Desktop Metal

The name is an excellent example of how specialization can be emphasized in the field of 3D printing. Desktop Metal is a company that is experimenting with innovative 3D printing technologies and the use of materials like…you’ve guessed it… metals! Through such experiments, Desktop Metal hopes to make 3D printing more scalable, affordable and readily available.


Carbon is another 3D printing company that has bet on innovation and attempting to expand the scope of materials utilized in such processes. The company has carried out multiple experiments for companies like Ford and BMW.

Made in Space

Here’s another name that gives the potential client a clear idea about what the business has to offer. Made in Space is a 3D printing company that manufactures various technologies for use in space shuttles and “away from Earth’ environments.

Nano Dimension

A 3D printing company that works exclusively in the field of 3D printing and nanotechnology-based product development.


3D bio-printing technology is in the heart and soul of the Organovo concept. The aim of the company is to craft functional human tissue medical research and surgical supplies. The name provides a hint about the organic nature of the 3D printing outcomes.

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Why not try our Business Name Generator when attempting to craft the best name for your 3D printing business? You will also be checking domain name availability, streamlining brand establishment efforts.

All that you have to do is choose a couple of industry-relevant terms. Our name generator will produce an array of clever suggestions you can use to begin crafting the most important brand elements.

3D printing is obviously the term to start your brainstorming sessions with but you can also rely on various other industry-relevant phrases like:

Positioning precision

Print speed


Digital sculpting






Support material



Computer aided design


Fused deposition modelling

Rapid prototyping


Injection molding

Laser cutting

Plasma cutting

Digital Business Name Inspiration

Do you need some additional inspiration? Here are a few great examples of 3D business names that can work in various sub-niches:

  1. The 3D Print House: a name that’s more suitable for targeting a general audience, not a great suggestion for a B2B establishment.
  2. 3D Factory: the name has a more industrial feel to it but it’s still general enough to enable all kinds of product creation.
  3. Future Prototypes: if you want to put more emphasis on innovation and pioneering technologies, you should be brainstorming for a name in this realm.
  4. Printing Reinvented: take something old-school like printing and reinvent it. Needless to say, such a name gives you dozens of branding opportunities.
  5. More Than One Dimension: it’s 3D printing after all, isn’t it!
  6. New Age Machines: many 3D printing companies work on improving the printing machines themselves. If you have a business in this sub-realm, make sure that the company name is an accurate reflection of what you do.
  7. Neo 3D Technologies: this is another name that’s indicative of new technologies and pioneering.
  8. Printing and Beyond: it’s always a good idea to open the door to new opportunities that you may potentially become engaged in.
  9. 3D Sculptors: do you want a name that has some artistic flare? This one is an excellent choice.
  10. Custom 3D: as already mentioned, it’s important to put emphasis on your biggest strength and the precise thing you can offer to customers.

What Not to Name Your Digital Business

Unless your target is a B2B company in a particular sector, keep the jargon and the terminology down to a minimum. A B2C client isn’t that experienced in the field of nanotechnology. Putting emphasis on it in the name of your business will obviously lead to confusion.

The same applies to words that are hard to pronounce and to remember. Subtractive manufacturing is a relevant term but how many people will remember it in the name of your 3D printing company? Keep it short and simple! The catchier the name is, the better!

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